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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If I Could Talk To Lisa Raye...

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Dear Lisa,

Lisa Raye, I actually vision you being an Oscar winner, but honey, you have got to start looking inward and examining who the real you is. I just don't think you GET IT yet. You have had a good life, yes. Better than the average person. But at the same time, I think there is none so blind as those who do not see. In life, we are challenged by things, and if you lost everything...WHO WOULD YOU BE?

Not a day goes by that I don't think about having a conversation with Ms. Lisa Raye. She's got a hit reality show, a new prime time show, Single Ladies Stacey Dash LisaRaye VH1 Show
Hello Beautiful, and she's got a new jean line. The woman has been on her hustle ever since her marriage ended. Nothing seems to get in her way. I love her drive, determination and confidence, but....and it's a big BUT, there are a few things that annoy me about Lisa, and I feel it inhibits her from truly evolving into a great actress/person.

Lisa is extremely narcissistic, superficial, unrealistic in her view of the opposite sex, a pseudo-intellectual, egotistical, arrogant, and talks a little too much. She could really use some education regarding the fact that the world doesn't revolve around her. When her "so called" friends, Star Jones and Vivica Fox didn't return her phone calls, uh...what did she expect? You attract exactly what you are? Did she return phone calls? And were they really her friends? For those who've seen Star and Vivica in action, we know that's a big NO.

But, like attracts like, right? thinks the universe tells us in various ways how we need to grow.
What would you say to her if you could have a conversation with her?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

(10) Things White Folks Do That Irritate Black People:

There are times when things need to be said.  And this is one of those times. 

As life would have it, I, like many Black people have had my share of moments with white folks that could have gotten ugly, had it not been for my upbringing.  From my experience, it just appears that Black people and white folks live in two entirely different parallels and our perspectives about life are birthed from them.

Really, haven't we all been asked dumb questions by white folks?  And why do these people approach us with such ignorance of who we are as a people? 

Years ago, I once had a white coworker ask me if all Black people know each other.  Seriously.  I was floored.  And don't even get me started on being complimented by some whites because, clearing throat..."I speak well."  Why the hell wouldn't I?

Well, I'm in (that kind of mood) today and I'm going to drop a bomb today and educate some who really want to understand why they got cussed out by one of their Black coworkers last week:

So without much more adjure, I'll just get to the point:

The Ten Things White Folks Do That Irritate Black People

  1. Putting your hands in a Black woman's hair.  An absolute no-no
  2. Asking personal  or just outright dumb questions without the benefit of study
  3. Assuming every Black person knows each other just because we speak to each other
  4. Following us in stores but never asking if we need help
  5. Staring.  What the hell are you looking at me for?
  6. Being condescending and aloof
  7. Assuming every Black man is a criminal.  Really?  And who f*cked up the economy again?
  8. Assuming Black women with long hair have weave.  Yes!  Black women have long hair.
  9. Getting mad at successful Black people
  10. That ALL Black people are uneducated
These are just a few of mine, but I'm sure, many can understand where I'm coming from.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Word of Advice For HATERS!!!

I don't know what is wrong with folks these days.  Everywhere you go, there seem to be people out there who only have one goal: TO MAKE SOMEONE MISERABLE.  Why? 

A couple of years ago, I saw a young girl wearing a t-shirt with this message: HATING ME WILL NOT MAKE YOU BETTER.


Life is tough and so many people don't know which way to turn.  I couldn't possibly be so negative that I don't have enough love in me to say something kind.  If someone is down, lift them up.

The violence in this country is for a reason.  Attitudes and behavior often attract negative or deadly responses.

If a person doesn't have anything nice to say, like most parents teach their kids: Don't say anything at all.

If you don't like your hair, go get a perm.  If you don't like the way you look--get a makeover.  If you're too fat, exercise.  Basically, do something about whatever the hell is bothering you.  Please.

No one should ever be forced to be associated with folks who aren't worthy of their kindness or friendship. 

As far as I'm concerned, if the person is not a positive influence on me--they will not have access to my life.

Hate kills.  Ask any doctor and my advice to folks who love to throw dirt at folks: One day the same will be done to you when your casket is lowered in the ground.

I totally concur with the video folks...

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Update: A Journey Into The Mind of A Black Woman...

Hey, you guys...

For those of you who have been following the blog, I mentioned that I had completed my first book.

A Journey Into The Mind of a Black woman is an open diary of my interpretation of behavior in Black males.  No, it's not a book scolding Black men--It's a conversation.   Each chapter basically are extended conversations that I've had over the years regarding many issues that are discussed in the Black community every single day.  Why did I write this book?  Because I was tired of seeing Black men and women treating each other like enemies.

