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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Conspiracy Against Black Women!

  Today, I was pretty busy online and I had to Google some things. As I searched through various topics, I had a motivation to look up some articles on Black women, and I tell you, I was inundated with one negative topic after the other.
Why are Black women being targeted by the media?

Someone posted a New York Times article regarding the interracial marriage rate of Black men and non-Black women, but what was the point of the article? Factually, it is well known that the majority of Black men prefer and do marry Black women.

Why are white people so consumed with our community and what we do? but they are the ones who have grown ass white men raping and molesting their own daughters, pedophiles in the Catholic church and next door, missing white women/girls/children, financial crooks, sadistic, cannibalizing serial killers, deviants, satanists, atheists, drugged up and addicted children, pill popping, booze binging, suburban mothers who can't cope, white females who kill their children and then get exclusives on 48 Hours, and crazy ass children who kill on campus.

Yet, they are concerned as to why successful Black women are single?

For a long time now, I've had the premonition and attitude that it's high time for Black people to cut the chord and D-E-C-A-U-S-I-A-N-I-Z-E . This term was coined by the late Dr. Chancellor Williams in his legendary book The Destruction of Black Civilizations . Dr. Williams believed that it was in the best interest of Black people to realize that since the first day European Neanderthals set foot on the shores of the African continent; they have been nothing but spiritual and psychologically toxic to our people. We have been unequally yoked and need to destroy our association with these disturbed people, who seemingly are possessed and doomed with reprobate minds so dark; the abyss of their malevolence and hatred is disturbing. He felt that Whites were incapable of moral behavior and any contact with them was detrimental to our people, to the degree, that it would and seemingly has, disturbed how Blacks around the world treat each other for ages.

We are a spiritual people who believes in a higher one God deity, love of family and community and the concept of brotherhood. Whites are the direct opposite. They are pagan by choice, aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic, selfish, mentally and psychologically disturbed individuals who have done nothing but perpetuate hatred, oppression and indignity on humanity.

For those Blacks that have chosen to bed with or mate in matrimony with these dogs; you are diseased. Europeans were a dirty people--check their history. Hygiene was a foreign concept to these people. The Bubonic plague nearly wiped out Europe, killing over 25 million people. And what was the Dark Age about in Europe? Africa was going through it's 3rd Golden period when this was occurring, yet, all that is taught in Western society, is the HIStory of Europe--a fictitious and selective collection of tales, carefully constructed over time to assault and brainwash the world into believing that civilization actually began in Europe.

A laughable campaign particular when all one had to do was check their own historians who literally discounted this claim. But...people don't, they never learn the truth.

Let me tell you all something, I am a Black woman who began her journey early in life to know what the truth was. My mother got me my first library card when I was only four and over time, I learned so much about where my ancestors came from.

Black Queens once ruled the world. They were beautiful, powerful and smart. People wonder where Black women get their strength, courage and power--check the history books.

Consider the ancient Black Queens of Nubia. Traditionally, Nubia had been overlooked in history by scholars in favor of its neighbor, Egypt. Nubia became a force to be reckoned that no longer can be overlooked. What was discovered was that Nubia had a high number of ruling Queens, especially during the first golden period of the Meriotic Kingdom. What distinguished them from their Egyptian and Western counterparts is the large images in Art of these Black Queens smiting their enemies. They were not only beautiful but they were also warrior Queens. This find has led to new study of the roles of women, both past and present in Nubian society.


Scholar Runoko Rashidi wrote the following about the Great Black Women in history:

"F or many thousands of years the African woman has been worshiped, revered and idolized by individuals, families and nations--not only in Africa but around the world. Ancient records show her as queen, goddess, scholar, diplomat, scientist, icon, prophet and freedom fighting warrior exalted with and sometimes above her father, husband and brothers. The African woman has administered great and mighty nations, led determined and capable armies into battle and founded splendid and enduring royal dynasties. Indeed, no other human of any racial or ethnic type has been so widely
venerated as has the African woman. This brief essay, therefore, is intended as a secure African man's historical recognition, tribute and salute to the prominence, grandeur and majesty of African women.


Of all the countries of ancient times it is Kmt (Ancient Egypt) that stands out above all others. Kmt was indeed the heart and soul of early Africa. When we examine KemeticKmt in the Valley of Nile.

First things first--Kmt was African; not only her origins, but from the very beginning
and through the great part of the pharaonic period African people endowed with dark
complexions, full lips, broad noses and tightly curled hair were overwhelmingly dominant in both the general population and the ruling elite. Ancient Kmt was Africa par excellence.

