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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Letter To White America...

  White America.  I am a Black woman, born and raised in the United States of America. As a child, my perceptions of you were formed before the age of 6. And just what did a little girl see? I remember sitting in the living room, in front of the television, watching images of Black people being beaten and hosed by police in the deep south. The image of a Black man with blood running down his face is most prominent as he was being helped by a friend after being hit across the head with a police baton is seared in my brain forever. I remember seeing the hatred in the eyes of the whites as they hollered, " N*GGERS! STUPID N*GGERS! GO BACK TO AFRICA !" What was funny about that was that it was white Europeans who had brought Black Africans to America. You called us monkeys and apes back then. I remember watching Dr. Martin Luther King give his speeches and talk to the media. Ever so convicted for non-violence and temperance in dealing with insane white folks who wanted to kill him because of the color of his skin. I remember when the little girls from Birmingham, Alabama were killed as they sat in Sunday school. Malevolent forces were rampant amongst whites. Not even a church was safe from their hatred. I remember the image of Dr. King when he gave his speech in Washington and I remember his body laid out on the Lorraine motel balcony when he was assassinated. I sat there...watching all of this violence against my people and I decided from that day that I would never trust you. You were evil, depraved and violent and were my enemy. PBS documentaries shaped those views.

Synopsis: I DON'T LIKE YOU ! You are unlikeable and are never to be trusted. The arrogance that is within you makes you even more intolerable and I believe the narcissism that white folks possess is literally pathological; it is impossible for you to understand how your behavior over time has impacted anyone. You are a cruel people. You don't care about anyone but yourselves and are so self-involved; everything you do is justified, even when the acts are criminal. You worship yourselves. Hmmmm...just like Lucifer did in the Bible. A connection?

Malcolm X told you to your faces back in the sixties that the white man was nothing but a blue-eyed devil. He observed, suffered through, and critiqued your behavior,then he threw your pompous, racist rhetoric and behavior back in your faces. Black America cheered this prince--a gifted orator that to this day, is viewed as the true emancipator of Black people. He told Black folks to LOOK at what the white man had been doing and pay close attention. He confronted White America like no one ever had and gave much needed commentary and description for what was destroying so many Black lives. He never retreated and although it cost him his life; Black America would never be the same because Malcolm gave life to the nationalist mind and challenged us to fight back--" By Any Means Necessary ."

Analyzing the things that you do, your personality traits mimicked Satan's: Cunning, deceptive, filled with hate, cultural hatred of God, corrupt to the core by evil. And what is evil? Evil consists in intentionally behaving in ways that harm, abuse, demean, dehumanize or destroy innocent others?or using one?s authority and systemic power to encourage or permit others to do so on your behalf? WHITE SUPREMACY in a nutshell.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a noted Behavioral Scientist summed up what exactly is White Supremacy: "Racism (White Supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war), for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth - a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people"

How can you people truly expect Black folks to love, forgive and forget what you've done when it is proven, maybe more subtly, but with unquestionable intent to oppress people of color? You want inclusion in our lives and minds without the benefit of accountability.

I dared ask a question years ago to the Black folks I know: Should Blacks Forgive Slavery ? The answer was a resounding NO!

Every time a white person approaches any Black person, it' so typical: First, the stare. Then the smile.It' a pretentious smile--one filled with a need for acknowledgment that they are taking time out of their day to notice someone whom they intrinsically feel is inferior to them in order to prove that they are not all bad, right? Or God forbid, they try to start up a conversation about the dumbest sh*t, but mainly, whites typically assume that most Blacks aren't intelligent, thus, the topic is indicative of this presumption. Malcolm X stated in his autobiography that it truly goes right over some Black folks heads of the manner in which white folks insult their intelligence. You're expected to respond...even though they are nothing but a stranger. The glaring monster of White Entitlement strikes again.

Many Black folks respond to White Supremacy every single day. How? Through compliance. White Supremacy can only thrive by our compliance. They laugh at the dumb jokes in the office. They won't tell white folks the ugly truth--even if it hurts. Frankly, they deserve it and I'm more than willing to bring the pain if it calls for it. I have no mercy for them. Why are Black people expected to compliant to disrespect, arrogance, and abuse? We're just supposed to smile and walk away. Never challenge. Just accept.

Hell no!

We've fought this battle a long time ago and I was not raised around weakness or cowardice. The Black people in my community were strong, tough-minded, educated and empowered. White folks in the community knew they'd get a hard right hook to the mouth if they even dared try any racist tactics.

Black Pride is non compliant and is viewed by whites as a threat. Why? Because it deconstructs the lies that White Supremacy fosters and exposes the areas where White Supremacy was formed: it was constructed in the minds of a Neanderthal race of people who thought that they were so smart, all they would have to do was omit the truth from history. They feared that if someone really found out just how insignificant they truly were; they would lose their power forever. So, during slavery, they came up with an idea to make reading a crime: in order to stop Black people from every knowing that they were the ones who were the first to be civilized and Africa was the birthplace of man.
But the hands of justice turned and those slaves were emancipated--they went in search for the truth and learned for the first time that Africa once was a place where great kings and queens ruled the earth. Mathematics and science were studied by great African men and great structures were built. They were not inferior--they were envied and worshiped by the strong and the mighty.

We were a people who came from greatness and the only way whites could stop us was to hide that fact. But the hands of justice is long and God instigated a coup. Freedom rang first during Emancipation and the bells of joy sounded again when the Civil Rights Act was passed. We'd never be held in chains ever again.

The only way someone can make you a slave is if you allow them to.

Black people finally began to wake up.

No. I'm not politically correct, and I don't care if I offend you...and if you are--I'M DELIGHTED. You don't like the truth and have done everything to stop it. You're not used to hearing Black folks tell you what they really think of you and assume that you'll throw up the race card when it is convenient.

Frankly, I'm tired of your duplicitous nature and selective morals.

It's hilarious to see white women fighting for the attention of Black men--fueled by the arrogance instilled in them from their white fathers of being every man's desire. Even the fat ones. But what white women are basically are women who are easily compromised. They will allow themselves to be debased--just to validate that arrogant presumption within them. Men use them, abuse them and kill them, but they still hold onto that damn presumption. They hate Black women because Black women possess physical traits they have to pay plastic surgeons for. The envy the strength of Black women and are intimidated by their ability to create their own image. With all the struggles Black women have endured, still they rise. But typical of White America, they are supposed to apologize.

