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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blackvoices Is No Longer ABOUT US!!!

Well, on August 4, 2011, Blackvoices changes hands, yet again...this time, it has been added to The Huffington Post. AOL acquired The Huffington post this year and has decided to "cross-pollinate" the sights allowing white reporters from The Huffington Post to report on issues about Black America to Black Americans. Link:

Hmpf. Really?

Blackvoices was originally created by Barry Cooper. Link: Back in 1999, I became a member of Blackvoices and right away, I found my niche. Enthusiastically, I began to contribute topics and became a popular personality early one.

I signed on, using my old Screename, but quickly, I realized while navigating through the site, something was odd: you couldn't post topics. Instead, the new feature only allows comments to topics created either by Huffington Post staff or the old BVStaff. Is this political selection?

Quickly, I gave my two cents and told them exactly how I felt about this...either one believes in Freedom of Speech or not. How people communicate is relative. What is the purpose of having a site that contributors are not allowed to add to the discussion of the world as they see it? It offended me and I informed these "moderators" that I will not be contributing to the site at all. Of course, I received a message indicating that my post had to be "approved" first before it would be published.

I just shook my head...

What was special about Blackvoices is not only could we create interesting usernames, but the format allowed honest discussion.

The Huffington Post is not encouraging this at all. It may still be called Blackvoices, but the real agenda here is to (((WHITE WASH))) issues impacting the Black community and discouraging the freedom of expression of "real Black people."

This was a mistake.

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