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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Depravity of White People in America And Abroad!

For over 400 years in America Black people have endured the hatred, abuse, exploitation and character and image humiliation by whites.  We prayed, shouted, raged, and cried as to why these people chose us to oppress.
They are by far an evil race.  Malcolm X did not lie about that.   He once stated in one of his speeches that by their very nature, white people were evil and depraved.  Just study European history.  
Yet, white people love to demonize us.  They talk about how many are locked up in the prisons, albeit dismissing the bias that put many Black men in particular behind bars. However, I was always taught that those who condemn, typically have a lot to hide.
When you look at history, it's not just slavery that condemns whites, but their every day behavior.   
I'd like to know present a collage of images and links that highlight this depravity and ask those here to dare to challenge those racists who seem to dismiss their behavior, yet, continue to point fingers at us.
However, I'm a very observant person and I'd like to expose some headlines that many people may have missed that truly expose the innate sickness that dwells in all whites--even to their own denial.
This man raped a baby and videotaped it

Beastiality (sleeping with animals)
Woman on Probation for Soliciting a Dog for Sex Accidentally Jailed
Woman trains dogs to have sex with humans
The Woman Who Trains Dogs to Have Sex with Humans (NSFW)READ WITH CAUTION. VIA  VICE.

Meet Anna, a Ukrainian prostitute who is originally from Odessa, but…View Postshared via
Incest and Cruelty
Actor Neil Patrick Harris Kisses Dog On Tony's
Post image for Watch: Tony Awards: Neil Patrick Harris And Sandy, The Dog From ‘Annie’ Kiss (Video)
I think you all get the point.
The last story I have is actually one that is personal.  About 10 years ago, I was told by a white coworker that one Thanksgiving after she took out the turkey to cool, she left it on the counter in the kitchen.  The next thing she heard was a big crash.  Going back in to the kitchen; the family dog had got to it and was literally eating it on the floor.  She grabbed the dog and wrestled the turkey out of its mouth, put it back in the pan--repairing  it as best she could--AND THEN SERVED IT.
And some people wonder what is the deal with white people and dogs.
All I can say is that I don't have to post any lynch photos, post pictures and stories of the numerous serial killers, mass shootings, domestic terrorist behavior (Unibomber, Timothy McVeigh) just observe the violence and behavior white folks today--it's something deep in these people that make them do sick things.  Frankly, I feel they have a serious spiritual deficit--which provokes this kind of behavior in them.
If pictures are more than a thousand words; they are in no moral position to judge anyone.