Oh, this letter could go on...but I think I've said enough. You get the picture by now I'm sure...

Have I offended you? Really? Then Good. You absolutely deserve it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Jaguar XJ! My Dream Car!!!

All I want for my birthday is this car.  Oh, my God!

Every Since I saw the commercial, I've been sprung.

Please, Lord.  Touch somebody to buy me this car or bless me with the money to buy it for myself!


The Black Male Alpha Dog!


Traffic was crazy.  And you wanted to go to the mall.  On the way, you slip in a mix cd.  D'Angelo's voice cooes..."How does it does it feel..."  You bob your head, the replay of the video to that song flashes through your mind--remembering D'Angelo's half naked frame the night it aired on BET.  

You see the mall.  Exiting the freeway, you notice a Jaguar XL--Black, tinted glass windows--the car you've dreamed about ever since you saw the commercial.  Pulling into the mall extrance, the black Jag parks in Row H.  You notice a spot in Row G.  The door opens--a Black Adonis, muscled, strong, serious gaze, steps out.  Like a Black Panther, his movement seems graceful, but focused on everything around him.  This man reaks power.  He's your type.  "Is He Someone famous? This silent question in your head renders no response.  There's something about him...and you know this is not going to be your average trip to the mall today.  He notices you looking.  Good sign.  He stares at you for a moment, not smiling...but acknowledging your presence.  Even better.  He closes the door to his whip, then turning in motion to the mall.  As if in slow motion, you memorize every sequence--following close behind.


Why do some men always seem to get the chick?  Call it sex appeal, swagger, charisma or cool, whatever it is...these men seem to have it in abundance.

It's the way they walk--confident and bold. They look a woman right in the eyes--holding their gaze; subliminal signals being sent.  An unsuspecting female picks up that signal--"message accepted."  This alpha male simply expects the invitation--the female happily complies.  *Mission accomplished--again.*

It happens like this all the time for this type of guy.  Their masculinity and control is undeniable. The allure of this male is just too much for some women.  In their presence, a woman becomes weak--no resistance--total compliance to a higher male power.  It's not an issue to cook for this man...smiling after each dish is completed.  Being pretty and sexy for this man is always an adventure--HE brings out the WOMAN in them--as Adam and Eve--they are "one flesh."

God took the rib from Adam after putting him into a deep sleep.  He then made woman--Adam awakened and named her Eve.  Like this...this man is of the divine--he can't be ordinary--he's not of this realm.  No! He must be an extraterrestrial creature sent to earth in order to capture, subdue and hold every women of their desire under their spell.  The women who are selected, don't fear this man--they are happy to be chosen.

This may sound like the introduction to some great novel, but it is not.  There are men who walk amongst us every single day who conquer by design.  Their power over the ladies is mysterious--something perhaps awaiting study by a team of social anthropologists.

Always being persued by those who desire to have something equal to the magnificence of the great pharoahs--a treasure so great, one could be rendered speechless in its presence.

Like Sampson and Delilah.  David and Bathsheba.  Solomon and Sheba.  Ramses and Nefretari, Marc Antony and Cleopatra; the griots, sages and scholars speak your name in unison throughout the ages in perpetuity.

What woman is special enough to win the favor of such a man?

What Books Changed Your Life?

Back in the 90's, when I was a youngin', I had come to a crossroad and literally woke up one morning...clenching my fist, and yelling at the ceiling: "I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM!" No, I wasn't having a panic attack, but it was more or less like my soul was crying out to God for direction.

Everyone is searching for something in this world. We seek the comfort of material things if we didn't have a lot growing up, but materialism is not my religion and I wanted something far deeper.

Little did I know, in the span of 7 years, the answers that I sought would be found during a grueling decade of not only trial and error; but I'd find myself through taking trips to my local library and discovering books that would help me focus, as well as change my life.

The books that changed my life are as follows:

  • The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  • The Autobiographies of Frederick Douglas
  • Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington
  • Makes Me Wanna Holler by Nate McCall
  • Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver
  • Monster by Kody Scott, aka Sanyika Shakur
  • The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Ken Kiyasaki
  • The 48 Laws of Power by Michael Greene; this is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand how to get ahead. Link:
    • The Destruction of Black Civilizations by Dr. Chancellor Williams

    Yes, I've read all of these books and many, many, more...but the power of what I read in these books, literally, just fed my spirit. I grew up. And I can honestly tell you, that all these years later, I'm not lost anymore. And it is because of reading books that I truly became conscious about the world and how I could impact it.

    So, I'll open the door and ask those here, just what books changed your life?

A Letter To Black Men...

June 16,2010
9:50 a.m.

Greetings Kings,

Some of you have been lost in the mindset that Black women are against you. You believe that we hate you. You think that white men are the object of our desire? How could this be?

Where did the problems begin?

I remember a time when bruthas walked down the street, proud, each step appeared as though they were gliding. Cool to the bone. Bodies strong. Their gaze serious yet inviting you to approach.

As a youngster, I remember being relaxed whenever I would see strong Black men around. I never feared them. I always liked their style and felt privileged to be an extension of this Black pride. Even as a kid I knew you were my protector and gladiator. If there was anyone foolish enough to challenge your manhood, I was prejudiced automatically because I knew you were going to win.

Where has that gone?

Why are Black men and women enemies now?

Who told you that we hated you? Better yet, why did you believe such a lie?

I don't get it...I'm confused and need some clarification.

God made you for me to desire, trust and love. I don't desire any other. Why can't you see that my heart is true. I love you. WE love you. It is you who we see as our equal--it is you who holds the key to our hearts.

Don't leave us, brothers. You are so necessary and without you--our community can't be whole.

I apologize for anything I've said that may have hurt you. And I rededicate my love.

Will you accept it?



*Get a copy of my new book.  Available on (also on Kindle) and other online stores. 

Every Black Man Is Not Chasing White Women!

The subject, or I should say, rant, of Black men with white women is like a carton of milk that has gone past it's expiration date. It's time to pour the sour stuff down the drain and go buy something else to quench your thirst.

Isn't this how a lot of bruthas feel? You're not chasing white women. Frankly, you don't even look at them, but yet, you apparently have to defend yourself if a white woman stops and talks to you--again, SHE STOPPED you--you were just minding your business. And don't even think about going out to the club--white chicks are onto you like flies on shit, but you only want to dance with the Black women that would make Beyonce look like someone's house pet.

