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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Search of Intelligent Black Minds...

Everyday I wake up, I thank the Lord. I get up, wash my face, and get dressed for my 9-5. But there is an aching in my soul to experience something deep. Something to expound my existence beyond space and time. I found Jesus at 5, but I'm still here and I have to wait to see him.

What I need right now is to be alive at the same time with individuals who can take thought and paint canvases with words as Picasso did with his brush.

Music is the background for all that I do. I hear sounds: drums, bass, horns, keyboards, flutes...and voices...beautiful voices. The beat begins. It makes the body move instantly. One sways back and forth. Fingers begin to pop. Hips begin to rock. The sound takes a hold of the listener and nothing else matters. Like Soul music once did.

This is the feeling that I want to have when I hear intelligence coming forth from the minds of those who dare to challenge our consciousness. I want to be moved beyond the restrictions of human emotion. I want to travel beyond time; experiencing the unwitnessed. Learning the secret knowledge of the heavenly realm.

Our intellectuals have been silent for quite some time and we miss them terribly.

For over a decade now, I've been pounding my thoughts in cyber and more recently in my new book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman.

With the hopes of igniting an intellectual fire and movement, not seen since the Harlem Renassaince.

We've been lethargic for over 3 decades and if you go by today's current crop of so called Black leaders; we don't THINK for ourselves anymore. Who are these people talking to? Haven't you ever wondered just where the truth about our community and the reality of our community actually connect?

Sometimes I feel like Black culture has been stalked, attacked and butchered by Jack the Ripper.

Lately, I've been reminiscing Soul. What was it? It was the pure expression of Black creativity, intellect and spiritual elevation, wrapped around revolution and frank communication from and to our people. We told it like it was.

Sometimes I feel like Black folks today are lost in space. Confused, dazed and hoodwinked by bling, floss and too much narcissism and ignorance.

How is it possible that Black parents are producing White Supremacists?

When will we elevate?

I'm hungry for this time. And I plan to be at the forefront when it finally comes alive.

White People Offended By BLACK THOUGHT!

Didn't know this, but apparently, there are some white folks who feel that freedom of speech only applies to them.

Casually, many Black people have experienced the occasional comment from "them" of how they felt that such and such was a racist for stating 1.) the absolute truth about a real life experience, and 2.) their perception of the matter. And my personal favorite: they get offended if you don't respond in the manner in which their white privilege demands, i.e., "you won't or don't date/marry "them." Sounding almost like a disgruntled dude or chick because you dumped them. They can't stand it when Black people let them have it.

We put up with white folks for the most part on a daily basis, but sometimes, you just get tired of their stupidity. Sometimes things just have to be said. You can't be subtle with some folks. White people really are so arrogant; it shocks them to the core of their being if someone, particularly "one of us" actually will tell them to their face what they really think of them.

The Audacity!

Hmmmm....wasn't it just a generation ago when white folks were callilng Black people apes and monkeys? Insulting our intelligence, all the while, not facing their own innate ignorance.

Our history on this planet completely dismisses the notion of Black people being inferior.

White people descended from Neanderthals. Black People descended from Homo-Sapiens--the highest species. But because of slavery; white historians, along with social engineering tactics, legal abuses, and the media, began to propogate our image as they saw us. So much so, even Black folks began to believe the lies about our people. Link:

However, through the strength of our own Black scholars; our true history was unmasked and it is to say, quite remarkable how much was stolen from Africa. But true to form, white acedamia resisted this with a passion, but hell, all anyone had to do was refer to the Greek scholars such as Pliny and Herodotus for clarity of the mighty history of Black people. African civilizations and influences are responsible for much of the development of Rome and Greece. It is a well known fact that the ancient Egyptians were Black:
But throughout much of the last 200 years in particular, this fact has tried to be expunged. However, God stepped in and a man named Cheikh Anta Diop dared challenge the presumptions (at best0 of European HIStory:

Black people should not feel inferior to anyone, and if white people get offended by the truth of what we say, I really don't give a damn.


As they love to tell us: GET OVER IT!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

****Open Invitation****

I was very young when I began writing.  Early on, I was encouraged by family, friends, teachers and those I've encountered on the many web discussion sites I've been a member of.

I was very young when I started writing and every step of my development people encouraged me: family, friends, teachers and even people on many discussion sites, mainly those I encountered on Blackvoices that encouraged me to write my book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman. It is an inspirational conversation book discussing bold issues impacting Black males and the impact on the Black community as a whole. The language is hip, frank and engrosses the reader. The book is so deep; you'll need oxygen after reading it.

So many people have been responding to the book--I'm humbled. 

I'd like to give my support of young, up and coming writers as well.

If you have a book that you have published or thinking about publishing, please click on this link to my blog and select "comments" to advertise it.  If you have a link for the cover image, just post it as well. 