It has been noted that the most significant single fact to keep in mind when discussing the topic of women and leadership in ancient Kmt is that there was basic equality between men and women. Women of the ancient Kemetic royal families enjoyed considerable influence and freedom of movement, and occupied positions of great power and authority. There is not a single recorded incident of sexual assault or domestic abuse against an African woman in the entire history of Kmt. Kemetic women inherited and willed fortunes, wrote love poems, introduced legislation at the courts of law and commanded the respect of king and commoner


Queen Ahmose-Nefertari, participated actively in the expulsion from Kmt of the
Hyksos--Kmt's first invaders and occupiers. Ahmose-Nefertari was born royal heiress and became one of Africa's most brilliant queens. After the twenty-five year reign of Ahmose I, Nefertari governed jointly with her son Amenhotep I. The veneration of Ahmose-Nefertari continued for more than six-hundred years after her death. To her memory was attached a special priesthood, who recited in her honor a prayer only used in addressing the gods.

Ahmose-Nefertari was given considerable authority in the cult of the King of the Gods
when she was made "God's Wife of Amen," a position that held a chief role as a
priestess in the national religious center, and was provided with goods and property
legally documented and published for all to see on a monumental stela set up in the Temple of Amen at Karnak. Her royal titles included the exceptional "Female Chieftain of Upper and Lower Kmt."

One of the greatest Queens of Egypt was Queen Hatshepsut. This woman was so awesome, she actually called herself pharoah. Makare Hatshepsut's twenty-one year reign occurred near the zenith of Kmt's second golden age. This was an era marked by great internal stability and international prestige. One of the Hatshepsut's proudest achievements was a highly successful expedition to the African land of Punt--regarded by the Kamites as "God's land." Hatshepsut's royal titles included: "King of the North and South, Son of the Sun, The Heru of Gold, Bestower of Years, Goddess of Risings, Conqueror of all Lands, Lady of both Lands, Vivifier of Years, Chief Spouse of Amen, the Mighty One."

Queen Tiye was the beloved wife of Nebmare Amenhotep III, and the mother of Akhenaten and Tutankhamen. Tiye is one of the most interesting figures in history. Amenhotep and Tiye married while quite young and shared one of the great love affairs of the ages. That she was of great ability and powerful influence is proved by association with her husband in all of his ceremonial records. She was such an integral part of Kamite affairs that on more than one occasion foreign sovereigns appealed to her directly in matters of international significance. The surviving portraits of Tiye show her with distinct African features.

Queen Nefertari was "The Beautiful Companion" of Ramses II. Her two major titles were "King's Great Wife and "Mistress of the Two Lands." After her death, Nefertari was worshipped as a divine Osirian, or a soul which has become deified. Under the attributes of Asr (Osiris), Kmt's lorder of the dead, she was adored as a goddess. Queen Nefertari's body was housed in a 5,200 square foot tomb decorated with vivid wall paintings--the most splendid in the Valley of the Queens--"The Place of Beauty." Her tomb paintings and inscriptions depict Nefertari as a woman of great charm and exquisite taste, adorned with magnificent jewelry and wearing fashionable gowns.

Queen Istnofret, another distinguished African woman, was a contemporary of Nefertari, and was elevated to the position of Great Royal Wife upon Nefertari's death. Queen Istnofret was the mother of Prince Ramses (Senior King's Son). Prince Khaemwaset (one of the most brilliant men of the Ramesside era) and Prince Merneptah--who eventually succeeded his father as King. Queen Istnofret died in approximately year 24 of Ramses II's reign.


Although it was was extremely prominent, Kmt (Ancient Egypt) was only one of many great African nations where women held high positions. Makeda, for example, the semi-legendary Queen of Sheba (Saba), is thought to have lived during the tenth century B.C.E. This woman had all the qualities of an exceptional monarch, and appears to have ruled over a wealthy domain encompassing parts of both Africa and Arabia. She is called Makeda in the Ethiopian text known as the Kebra Negast, Bilqis in the Koran, and the Queen of Sheba in the Bible. The three of these documents provide a relatively clear picture of a highly developed state distinguished by the pronounced overall status of women. Makeda was not an isolated phenomenon. Many times, in fact, do we hear of important women in African and Arabian history; the documents they are mentioned in providing no commentary on husbands, consorts or male relatives. Either their deeds or inheritance, perhaps both, enabled them to stand out quite singularly.