You're just not into white chicks. The just don't do it for you. Boob jobs, eating disorders, psychological issues--uh...uh...that is not for you. And not to mention, after 25, it's downhill. Most begin to age very quickly and their skin begins to age horribly--the texture becomes almost leathery. Age spots, freckles, vericose veins--not pretty.

The historical assumption of white males, insisting that Black men secretly desire white women is a cultural presumption based on arrogance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many white women believe the sexual myths about Black men and are literally going after Black men like some kind of hunter in the wild. They gotta catch them a big, Black Mandingo. Ask any Black man: many white women don't even have to try to get a white woman's attention; some would put a dog collar around their own necks and beg to be walked.

This is real talk.

Every Black man is not chasing white women! The majority of Black men DATE AND MARRY BLACK WOMEN!!!

Ok...So Black Men Want To Know What Black Women Want?

For quite some time, I've been pondering the state of condition amongst Black men and women as relates to their problems in relationships. Every website that I've ever visited, there are constant threads relating to the hard realities of differences that many Black men and women have with each other. But what is the core of the problems?

Someone once said to me that you attract whatever you are. Does anyone even understand The Law of Attraction? I found this on Google and I invite some of you to read it:

Black men are always making negative comments about Black women, but what are you saying, really? What do you want from Black women?

More precisely, what is the responsibility of a man in a relationship? In life?

As defined, being a man means in a nutshell, someone who does his duty and does not run away from hard work--he will do what is necessary to provide for his family. Black women have the largest rate of OOW children and lead all groups of women for being unmarried. Why? Are Black women chasing men away? Or are they reacting to very serious issues that affect Black males?

Sometimes in order to get the right answer, one has to ask the right question:

What is the perception of Black males in the African American community?

Black women do love Black men, but don't have confidence in them. For some Black women, Black men are seen as irresponsible baby daddies, untrustworthy, shiftless, hypocritical, unfaithful, liars, verbally abusive, misogynistic, violent, etc. These are just some of the negatives, but then there are Black women who see Black men as powerful, strong, exotic, handsome, Alpha males, sexy, witty, intelligent, great dressers, creative, mysterious, al. Answers can very from woman to woman, but I feel that if Black men really want to know what is being thought about them, just be real with yourselves and ask. Be honest with yourself--take responsibility for your own relationship failures and stop all the blaming.

Every Black women in the world is not responsible for your relationship failures. Frankly, you have to be the RIGHT MAN in order to attract the RIGHT WOMAN.

Black women really want to be appreciated. That's really what most want. They are tired of being ridiculed, disrespected, violated and debased. Black women want to be loved for who they are. They want to be esteemed, validated, protected and most important: THEY WANT TO BE LOVED.

Look in the mirror and examine your character. The type of women you choose tells a lot about who you are.

I'm not responsible for the girl who called you ugly in the 7th grade, so please...don't hate on me for no apparent reason.

The African American community has been disturbed by self-hatred and the only way to make its foundation last is to build STRONG BLACK FAMILIES.

I love being a Black woman. I love Black men. What I want for Black men and women is to see each other as the beautiful and powerful beings who's ancestors built the pyramids--the images the world recognizes were Black people at their best.

It was the design of those who enslaved us to break us by creating the psychological chains and insecurities that would divide us.

Black women are not the enemy. The real enemy is the one who smiles in your face and never tells you the truth. We all know...Black women always keep it real.

Let it go, Black men. To be strong men, show your woman love always and respect her.

This is what Black women want.

What Happened To Black Soul Power!

This commentary is being guided today by the sounds of Marvin Gaye. Inner City Blues is the background--and my mind is spinning. When this song was being played in the 70's; young Black people were militant. Rising fists in the air. Big Afros--perfect symmetry--were worn like crowns. Black women walked with a pride and dignity--mimicking, at least in their minds, they walked like their female ancestors. Black beauty. Unapologetic...and free from contamination. Music always filled the air. Motown, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Curtis Mayfield...their voices, strong, smooth, reflective, demanding, pleading, loving, caring, various words, but the inference was the same: They loved their people. Nobody was walking around calling themselves "mixed." Hell no! They referred to African prefaces of Nubian, Black gods, Soul Brothers, Soul Sistas--never to be confused as wanting to be anything other. They owned their Blackness--they were connected to the Motherland in spirit--without apology. Life began in the Congo. Africa birthed man. And whitey got the hell back. Black men walked like panthers--serious bops and almost appeared to glide. There is nothing on earth as pleasing to sight as a well dressed, educated and God-fearing Black man.

Where are they now? What happened to my people? I don't recognize them anymore. Black women wear fake hair--fake nails--but want a real man? Black men and women, started dating and marrying white people and now have become strange--even to their Black mothers. Who are these imposters? They would never have been tolerated. Holding their noses up at Black couples, as if this is some strange occurrence. Communities back in the day would have shunned these interlopers and dared them to reenter. Where are all the Black people? I keep looking but all I keep finding are "others." This is what many are calling themselves because of the knowledge of a white ancestor, who...more than likely raped their great-great-great grandmother, held her captive, and sold her man away...teaching her that as long as he controlled her body, she'd never be allowed to be a respectable woman. And her man? He was sold far away...but sometimes, these men were allowed to impregnate the slave women, keeping the slave master's inventory full. Their wealth denied. Dignity was not allowed.

Why are Black people trying to be white? They lie to themselves and pretend they are not. "Hey, I get Ebony and Essence and I just filled out a subscription to Black Enterprise." But your Blackness is just a mask. When no one is looking, you eat quiche, drink Merlot wine and cook macaroni with Brie instead of sharp cheddar, like Big Mama used to do.

Lord Have Mercy! Help them escape from this false image and learn the languages of all the African tribes. Look up into the sky and like in roots Roots--observe the only thing greater than yourself.

Get lifted Black people and stop living the white man's lies. A mirror can only reflect what's in front of it, thus, how then can you be Black and proud with fake blond wigs and phony blue eyes?

Find yourselves in your history and walk with dignity and pride.

*Get a copy of my new book.  Available on (also on Kindle) and other online stores. 

The Things White Folks Do That Annoy Black People!

We all have had to grow up in America. Our parents gave us advice about "How to deal with white folks." But...why are we always accomodating their ignorance and bigotry?

