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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Let My Ass Do My Talkin'!!!

 Hypothetical statement:

Ain't I cute...just look at my ass. I don't have to think or be smart, I just show you my ass. All the guys stop and stare...I'm all the rage, wherever I want to go, they pay my fare.

Don't hate ladies. Sorry you don't have it like me...but I'm a sexy Black woman and just let my ass do my talkin'.



All you ladies out there who are going to college or have degrees or you're
working girls, just trying to make it. It doesn't matter anymore if you
look at the current trends.

Women with big asses seem to be the shot callers and if you don't have a
round mound, just hang up the diploma because that's about all you'll
be able to brag about.

Seems like women have been reduced to only what's between their legs and how they look in a thong.
The dating game is fierce and this is what guys are going for.... They want chicks that can swing from stripper poles and do the nasty like nobody's business. Nice girls finish last, huh?

What is a nice, polite, young LADY to do?

Women just want to be hoes now days. What type of example is this for young girls?

What happened?

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