Dahia al-Kahina of Mauritania was especially active in the North African resistance to the Arab invasions that occurred at the end of the seventh century. About 690 she assumed personal command of the African forces, and under her aggressive leadership the Arabs were briefly forced to retreat. The Arab invaders of Africa were relentless, however, and as the African plight deteriorated, the dauntless Kahina ordered a scorched earth policy. The effects of the devastation can still be seen in the North African countryside. According to tradition, Kahina eventually took her own life rather than admit defeat to the Arabs. With her death ended a magnificent attempt to preserve Africa for the Africans.

Queen Nzingha, also known as Ann Nzingha, was overlord of portions of both Angola and Zaire. She has been called the "greatest military strategist that ever confronted the armed forces of Portugal." Nzingha's military campaigns kept the Portuguese in Africa at bay for more than four decades. Her objective was nothing less than the complete and total destruction of the African slave trade. Nzingha sent ambassadors throughout West and Central Africa with the intent of enlisting a huge coalition of African armies to eject the Portuguese. Queen Nzingha died fighting for her people in 1663 at the ripe old age of eighty-one. Africa has known no greater patriot.

In summary, and in the words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, "The first accomplishment of the African woman, in partnership with the man, was the creation of a functioning family unit. This major step in human development laid the foundations of the organization of all subsequent societies and institutions. In Africa the woman's place' was not only with her family. She often ruled nations with unquestioned authority." The Black woman was never docile, insignificant or someone to defile or abandon--she was highly valued and respected.

The late actress, Bette Davis once said that " Birds only pick at the best fruit ." And I can only gather that the misinformation that is being spread through various white owned and controlled media outlets is only demonstrating the true fear and jealousy that White America has for our people.

Who will stand up and defend the honor of Black women?

Frankly, I'm ashamed of some Black people today who not only are easily indoctrinated in biased propaganda and hatred against their own people, but who also engage willfully in the racist perpetuation of disinformation about themselves and the true greatness of their African ancestors.

If Black people do not value themselves or their history--no one else will either.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this article. 5 stars to you Uppity Sistah. This had made me want to sit my neices and nephews down and let them learn some real history behind our people. The Real Deal. Lov it!! Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say but the article is nothing more than kill YT, blame YT, and YT has been no good. But tell me.....what offers does the dark continent offer other Africans? I'm sure if blacks are so unhappy here, with welfare, social programs, EBT, food stamps, section 8, free healthcare, you can pack up and leave. All this Afro Centric beliefs, are nothing more than utter lies by individuals that think Blacks were at the center of everything. I'm sure in the motherland, the same is offered to all. Look at Togo, Liberia, Congo, South Africa.....great examples of Black Superiority aren't they? I bet the stats in the FBI crime levels are made up, when we know where truth really lies.
You calling civilized humans as Neanderthals capturing your people, is further from a lie, your people sold you to slavery, your own kind sold you to the White Devils. Your own, sold you out. I'm sure, without the interference of the Neanderthal, Africa would have flourished, since there are many aqueducts, stone roads, coliseums, and other large buildings that have stood the passages of time. The pyramids, aren't even of black ingenuity, hate to break it to you. You really want to discuss the ingenuity, ask Dr. Zahi Hawass, he's the worlds most renowned Egyptologist in the world, with truths and facts behind it. Can you even read Hieroglyphs??? He can. You feel so strongly against the White Man, then one's holding you back. Maybe back in the Motherland, you can roam free like them queens of old without some African rebel shooting you down.

Mike said...

If white people are so evil, then how come we provide blacks with welfare, free housing, affirmative action, minority scholarships, countless government programs, etc.
I don't really see how we are so savage either. Last time i checked, most white people I know as well as me believe in a god and belong to some church. Those are not the characteristics of a savage. If the black community is so much better than ours, then what about Detroit? It has a majority black population and a very very high crime rate, along with Africa. Most white communities are stable with a low crime rate. That was just something to think about. Who is the real savage here?

Anonymous said...

Typical nigger ramblings

Anonymous said...

Dumb nigger. We need to start deporting you coons back to the "mudaland."

The Uppity Sistah! said...

THIS IS A WARNING TO ANY AND ALL WHITE SUPREMACISTS WHO DARE COME TO MY BLOG RANTING THIS ANTI-BLACK BULLSHIT! Any and all comments will not only be published for public record, but if those comments are racist, threatening or show harassment of any kind; they will be reported to the FBI as well as to Google.