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I was raised around mostly a clique of Southern migration transplants who had a very strong work ethic, pride in their community and strong belief in the Bible and God. In my community, the women were so beautiful--they were envied in several other counties. The men were equally handsome. Most of the residents were homeowners, had stable jobs and were MARRIED. There weren't many welfare mothers--even though the community was mixed income. Being Chicago, the residents were very politically active. They were very active in the school system and also represented it in the administration. My high school was one of the best in the state. We had drill teams, there were social clubs, consistent church activity, vibrant neighbors who kept their lawns mowed and very neat.

I never once had to deal with ignorant whites and their insulting bigotry.

The community was about half Black and half white, with Blacks having a slight majority. However, we didn't tolerate insults, harassment or other vile behavior that was considered demeaning to our people. Basically, no Black child was being chased home by a group of crazed whites. It wasn't tolerated AT ALL.

If the slightest mistake was made by a white person in thinking they could attempt that behavior--they'd feel a hard right hook in a minute.

They left us alone.

What get me, how in 2009, white people are still ignorant about Black people. Apparently, until Barack Obama was elected President, they didn't realize that there were successful Black people. The election truly exposed the beast within white folks that constantly needs to be fed. They were insurgent in their persistence to bait him to play the race card.

Everyone knows that what Jeremiah Wright said to his congregation was what Black folks say everyday, but based on the reaction from whites to his comments; one would think the history of slavery and Jim Crow was a fairytale.

Then...the comment that was taped and played over and over of his remarks regarding how white folks in rural areas of America react whenever they are faced with something that challenges their way of life: Yes, they do cling to their guns and religion. That wasn't untrue. White folks were offended by this INTELLIGENT Black man and dared to call him of all things...AN ELITIST.

Based on the history of whites insisting that Black folks are not intelligent, calling Barack or any Black person an elitist should be considered an oxymoron. Oh, how many of us have been offended when by some mistake of fate, we encounter the white man or woman who has to make it their business to tell you "You're so articulate." Uh...and why wouldn't you be?

Did anyone catch the View when Barbara Walters made the stupid comparison of Michelle and Barack being the only Black family that white people have seen since, I swear she said this..."THE COSBY SHOW?" Sherri rolled her eyes...and Whoopi didn't know what to do. Sherrie quickly called Barbara on the carpet for comparing a television show to the reality of educated and successful Black people actually existing to white folks.

You know...I don't know about you, but sometimes, I could literally bitchslap some caucasians. They'll make you hurt them if you really aren't careful to keep your cool.

I'm tired of their willful ignorance.

African history and African American history is not hard to find.

Don't make assumptions about me.

Years ago, I remember a white girl actually asking--seriously, if all Black people knew each other. I kid you not.

Another white chick I worked with, got jealous of one of the Black girls, who just happened to be a sharp dresser. I'd known this girl and worked with her at another company and she always dressed nice. Anyway...this white woman began making derogatory statements, insinuating that the only reason she could dress like that was because...HER HUSBAND WAS A DRUG DEALER.


According to her: only Blacks who commit crime can dress well.

That was the day I officially made up my mind to completely prohibit whites in my personal life. I simply have nothing to do with them outside of work.

We are not the same culturally...and as far as I'm concerned, we are unequally yoked--it's time for someone to cut the embilical chord.

I'll say this very seriously, given their history in this country; white folks better be glad Black people aren't serial killers.

*Get a copy of my new book.  Available on (also on Kindle) and other online stores. 

Do Single Mothers Raise Bad Sons?

Responsibility must be taken before solutions to problems can occur.

As an African American woman, I have noticed the high rate of single Black mothers in the African American community and it disturbs me.

When you look around today, it's very rare to see young Black men who are setting the examples that their fathers taught them. More realistically, far too many young Black males have been raised by single Black mothers-of which, those that go bad, are a result of mothers who did not do their jobs.

Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for single women who've raised wonderful young men who've gone on to become responsible citizens and fathers.

However, there must be acknowledgement of the 1,000,000 Black men in the penal institution. If over 83% of them were raised in homes without fathers; isn't it logical to conclude that women can't handle the responsibility of raising young boys?

It takes a man to raise a man.

The young Black men that I see everyday are typically badly dressed, look uclean and it's obvious that they have been indoctrinated into this Thug subculture that is really destroying so many young lives.

I get angry at times-I want to do something to help, but what?

Young unwed girls having baby after baby...who's offspring is destined typically to feed the criminal system.

In many American cities, all you see are young Black men standing on corners, yet, it is these same young men who'll swear that "The White Man" is holding them down.

I'm not listening to that...not at all.

What's holding down many young Black men? They are holding themselves down. It's a mentality that exists in far too many that says: "I have to be an underachieving criminal and get my stripes in prison and then I'll be considered a man."

What are we to do as a community?

Some Black folks, particularly middle class Black folk, are tired of carrying dead weight. No more sympathy and enabling. It's time for men to put up or shut up.

Sometimes I feel the same, but I'd really like a solution to this destruction that I see.

America is the land of opportunity and yes, racism has been a factor in much of what happens to young Black males, but a lot of the behavior that is being emulated by young Black men is a direct result of the hypermasculinity that is seen in many of today's hottest rap acts. Misogyny, sexism, violence, it is the dominant characteristic of Hip-Hop and many of the current entertainers of this genre are becoming rich by packaging this degredation in their music and image.

Change must come through introspection. One must change their perceptions in order to truly change their opinions.

I for one am not afraid to object vocally and publically what I see.

Black men are not just criminals, many are choosing to get an education and become successful, but compared to Black women, they still lag behind. Black women on average graduate from college moreso than Black men. The saddest reality is that there are more Black men in prison than in college.

What does this mean for the future?

There must be more education to young women to raise their standards and stop dating and having children with criminals or those young men who are morally deficient.

Women set the berometer of male behavior and whatever they will concede to.

As a proud African American woman, I desire those that represent my community to be the best at what they choose to be and learning to love one's self first, ensures that the man chosen by young women will be the "right man" who will make a positive contribution to society and honor and protect his wife and children.

Why Black Women Love Michelle Obama!

For a generation, Black women have been seen as slave laborers, concubines, mammies, The Mythical Superwoman, but most prevalent, no thanks to rappers; the images of Black women have been objectified for over 25 years, as the "bitch, ho, hoochie, et al., but never as the most normal image: mothers, women--LADIES.