I've been busy marketing the book before it comes out.  Here is the banner I created:
Tell me what you think...

The Uppity Sistah has a Facebook page now also...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'd Trust Louis Farrakhan Before I'd Trust Obama!

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This might seem like a loaded statement to some people, but I have been doing a lot of thinking...and honestly, Farrakhan represents Black people to the max; he speaks about issues that impact us (unapologettically), and we KNOW WHERE HE STANDS.
Obama is an apologist. Seeming to shy away from identifying to closely with African Americans, as not wanting to be perceived by whites as being The Black President.  But he's considered that and worse by racist whites what gives?

Isn't this duality?

How can I support someone who seems to be ashamed of my community?

Why hide his concerns, as not to upset whites?

Who is he really serving then?

You might not like what Minister Farrakhan says, but he's not afraid to tell anyone what's on his mind and he is dead serious about his opinions.

Obama moved to Chicago because he was inspired by the election of the late Harold Washington, Link: Washington, Harold (1922 as well as the strength of Blacks in Chicago, particularly the many well known leaders that call Chicago home: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Push, Jesse Jackson, Carol Mosley Braun (First Black woman senator), Bobby Rush (ex Black Panther, Congressman), Corporate office of Ebony Jet, founded by the late John H. Johnson, etc. The head of the Nation of Islam is also in Chicago. It is a city where Power is an ethic and the Black community in Chicago is famous, respected and admired for their ability to organize. Black power is real there.

Obama is not from Chicago--he just moved there, met Michelle, married and forged his political career there. However, he's not built like a Chicago politician and as I've watched him in office, I pray for him to start showing some backbone and stand up for what he knows is right.

Blacks have the highest level of unemployment and have been impacted severely by the economy, but IBM's adviser's keep persuading him not to speak publicly about it. Acting as if it doesn't matter.

I'm appalled by this.

Louis Farrakhan most certainly hasn't been quiet about Black America and is not afraid to tell white folks what they can do if they don't like it.

I respect that.

You can try to please your enemy by denying your humanity, but it's complete cowardice to deny the inhumanity of your enemy toward your own people.

Obama does this every single time he won't speak honestly about conditions that are impacting Black people.

I've lost respect for him because of that.

That's just how I see it...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Conspiracy To Shut Down Black America!!!

You don't see Black people on television. Not one show has an all Black line-up. The News that we get is largely constructed to form public opinion and being that the government controls the media; can one assess why even someone in the most distant parts of the world, have negative views of African Americans? It is by design. Everything negative that you see about US is "created" literally to construct social-engineering. Its intent: To maintain White Dominance.

You think this is a joke?

I invite you to read this posted on the Assata Shakur forum: There really is a media conspiracy against Black People - Assata Shakur Speaks - Hands Off Assata - Let's Get Free - Revolutionary - Pan-Africanism - Black On Purpose - Liberation - Forum

Where I live in Georgia, our local paper has a section called "Sound Off" in which people in the community can call and leave anonymous messages about anything that is bothering them. Well...I had been thinking about it for a long time, but I took the time to express how southern whites seem to think they can disrespect Black folks down here with absolute impunity. The arrogance, obnoxiousness and ignorance that many of them have toward African Americans is downright repugnant. Whether you go to the local Wal-Mart or the mall...McDonald's, etc., white folks have this audacity to presume they can talk or say anything to Black folks, whether they invite the interaction or not. I always tell folks that Georgia is a beautiful state, but Rednecks and that old Good 'Ol Boy system of the south f*ck it up.

I just spoke the truth to the paper...and I can't wait until my comments are published.

As relates to the country, I ask myself when...WHEN? Are Black people going to get angry? When are we going to wild out. The unemployment rate in and of itself calls for protest. Black people are losing their homes at record rates. Black males have dismal numbers in just about every category, yet, you dont' hear anything about our issues. Is it because we've become to lax and apathy has taken us over? Is it fear to SPEAK THE TRUTH? What?

Obama is not even addressing these issues and those advising him(mostly white) continue to convince him not confront our condition. I've lost respect for Obama and his cowardice is giving me reason to either support a different candidate in the upcoming election or actually sit out and not vote at all. This would be a travesty, but I'm disgusted with his administration.

Hell. Bill Clinton was awarded the moniker "The Nations First Black President" when he was in office because of his support and many programs he created to help the Black community and other minorities. He was honored to be given that title.

Obama, the brown man, doesn't even want to be considered as The Black President.

An irony?

Whatever it is, I am demanding that all of you start writing your congressman and telling them what is wrong in your community and exercising your right as a voter and American citizen to be treated with dignity and respect by those WE ELECT to represent us.