The only Nigger that you know is the one that you look at in the mirror. The definition is not color specific; it speaks to behavior and attitude. Niggardly means stingy or miserly. "Nigger" derives from the Spanish/Portuguese word negro, meaning "black", and probably also the French nègre, which likewise has become a racist insult in American culture. Both negro and noir (and therefore also nègre and nigger) ultimately come from nigrum, the accusative case of the Latin word niger, meaning "black".

All most ignorant white folks know how to do is talk about the negatives of Black people; however, it's very interesting how you skip over the sick shit you people are known for. Child killings, kidnapping, rape--sodomy, incest, killing your own families, cannibalism, serial killings,oppression, and let us not forget: that WHITE MALES destroyed the economy.

How casual you people dismiss your innate malevolence on this planet.

I am not the one. Do you over-stand that?

Come here with any WHITE POWER bullshit and you will be check-mated with a quickness.

Trust me on that!

Therefore, it is very obvious that you're dealing with a very well educated Negro who also will not hesitate to tell you that Black people are not the majority of welfare recipients--WHITE FEMALES ARE.

Get an education before coming to this blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article. It is absolutely great. And so true. It is not even a conspiracy - it is BLATANT the hatred that whites and the media are lobbing at Black women. Thank you for putting this out there.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Lately, this topic has been getting a lot of attention and I'm glad that people are understanding the seriousness of it.

TradiPro-C said...

The way I found this article is actually, mysteriously strange... Since I don't believe in things happening randomly, we'll see where it's gonna lead us. I was actually looking for an image for a blogpost called "I'm ROYAL!!!"... and there i click on the pic, but don't pay attention to the window opened... I do my thing and here I click... Surprise... same topic, same interests... I'm following your blog, maybe u should go check mine
and follow me if you're interested.
MOUT Carmy

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Hmmmm...maybe it was meant for you to read the article...and I'm glad you decided to follow my blog.

I created this blog for people who truly need and want to hear the truth. I'm never politically correct, but I always insist on accuracy--I'll never lie to you.

Please, keep coming to the blog and tell your friends and family members to check it out as well.

Anonymous said...

Good article my Empress. I submit to you! You are the center and that is the truth. I'm happy you realize it. Stay Up!

The Uppity Sistah! said...

I most definitely will...and you can bet I will hold it down.

Thank you for supporting The Uppity Sistah.

Dowunderbrutha said...

A solid article!

I like the whiney response from the anonymous white person. They really do sound like "whiney" ex girlfriends/boyfriends who have to tell you how great they & how much you owe them are after you dump them - lol

"You calling civilized humans as Neanderthals capturing your people, is further from a lie, "

Actually white meat your own scientist have deduced that the white European has Neanderthals DNA, whilst native Africans don’t!

"your people sold you to slavery, your own kind sold you to the White Devils"

Whites fuelled the issue by supplying guns & creating divisions which = more slaves, this is always the white way of creating beneficial divisions to profit from. How whites treated slaves is still not absolved by the argument of who sold them to you, nor does it wipe away 300 years of institutional racism & racial oppression by whites. As an example many people in poor countries sell their children for sex, does that make a white sex tourist no longer a sick child raping pervert because he bought the child from their own family?. Come on now let us hear your answer on this?

White people excel at making excuses for their poor behaviour & exploitation of others.

"The pyramids, aren't even of black ingenuity, hate to break it to you."

They are most certainly not of "white" invention, so what is your point. In fact most white engineers still can’t duplicate their perfection, nor can they explain how they where built. So much so many are claiming they may have been built by "Aliens". There is also in Egypt not a single hieroglyph depicting the construction of the pyramids, so if whites where in Egypt at any point its probable they just “squatted” as you pest seem to do everywhere else.

“since there are many aqueducts, stone roads, coliseums, and other large buildings that have stood the passages of time.”

And the Anglo-Saxon has nothing to show older than 1000 years other than a circle of stones, which they cant tell you what it was for & which some also claim may have been built by “Aliens”. Its becoming established fact that Africa & the Middle East played a major role in contributing to the advancement of European civilisation (Greece & Rome) , as much as the mainstream of whites hate this your history scholars know this truth.

"You feel so strongly against the White Man, then one's holding you back."

That’s rich coming from the descendant of "illegal European squatters", why don’t you return to Europe if you are so aggrieved by the views of this sister. I’m sure that Natives of America would love to see the back of you nature spoiling parasites. Besides blacks can’t return to Africa as you guys have ruined our homelands as well, and continue to suck its wealth dry whilst funding wars to install your own puppet leaders.

So why don’t you cry babies head on back to Europe & get back to turning into a filth ridden sewage pit, as you had been doing before you landed in New World.