White women have had the benefit of presumption throughout history. The European standard of beauty has affected people of color all over the world, and it wasn't until Blacks in America during the 60's and 70's began chanting, "Black is Beautiful!" did America begin to pay attention.

History aside, we know have for the first time in this country's history, A Black woman, who is First Lady. Michelle Obama has become a sensation, after having a rocky start during the campaign. Her intelligence, down to earth manner, and poise have earned her much respect.

For the first time, Black women have a role model that not only reminds them of themselves, but she is a neighborhood girl (Chicago's South Side) who excelled. Many Black women just relate to her.

Over the weekend, there were plenty of news regarding Barack being elected to the Presidency, but the media has already fallen head over heels over Michelle and her fashion sense is being compared to the late Jackie O.

What I really feel is appealing to Black women, is the fact that Michelle is really "BLACK" not biracial or so light; as when Vanessa Williams was crowned Ms. America in 1984; many Black women actually were
disappointed because of her light skin and green eyes. I'll never forget that Ebony issue with Vanessa on the front cover. When I opened it to the "Letters to The Editor" section; letters poured in from all over the country from Black women, many of whom were angry and upset and accused the pageant judges for picking Vanessa simply because she had Eurocentric features. This had exposed an old wound.

Not this time.

Michelle is a breath of fresh air and I'm happy that perhaps, America will acutually realize that yes, Michelle represents many Black women--get used to her.

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Should Blacks Forgive Slavery?

What a difference a day makes after the election. By design, I didn't visit any websites for a few days because of the obvious expected cyber traffic, but after pondering many thoughts after the historic eclection of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States; I couldn't help thinking about the fact that slaves built the White House. Those men and women could never have imagined that one day...a Black man would be leading the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth.

As I watched the reactions of people around the world on Tuesday night; the burden of feeling inferior, second class, unimportant, invisible and unworthy lifted from the psyches of Black people, not just in the U.S. but around the world.

I live in Georgia and by now many know that McCain won most of the southern states. There are a lot of Rednecks in Georgia and many are not happy. You wouldn't believe some of the reactions that many racist crakkkas in this state have had: I was off the day after the election, but when I came back to work on Thursday, I was greeted by a Black coworker who informed me that management had threatened to write people up if politics was discussed. Apparently, on election night, after the news stations declared Obama the winner, there were many coworkers who began celebrating openly and a few of the whites on the job got pissed. Some Black employees angered some of the white employees and an argument ensued. From this, several people got written up and were threatened with termination if they discussed politics on the clock. Excuse me, but this is a violation of people's constitutional rights. Adding to this, in another division of the company, a Black woman had a bumper sticker on her car that read: Obama. First Black President. Management got wind of this, called her in the office and told her she had to remove her car from the parking lot. At the same division, another Black employee wore her Obama t-shirt to work and was asked by management to cover it up. She refused. All I have to say is that the NAACP have been contacted. These are just a few incidents, but there was also a young man who had his car damaged (Obama supporter) while voting.

White folks are scared to death. I dare one to try me...I sware I'll do a Throwback and start dressing like a Black Panther.


Real talk.


It just has to be noted that I've seen such a change in Black people. People are smiling more--being nicer to other Black people when out in public and I can't tell you just how many people in my community have been sporting their various Obama t-shirts.

What this has brought to the forefront is the fact that Black people for the first time in America can finally Exhale.... Many just feel as though a burden has been lifted. That's the spiritual benefit, but for those here who celebrated, cried and reflected on the long road it took for this moment to take place, a question: SHOULD BLACK PEOPLE FORGIVE SLAVERY?

That is the question.

You tell me, pro or con...why or why not.

The Bible says that we must forgive our enemies. This is truly the last hurdle.

Is it realistic?

Why I Love Being A Black Woman...

Not a day goes by that I dont' thank the Lord for making me Black, for one...but also...I'm thankful he made me a BLACK WOMAN.

I love everything about being a Black woman.

The gift to dress well, my sass, the curve of my hips, the fullness of my lips, of which, men love to compliment. I feel the essence of womaness and I am alive in my spirit.

When I walk down the street, all eyes are on me. Horns blow, some men stop and stare. I create a scene just being me.

What on earth would make people think that Black women are sitting at home, brooding--feeling unloved and rejected?

Not I nor my sistahs.

Growing up, beautiful Black women were abundant. Not one of them needed hair weaves nor were they abandoned Baby mommas. They were queens, proud as their mothers and grandmothers. Holding up the banners of African women who's genes they possess.

Why on earth would I...should I...feel inferior to any other group of women?


Being a Black woman is greater than riches and gold. I am a treasure and I am a jewel on earth created in the image of the most high.

Whenever I wake up, I blow myself a kiss. Being a Black woman is heaven and the only thing greater than myself is being side by side with a Black brother.

Yes...Black is beautiful and I am blessed every day.

How I See Black Men...

Barack Obama is now President.  What does this mean for the next generation of Black men?

Today, I would like to take the time to interject some thoughts about the meaning of what this means, as relates to Black males: as a Black woman, I will state it hear and anywhere--BROTHERS, YOU ARE SO NECESSARY.  Barack has inspired not just Black people here in America, but him being a Black man, gives hope to people of African descent all over the world. From Africa, Europe and through the West Indies and parts of Latin America, the name Barack Obama is being echoed through the streets. It's just powerful what this man being so close to becoming the President of the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth, is not only a miracle, but given that he is elected; it will be a game changer.

How are Black men preparing themselves? What are you saying to your sons? Your grandsons? Brothers, nephews, friends?

In 1995, many people thought that The Million Man March was a failure. Frankly, no one saw the follow-up and a lot of people asked: What happened? The image that the world has had of black males has been negative, but with Barack--a new image is emerging and that will affect generations of Black men forever.

I see greatness in Black men--I always have. Back in 2000, one day, on another website, I had a premonition and decided to put up a thread, with the heading: A BLACK MAN WILL BE PRESIDENT! Would you like to know what the reaction was? Laughter. No one could even respond with anything positive. Such was the reaction of Black people at that time, who for many, had been raised for so long to thing so little of themselves; it was just unthinkable.

Well, so much for small thinkers, right?

I'm excited for all Black men right now. I want to see you all become greater, smarter and having more audacity, as Barack, to actually believe that YOU CAN become the President of The United States one day.