Good luck to all of you.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Now On Kindle....

***Drum Roll***

For all of you Kindle users out there, my book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman can be downloaded now.

All of the support I've received is appreciated, but for those of you who truly want something to read that actually stimulates your mind: GET YOUR COPY TODAY!  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Being Black Does Not Require An Explanation...

Never in my entire life have I ever felt the need to defend who I am as well as my culture.

It seems as though every single day, the Black community is being targeted, challenged or violated by outsiders who do not have the intelligence to understand that our culture is not only rich, but diverse. Black culture has impacted every single aspect of American society and our achievements are worthy of worship as well as RESPECT for those who take the time to do their homework. Our history is rich and deserves proper research.

And just who makes up our community? Some are born Americans, others have roots in the Caribbean and Africa, Europe and even parts of Latin America.
Last week, I had to chastise a font here who had the temerity to put up a chart with statistics(subjective) about Black people. How many times have we seen this? The statement is prefaced by "said statistics" that indicate this, that or the other...about whatever. And then invite pseudo discourse.

It's insulting.

As I stated to this font: Is it a result of conditioning or basic ignorance that non Blacks typically love to post negative statistical information without the balance of actual analysis of: 1.) The accuracy of the information. 2.) The source of the information.  And 3.) The intent of the information?

Anyone who knows anything about statistics can tell you that the government controls information and thus; can influence public policy. It's a known fact that a lot of the information about Black people is forged/made up to cause division.

Psychological domination is well documented and the purpose is a covert manipulation of facts to influence the mind of African Americans to dissuade unity, and cultural cohesion. Basically, this government is afraid of BLACK POWER. And directly controls the information to hinder it by any means necessary.

This link is very informational and illustrates my point:
Number one, Black people didn't invent crime, social ills, hatred, violence and economic issues, but we sure as hell have been the victims.

What irks me is that those who like to quote these phony numbers do not realize their own collusion with those who have malevolent purposes for reporting such negative information.

Anyone with a hint of common sense should see the deception, but many in this country are intellectually deficient and this is known and acted upon by those in positions of power.

I am an intellectual gangster by design and I am programmed to dismantle untruths that have been concocted to destroy my people.

Closed minds don't get fed.

Being Black and proud does not require and explanation--It is a DECLARATION!


Get your copy!!! A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman is now available at: and Come check out my blog: The Uppity Sistah! at:

Talk Back! Your Feedback Is Appreciated!

Hello to all who visit my blog.

I'd like to extend an invitation to give your feedback on my commentaries. 

I'll respect your opinions and you don't have to agree with me--just hear what I'm saying.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chicago History: Black Gangster Disciples>Criminals or Visionairies?

Black Gangster Disciples

Growing up in the city of Chicago, everyone knew who the Black Gangster Disciples were. Their history is well known nationally and internationally, but who are they really?
Some of the Disciple Nation under David Barksdale’s leadership were: Devit’s Disciples, Falcon Disciples, Royal Disciples, Renegade Disciples, Executioner Disciples, Boss Pimp disciples, East Side Disciples, Sircon Disciples, Motown Disciples, Dutchtown Disciples, Gonzato Disciples, Six-Tray Disciples, Maniac Disciples and four-Tray Disciples. Also during this period of time, David Barksdale controlled the Del Vikings, the Black Souls, and the West Side Cobras.

Some of the branches of the Gangster Nation under Larry Hoover’s leadership were: The Supreme Gangsters (the first branch was considered to be the father of the gangster nation), Imperial Gangsters, African Sniper Gangsters, Raven Gangsters, High Supreme Gangsters, Russian Gangsters, Maniac Gangsters, Mafia Gangsters , 75th Street Syndicate Gangsters, Outlaw Gangsters, 95th Street Supreme Gangsters, the Dells Gangsters, West Side Suprem Gangsters, Racketeer Gangsters, East side Syndicate Gangsters, Gent town Gangsters, and the Black Pimp Gangsters of the West Side.

David Barksdale

Everybody in the City of Chicago who as a Disciple or a Gangster was under the leadership of David Barksdale or Larry Hoover, respectively. Up until that point in our history, no one in an organization had ever been referred to as a “King.”

At the time, the Vice Lords, the Blackstone Rangers (Stones) and the Disciples were the three major gangs (street organizations) in the City of Chicago. In terms of membership numbers and organizational structure, the Vice Lords were the first major gang in the Lawndale area. Some of the businesses that they opened were a Restaurant, clothing boutiques, Tastee Freeze, pool room, Teen Town Dance Studio and an art studio. In addition they offered many programs for the benefit of the community.The Vice Lords reached their peak between the years 1957 and 1967. They were the father of the “Super Gangs: and had their origin on the west side of Chicago. They were the forerunners of the concept of changing street gangs into organizations.