Those in the Tea Party were not afraid to do this.

Black America has no excuse.

Upcoming Changes To The Uppity Sistah...

Memo To Followers

As you can see, the Uppity Sistah has changed its look.  I decided to make a change in anticipation of upcoming ideas and other supports to the blog.   A Facebook page has been created so that you can invite your friends, family and others to join in discussions taken from the blog.  Link:!/pages/The-Uppity-Sistah/177323689004217?sk=wall

Change is always good.  It is a sign of evolution.  I'd like to take The Uppity Sistah broader--its context still focused on community issues, but also embracing a more world view.

I have a lot of things planned...and I encourage your support and also your ideas of what you'd like to see featured on The Uppity Sistah.

Stay tuned...

Blackvoices Is No Longer ABOUT US!!!

Well, on August 4, 2011, Blackvoices changes hands, yet again...this time, it has been added to The Huffington Post. AOL acquired The Huffington post this year and has decided to "cross-pollinate" the sights allowing white reporters from The Huffington Post to report on issues about Black America to Black Americans. Link:

Hmpf. Really?

Blackvoices was originally created by Barry Cooper. Link: Back in 1999, I became a member of Blackvoices and right away, I found my niche. Enthusiastically, I began to contribute topics and became a popular personality early one.

I signed on, using my old Screename, but quickly, I realized while navigating through the site, something was odd: you couldn't post topics. Instead, the new feature only allows comments to topics created either by Huffington Post staff or the old BVStaff. Is this political selection?

Quickly, I gave my two cents and told them exactly how I felt about this...either one believes in Freedom of Speech or not. How people communicate is relative. What is the purpose of having a site that contributors are not allowed to add to the discussion of the world as they see it? It offended me and I informed these "moderators" that I will not be contributing to the site at all. Of course, I received a message indicating that my post had to be "approved" first before it would be published.

I just shook my head...

What was special about Blackvoices is not only could we create interesting usernames, but the format allowed honest discussion.

The Huffington Post is not encouraging this at all. It may still be called Blackvoices, but the real agenda here is to (((WHITE WASH))) issues impacting the Black community and discouraging the freedom of expression of "real Black people."

This was a mistake.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Muscles, Tattoos and The UberPhallus!

Every day I go outside my house, I'm inundated with men, young and old ones who should know better, who seem to think that having extreme tattoos, big muscles and big d*cks is the only thing that matters in life.

I can't stand grungy looking men. It's really a turn-off.

Do men know that over 85% of women think that a well dressed man is more sexy than even a man with a lot of money.

How many guys have I seen driving nice cars...they holler at me, but honestly; if their game is not tight, they can't dress, are not intellectual and don't take care of themselves spiritually and physically--I'M NOT INTERESTED.

These dudes really think they're hot. Young men, especially, truly need image consulting. It's just ridiculous how some look in public. Pants hanging off of your ass is not attractive. It's OFFENSIVE!!! ((((HELLO!!!))))

Some folks just don't give a damn any more.

Black men used to be the epitome of style when I was coming up. Today...the way some of these young bruthas look, it's a wonder if any have any upbringing at all.

As a child, you wouldn't make it to the door the way some of these guys look.

Why would any self-respecting young woman even want to be seen with guys who look like this?

I'm sorry, but any woman that settles for this, can't have much love or respect for herself.

CLEAN IT UP, Gentleman!


Monday, August 1, 2011

On Facebook....Listening to Jazz...Thinking About Changes And Other Thangs

Low Steppin' by Lee Ritenour is playing...his guitar is smooth and I'm trying to keep cool. 

For the 10th time in two weeks, I've had to re-edit a document that I have to upload for publishing and I've just about had it.  However, Lee's guitar is keeping me cool.  At the same time, I have to create a banner for my e-store page and I can't seem to find a design that I like.

You just have to roll with the punches in life.

The past week was pretty good, but I've got a few co-workers who seem to be having some personal issues...and can't help but bring them to work.  It's one of my pet peeves and I know we all have problems, but I can't help someone who decides that somehow it's every one's responsibility to figure out what is wrong with them.  That's not fair and frankly, if they aren't talking about what is wrong with them...I'm not thinking about them.

I've got my own life and although I am a caring person; I simply will not become one of the lead protagonists in someone elses' psycho drama. 

Right now, I'm just thankful for another year--saw another birthday and I'm reflecting on the past as well as the future.  I do wish that I had done some things differently, but I'm hopeful for brighter tomorrows.

Life is what you make it...and I know that as long as you have faith in God, confidence in yourself and keep your focus, things will work out.

Yeah, I'm expecting some good things...and right now, that's all that matters.