At this time, I will let the cat out of the bag: I'm near completion of my first book, entitled: A Journey Into The Mind of A Black Woman: In Search of Black Men With Purpose. This book was inspired not only by our history as African people, but it is a book of my vision and down to earth conversation of issues that men like yourselves talk about and also, I give a female interpretation of those issues in frank form.

I'm eager to secure the representation of a literary agent and I'm most confident of getting published.

A toast to you, Black MEN of America, this one is for you.

My pride is rockin' right now!

I'd love to hear from all of the Black men who reads this. What's on your minds? How do you feel right now? How do you vision the future and what are you telling your sons?

I'm Not Looking For The Great White Hope!

Interjecting my thoughts here: I'm really tired of people trying to sell Black people on IR shit. Let's just get right down to it, ok...some of us are just not into it. People know what they want and like.

Since when do AA's have to put up a disclaimer regarding why we choose to marry each other? It's an advantage to our race if we do.

I just don't find some other cultures of people attractive and that's that.

Simply put: some people like Skittles and some like M&M's.

Teaching self-love requires example of love from those that look like you...and far too many of us come from homes where that has not been the case.

Personally, I wasn't raised to hate my own people and I don't care what Oprah says or anyone else; there is just something fundamentally wrong with Black people who can't see themselves marrying someone that looks like the people that raised them.

I love Black people. Our style--the way we walk and talk, our music, the way we dance, our cooking, our banter, our humor, our spirit, our pride, our history; ((((EVERYTHING!!!))))

It's sad to see so many Black men and women living in this parallel dimension, diluding themselves that the reason they married a Mexican, white, Asian, Indian, etc., is because "they just hit it off." Oh, so the 300 Black men or women that you've encountered in your dating life just didn't have it, huh?


Forgive me, but it's time for folks to tell it like it is. I want to see people that look like me--talk like me--understand me--be proud like me.

Back in the day, our mantra was BLACK PRIDE, BLACK POWER and BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!

Given the new form of self-hate: as in...the changes in racial classification on applications now; basically, it's just a way for some folks to have a legal reason to "pass."

I love being me and I always check BLACK!

Who's feeling me?

Chicago: Where Strong Blacks Still Exist!

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder...what happened to Black people? Let's face it. All of us come from predominantly Black communities, but many people think that is synonymous with living in a ghetto.

Says who?

Every Black person you cross has not grown up in the ghetto, in fact, many have grown up in very strong, predominantly African American communities like myself.

Over the years, on various websites, I've bragged and cherished the town I grew up in, Chicago, IL.

Why? is a city that reflects everything that I respect: hard work, Black pride, energy, family, originality, courage, heart and class.

Founded by a Black Haitian by the name of Jean Baptiste Point DuSable; is it a wonder why Blacks in Chicago have thrived? They are built strong here. No joke. During the 1960's, Chicago replaced Harlem as the Capital of Black America and has no rival anywhere.

I Grew up on Chicago's prestigious North Shore, where the median income, even in the 90's, was over $75,000. People drove nice cars and took care of their homes. Yes, the communities far north get a little more diverse, but overall, living is very comfortable.

I've always felt it was a blessing to live and work here.

My life in the city was fun and I thought I'd never leave. However, I had to move to Georgia in 2004 to go see about my mother. I was born in Augusta, Georgia many moons ago. It's the birthplace of the late James Brown. Great coincidence, but Georgia just isn't where I belong.

I've been debating if and when I move back to Chicago. Because...although I'm just a few hours from Atlanta; it's not like the Chi. And I really just want to go home.

For those of you who are thinking about moving to or visiting Chicago, please...I hope you're staying more than a week. There's so much to see and do. You'll love your stay.

The city of Chicago is known internationally as a World Class City. However, for most visitors, they never get a chance to see some of Chicago's famous vibrant African American communities that can match any areas in New York, like, Chatham, South Shore, Hyde Park, Pill Hill, Kenwood, Homewood, Flossmoor, Olympia Fields, Country Club Hills and Matteson, to name a few. These areas are on the South Side. There are also areas out where I grew up, Rogers Park(large WI population), Evanston(same as RP), Waukegan that boast very diverse populations.

In the 1960's, Chicago replaced New York as being the capital of Black America, which is the title it still holds. Louis Farrakhan, head of the NOI resides on Chicago's famed South Side. Also, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Micheal Jordan, R. Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, the late Bernie Mac, Chaka Khan, Earth Wind And Fire members/leader Maurice White, and his brother Verdeen And of course, our President, Barack H. Obama, and his lovely wife Michelle. There are many that I haven't named, but I'm sure you get the picture. Michelle grew up on the South Side. There has always been a strong nationalist movement in Chicago and people are very much aware of issues that are affecting the Black community.

Chicago is a very political city and there are many in the Black community who are organized and active in all of the city's comings and goings.

What makes Blacks in Chicago special? They haven't lost their identities. They know where they come from and are some of the "realest" people you'll ever meet. No joke. Typically, they are not pretentious and have a strong "down home" appeal. There are those who came up from the South who still have their accents and then you have those who are as chic or more than those you'd see in New York, L.A. or Paris. It's s lively mix of people: talented, entertaining, funny, beautiful and warm. The Black folks in Chi are always going to say hello, but won't hesitate to tell you about yourself if you don't come correct. You like yourself better just being around them.

Again...I'm PROUD that I grew up there.

For anyone planning to visit or move to Chicago, you're making a smart decision.

You'll love the place.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Strong Black Woman!

Everywhere you look these days, the discussion is about Black women. And some people seem to have a problem with not only who we are, but that we are also STRONG WOMEN in the minds of not only our culture, but in mainstream society.

How did this happen?

For the curious, all one has to do is look at our history. Black women had to be strong. The stresses, threats and daily issues that impacted our slave ancestors in this country could try the weakest individuals. But those women were naturally resourceful and invented ways to protect not only themselves, but their families. We persevere.

You see this trait in Black women today.

I believe it was a Black woman that invented the "To Do" list. We handle the job, check. The baby, check. The babysitter, check. The husband, check. The laundry, check. The groceries, check. The bills, check. Get to church on time on Sunday, check. E-mail your girls, check. On...and on...we are the queens of prioritizing.

But, should we lean on our men a little more? Black men seem to have a problem with all of this strength. They criticize our independence and demanding personas and feel emasculated at times.

Are we all Type-A personalities?

We are by definition women who invented themselves. We are a sorority within a rich culture. Our minds are not gullible--we analyze everything.

Our originality and sass make others envy us and wish they could be us.

