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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Search of Intelligent Black Minds...

Everyday I wake up, I thank the Lord. I get up, wash my face, and get dressed for my 9-5. But there is an aching in my soul to experience something deep. Something to expound my existence beyond space and time. I found Jesus at 5, but I'm still here and I have to wait to see him.

What I need right now is to be alive at the same time with individuals who can take thought and paint canvases with words as Picasso did with his brush.

Music is the background for all that I do. I hear sounds: drums, bass, horns, keyboards, flutes...and voices...beautiful voices. The beat begins. It makes the body move instantly. One sways back and forth. Fingers begin to pop. Hips begin to rock. The sound takes a hold of the listener and nothing else matters. Like Soul music once did.

This is the feeling that I want to have when I hear intelligence coming forth from the minds of those who dare to challenge our consciousness. I want to be moved beyond the restrictions of human emotion. I want to travel beyond time; experiencing the unwitnessed. Learning the secret knowledge of the heavenly realm.

Our intellectuals have been silent for quite some time and we miss them terribly.

For over a decade now, I've been pounding my thoughts in cyber and more recently in my new book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman.

With the hopes of igniting an intellectual fire and movement, not seen since the Harlem Renassaince.

We've been lethargic for over 3 decades and if you go by today's current crop of so called Black leaders; we don't THINK for ourselves anymore. Who are these people talking to? Haven't you ever wondered just where the truth about our community and the reality of our community actually connect?

Sometimes I feel like Black culture has been stalked, attacked and butchered by Jack the Ripper.

Lately, I've been reminiscing Soul. What was it? It was the pure expression of Black creativity, intellect and spiritual elevation, wrapped around revolution and frank communication from and to our people. We told it like it was.

Sometimes I feel like Black folks today are lost in space. Confused, dazed and hoodwinked by bling, floss and too much narcissism and ignorance.

How is it possible that Black parents are producing White Supremacists?

When will we elevate?

I'm hungry for this time. And I plan to be at the forefront when it finally comes alive.


Downunderbrutha said...

I hear you loud & clear I have become a little depressed of late, what's brought this on is looking at my children. They come from such a rich heritage of traditional cultures, yet all they crave is the "white mans" exploitation system called "modern civilization".

In finding blogs such as your own it does help keep some hope alive that there is more of us out there, & it inspires me to see some dialog amongst strong "black thinkers".

I would urge you stay strong in your faith sista, we are the strongest people having survived a 1000 years or more of attempts to wipe us out. We succesfuly spread or race around the planet adapting to every environment on the planet, hell we even gave rise to white man ( as much as he hates this truth )

The Uppity Sistah! said...

This is why I created my blog.

There needs to be a conscious voice out there letting our people know that there are many of us who are still on the front lines of this battle.

As a people, we're still healing from the impact of slavery.

One of the greatest challenges for us right now is our identity. It's how we're being attacked.

When I look at all of these biracial children; I just feel a sense of embarrassment, dread and irritation. Many Blacks in these unions are not well psychologically and they pass this onto their offspring. How can you love yourself if you hate or avoid the one thing that reminds you of who you truly are?

There is no white person on this earth that can make up for all the evil they have done to not only our people; but worldwide.

I'm just a messenger and I do hope that people are getting the message.