In the years 1963 and 1964, two southside street gangs started to take a form that would eventually evolve into two of the most powerful street organizations in Chicago. They were the Blackstone Rangers and the Black Disciples. During the reign of these two organizations, the Blackstone Rangers were believed to be the most organized because they held national recognition, support from prominent business men, entertainers, and politicians. They entered into business ventures with the late Sammy Davis Jr. and had the support of W. Clement Stone, a self-made millionaire and business entrepreneur. However, one of the most impressive displays of political power and community importance of a street organization came when Jeff Fort, leader of the Blackstone Rangers, was invited to the late Richard Nixon’s inauguration.
The Blackstone Rangers were originally founded by Eugene Hairston and Jeff Fort. Under Jeff Fort’s leadership they prospered and changed their organization’s name to “the Black P. Stone Nation” and eventually they became known as “the El Rukns.”

David Barksdale, the leader of the Black Disciple Nation, had an organization that was comparable to the Blackstone Rangers. Although he did not receive the same amount of national recognition, he was well known through the City of Chicago and was respected by his friends and feared by his foes. At the time, David Barksdale was the most revered street gang organizer in Chicago.

On the other hand, amongst these two major street organizations on the southside of Chicago were the Gangster: A young street organization striving for a place of high recognition and respect in the City of Chicago. The Blackstone Rangers and the Black Disciple Nation were vying to bring the Gangsters in as part of their respective organizations. Jeff Fort, as leader of the Black P. Stone nation, brought Larry Hoover an offer to incorporate the Gangsters as part of the Black P. Stone Nation’s structure as Gangster Stones and offered Hoover the less favorable position as an ambassador within the Black P. Stone Nation. In Hoover’s mind, such a merger would swallow up the Gangster identity. Therefore Hoover declined.
When Jeff Fort offered Hoover the opportunity to incorporate, he was unaware of just how strong the Gangsters were rapidly becoming. With branches of Gangsters throughout Chicago, Hoover’s empire had reached the Morgan Park area on the southwest side, across 95th Street and well into the far-south edges of the City. The Gangsters swelled from Ashland and Halsted on the west to Cottage Grove on the east. Pockets of Gangsters were scattered throughout every district on the southside of Chicago and membership was rapidly growing on the West side. Larry Hoover had put together the Black Gangster Disciple Nation, which would vie for power and battle the Stones and Disciples for years to come.

In January 1969, David Barksdale, leader of the Disciple Nation, developed a broader vision about the mission and purpose of street organizations (commonly referred to as “street gangs”). In essence, David was tired of the senseless violence and mayhem that was destroying the black community because of street gangs’ warfare. He struggled with the idea of how to bring an end to the constant gang warfare that existed between the Disciples and the Gangsters. He realized that such a state of existence would only bring about self-destruction in the lives of ghetto youth. Therefore, he made an offer that Hoover could not refuse. David proposed merging the two organizations with Hoover sharing equal power. From that merger, THE BLACK GANGSTER DISCIPLE NATION was born. This began the era of “Kings.”

Larry Hoover is nationally and internationally known as perhaps one of the greatest street gang leaders in U.S. history. In the 1980s, Hoover proclaimed a "new concept" of organizing the BGDN on corporate lines and became the "Chairman of the Board." He stressed education, economic development and political involvement, and eventually renamed the Black Gangsters "Growth and Development." It was his manifesto, but highly clever. Larry Hoover is an undisputed mastermind.  Link:

Not since the days of Al Capone had Chicago seen such a man with as much power and influence as Hoover. A natural leader; his true power was that he could convince a man to either do right...or do wrong. He is currently serving a life sentence in Colorado Supermax prison.

The Black Gangsta Disciple's infamy is legendary. The first rule of the Disciples is Secrecy and Silence. However, given the strength of their past leadership, their membership boasts in the city of Chicago around 50-75,000 members. Nationally, about 250,000 and internationally, it's estimated that their are over 600,000 members.

Gangster Disciples are in the U.S. military and there have been reports of actual gang graffiti seen on bases as far as Iraq.

Ask anyone from Chicago, the GD's are no joke. The FBI takes them very seriously, and I have to ask this question: if such intelligent young men can form organizations as organized as this; why can't anyone motivate them to take this natural talent and use it for something positive.
Are they criminals or unconventional visionaries?

Someone once said that the richest place on earth is not a gold or diamond mine--it is a cemetery. Why? Because cemeteries are filled with people who never lived up to their potential.

People keep talking about the violence in Chicago, but hell, Chicago has always had a violent past--pick a decade.
Many lives have been lost to gang violence. Where was the media concern over 40 years ago?
Why can't gangs be eliminated?

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