Some are intimated by the image of women who aren't afraid of being women. We are not prisoners nor are we disabled.

But what is the truest definition of a strong Black Woman?

I say...we are strongest when we raise strong children that build up our communities and exemplify that to the world. The Strong Black Woman is one who knows who she is, where she comes from and one who keeps it together when everyone else seems to be falling apart.

Through the womb of a Black woman, all life came and I state that this primarily is stamped in our DNA, thus, we act with authority because it all started with us.

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I Let My Ass Do My Talkin'!!!

 Hypothetical statement:

Ain't I cute...just look at my ass. I don't have to think or be smart, I just show you my ass. All the guys stop and stare...I'm all the rage, wherever I want to go, they pay my fare.

Don't hate ladies. Sorry you don't have it like me...but I'm a sexy Black woman and just let my ass do my talkin'.



All you ladies out there who are going to college or have degrees or you're
working girls, just trying to make it. It doesn't matter anymore if you
look at the current trends.

Women with big asses seem to be the shot callers and if you don't have a
round mound, just hang up the diploma because that's about all you'll
be able to brag about.

Seems like women have been reduced to only what's between their legs and how they look in a thong.
The dating game is fierce and this is what guys are going for.... They want chicks that can swing from stripper poles and do the nasty like nobody's business. Nice girls finish last, huh?

What is a nice, polite, young LADY to do?

Women just want to be hoes now days. What type of example is this for young girls?

What happened?

Slim Thug Attempts to Defends His Comments... appears that Mr. Slim Thug has thought about his controversial statements and realizes that, uh...most of his fans are young Black women and he's making attempts to clean up this mess.

As the old saying goes..."THINK!  Before you speak."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Slim Thug Backlash: An Open Letter From Proffessor Marc Lamont Hill

I'm posting this since it has already been aired in Vibe magazine and was discussed on popular Morning shows like The Russ Parr Morning Show, Tom Joyner Morning Show, Doug Banks Early Morning show et al.

The Conspiracy Against Black Women!

  Today, I was pretty busy online and I had to Google some things. As I searched through various topics, I had a motivation to look up some articles on Black women, and I tell you, I was inundated with one negative topic after the other.
Why are Black women being targeted by the media?

Someone posted a New York Times article regarding the interracial marriage rate of Black men and non-Black women, but what was the point of the article? Factually, it is well known that the majority of Black men prefer and do marry Black women.

Why are white people so consumed with our community and what we do? but they are the ones who have grown ass white men raping and molesting their own daughters, pedophiles in the Catholic church and next door, missing white women/girls/children, financial crooks, sadistic, cannibalizing serial killers, deviants, satanists, atheists, drugged up and addicted children, pill popping, booze binging, suburban mothers who can't cope, white females who kill their children and then get exclusives on 48 Hours, and crazy ass children who kill on campus.

Yet, they are concerned as to why successful Black women are single?

For a long time now, I've had the premonition and attitude that it's high time for Black people to cut the chord and D-E-C-A-U-S-I-A-N-I-Z-E . This term was coined by the late Dr. Chancellor Williams in his legendary book The Destruction of Black Civilizations . Dr. Williams believed that it was in the best interest of Black people to realize that since the first day European Neanderthals set foot on the shores of the African continent; they have been nothing but spiritual and psychologically toxic to our people. We have been unequally yoked and need to destroy our association with these disturbed people, who seemingly are possessed and doomed with reprobate minds so dark; the abyss of their malevolence and hatred is disturbing. He felt that Whites were incapable of moral behavior and any contact with them was detrimental to our people, to the degree, that it would and seemingly has, disturbed how Blacks around the world treat each other for ages.

We are a spiritual people who believes in a higher one God deity, love of family and community and the concept of brotherhood. Whites are the direct opposite. They are pagan by choice, aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic, selfish, mentally and psychologically disturbed individuals who have done nothing but perpetuate hatred, oppression and indignity on humanity.

For those Blacks that have chosen to bed with or mate in matrimony with these dogs; you are diseased. Europeans were a dirty people--check their history. Hygiene was a foreign concept to these people. The Bubonic plague nearly wiped out Europe, killing over 25 million people. And what was the Dark Age about in Europe? Africa was going through it's 3rd Golden period when this was occurring, yet, all that is taught in Western society, is the HIStory of Europe--a fictitious and selective collection of tales, carefully constructed over time to assault and brainwash the world into believing that civilization actually began in Europe.

A laughable campaign particular when all one had to do was check their own historians who literally discounted this claim. But...people don't, they never learn the truth.

Let me tell you all something, I am a Black woman who began her journey early in life to know what the truth was. My mother got me my first library card when I was only four and over time, I learned so much about where my ancestors came from.

Black Queens once ruled the world. They were beautiful, powerful and smart. People wonder where Black women get their strength, courage and power--check the history books.

Consider the ancient Black Queens of Nubia. Traditionally, Nubia had been overlooked in history by scholars in favor of its neighbor, Egypt. Nubia became a force to be reckoned that no longer can be overlooked. What was discovered was that Nubia had a high number of ruling Queens, especially during the first golden period of the Meriotic Kingdom. What distinguished them from their Egyptian and Western counterparts is the large images in Art of these Black Queens smiting their enemies. They were not only beautiful but they were also warrior Queens. This find has led to new study of the roles of women, both past and present in Nubian society.


Scholar Runoko Rashidi wrote the following about the Great Black Women in history:

"F or many thousands of years the African woman has been worshiped, revered and idolized by individuals, families and nations--not only in Africa but around the world. Ancient records show her as queen, goddess, scholar, diplomat, scientist, icon, prophet and freedom fighting warrior exalted with and sometimes above her father, husband and brothers. The African woman has administered great and mighty nations, led determined and capable armies into battle and founded splendid and enduring royal dynasties. Indeed, no other human of any racial or ethnic type has been so widely
venerated as has the African woman. This brief essay, therefore, is intended as a secure African man's historical recognition, tribute and salute to the prominence, grandeur and majesty of African women.


Of all the countries of ancient times it is Kmt (Ancient Egypt) that stands out above all others. Kmt was indeed the heart and soul of early Africa. When we examine KemeticKmt in the Valley of Nile.

First things first--Kmt was African; not only her origins, but from the very beginning
and through the great part of the pharaonic period African people endowed with dark
complexions, full lips, broad noses and tightly curled hair were overwhelmingly dominant in both the general population and the ruling elite. Ancient Kmt was Africa par excellence.

It has been noted that the most significant single fact to keep in mind when discussing the topic of women and leadership in ancient Kmt is that there was basic equality between men and women. Women of the ancient Kemetic royal families enjoyed considerable influence and freedom of movement, and occupied positions of great power and authority. There is not a single recorded incident of sexual assault or domestic abuse against an African woman in the entire history of Kmt. Kemetic women inherited and willed fortunes, wrote love poems, introduced legislation at the courts of law and commanded the respect of king and commoner


Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, participated actively in the expulsion from Kmt of the
Hyksos--Kmt's first invaders and occupiers. Ahmose-Nefertari was born royal heiress and became one of Africa's most brilliant queens. After the twenty-five year reign of Ahmose I, Nefertari governed jointly with her son Amenhotep I. The veneration of Ahmose-Nefertari continued for more than six-hundred years after her death. To her memory was attached a special priesthood, who recited in her honor a prayer only used in addressing the gods.

Ahmose-Nefertari was given considerable authority in the cult of the King of the Gods
when she was made "God's Wife of Amen," a position that held a chief role as a
priestess in the national religious center, and was provided with goods and property
legally documented and published for all to see on a monumental stela set up in the Temple of Amen at Karnak. Her royal titles included the exceptional "Female Chieftain of Upper and Lower Kmt."

One of the greatest Queens of Egypt was Queen Hatshepsut. This woman was so awesome, she actually called herself pharoah. Makare Hatshepsut's twenty-one year reign occurred near the zenith of Kmt's second golden age. This was an era marked by great internal stability and international prestige. One of the Hatshepsut's proudest achievements was a highly successful expedition to the African land of Punt--regarded by the Kamites as "God's land." Hatshepsut's royal titles included: "King of the North and South, Son of the Sun, The Heru of Gold, Bestower of Years, Goddess of Risings, Conqueror of all Lands, Lady of both Lands, Vivifier of Years, Chief Spouse of Amen, the Mighty One."

Queen Tiye was the beloved wife of Nebmare Amenhotep III, and the mother of Akhenaten and Tutankhamen. Tiye is one of the most interesting figures in history. Amenhotep and Tiye married while quite young and shared one of the great love affairs of the ages. That she was of great ability and powerful influence is proved by association with her husband in all of his ceremonial records. She was such an integral part of Kamite affairs that on more than one occasion foreign sovereigns appealed to her directly in matters of international significance. The surviving portraits of Tiye show her with distinct African features.

Queen Nefertari was "The Beautiful Companion" of Ramses II. Her two major titles were "King's Great Wife and "Mistress of the Two Lands." After her death, Nefertari was worshipped as a divine Osirian, or a soul which has become deified. Under the attributes of Asr (Osiris), Kmt's lorder of the dead, she was adored as a goddess. Queen Nefertari's body was housed in a 5,200 square foot tomb decorated with vivid wall paintings--the most splendid in the Valley of the Queens--"The Place of Beauty." Her tomb paintings and inscriptions depict Nefertari as a woman of great charm and exquisite taste, adorned with magnificent jewelry and wearing fashionable gowns.

Queen Istnofret, another distinguished African woman, was a contemporary of Nefertari, and was elevated to the position of Great Royal Wife upon Nefertari's death. Queen Istnofret was the mother of Prince Ramses (Senior King's Son). Prince Khaemwaset (one of the most brilliant men of the Ramesside era) and Prince Merneptah--who eventually succeeded his father as King. Queen Istnofret died in approximately year 24 of Ramses II's reign.


Although it was was extremely prominent, Kmt (Ancient Egypt) was only one of many great African nations where women held high positions. Makeda, for example, the semi-legendary Queen of Sheba (Saba), is thought to have lived during the tenth century B.C.E. This woman had all the qualities of an exceptional monarch, and appears to have ruled over a wealthy domain encompassing parts of both Africa and Arabia. She is called Makeda in the Ethiopian text known as the Kebra Negast, Bilqis in the Koran, and the Queen of Sheba in the Bible. The three of these documents provide a relatively clear picture of a highly developed state distinguished by the pronounced overall status of women. Makeda was not an isolated phenomenon. Many times, in fact, do we hear of important women in African and Arabian history; the documents they are mentioned in providing no commentary on husbands, consorts or male relatives. Either their deeds or inheritance, perhaps both, enabled them to stand out quite singularly.

Dahia al-Kahina of Mauritania was especially active in the North African resistance to the Arab invasions that occurred at the end of the seventh century. About 690 she assumed personal command of the African forces, and under her aggressive leadership the Arabs were briefly forced to retreat. The Arab invaders of Africa were relentless, however, and as the African plight deteriorated, the dauntless Kahina ordered a scorched earth policy. The effects of the devastation can still be seen in the North African countryside. According to tradition, Kahina eventually took her own life rather than admit defeat to the Arabs. With her death ended a magnificent attempt to preserve Africa for the Africans.

Queen Nzingha, also known as Ann Nzingha, was overlord of portions of both Angola and Zaire. She has been called the "greatest military strategist that ever confronted the armed forces of Portugal." Nzingha's military campaigns kept the Portuguese in Africa at bay for more than four decades. Her objective was nothing less than the complete and total destruction of the African slave trade. Nzingha sent ambassadors throughout West and Central Africa with the intent of enlisting a huge coalition of African armies to eject the Portuguese. Queen Nzingha died fighting for her people in 1663 at the ripe old age of eighty-one. Africa has known no greater patriot.

In summary, and in the words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, "The first accomplishment of the African woman, in partnership with the man, was the creation of a functioning family unit. This major step in human development laid the foundations of the organization of all subsequent societies and institutions. In Africa the woman's place' was not only with her family. She often ruled nations with unquestioned authority." The Black woman was never docile, insignificant or someone to defile or abandon--she was highly valued and respected.

The late actress, Bette Davis once said that " Birds only pick at the best fruit ." And I can only gather that the misinformation that is being spread through various white owned and controlled media outlets is only demonstrating the true fear and jealousy that White America has for our people.

Who will stand up and defend the honor of Black women?

Frankly, I'm ashamed of some Black people today who not only are easily indoctrinated in biased propaganda and hatred against their own people, but who also engage willfully in the racist perpetuation of disinformation about themselves and the true greatness of their African ancestors.

If Black people do not value themselves or their history--no one else will either.

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