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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Deconstruction of The Enslaved Black Mind...

Africa.  The beginning of everything--the birthplace of man.  On this great continent, civilizations emerged that were so great; their majesty, ingenuity, and brilliance would influence all civilizations and cultures of the earth.

The early Greeks would refer to these civilizations with awe and admiration.  "The Land of The Blacks" would be prefaced in every recording.  They were dark, beautiful and unique people, referring to themselves as children kissed by the sun, who were envied and admired around the globe.  Nubia.  Ethiopia and Egypt spawned the most celebrated kings and queens that ever lived.  Scholars, early men of science, mathematicians, strategists, and personalities that would defy human potential, would be the success models for all the world.  Africa birthed the first genius, Imhotep  He also was the world's first architect.  His accomplishments would make even the most scholarly person seem like a slacker.  The greatest woman pharoah--A Black woman, Queen Hatshepsut  was so great in her accomplishments, she called herself pharaoh.  Menes, Ramses, Akhenaten,Tutankhamen, Cleopatra, et al.  Their wealth and glory would capture the imaginations of men for millenniums. 

In silence, I sit in my living room--envisioning such wonders of how once upon a time...Black people ruled the earth.  Their kingdoms would be admired and challenged by lesser nations; but it is very clear to all the scholars of the ages: Africa set the example of what power really looked like. 

The achievements of ancient Black people were so great in their minds--they had the attention of those civilizations that would not only borrow from them culturally in every facet, but whose own civilizations would be modeled after them. 

The African American only knows of himself as the descendant of slaves.  Many of those slaves were once royalty before being captured.  They were bound and chained on that first ship to the Americas--dreaming of a time when they were once free...yet traveling to worlds unknown--strangers; their past glory forgotten. 

How do you make one a slave?  First, you take away their freedom, then their language, their history,  and distort the image they have of themselves.  This is what was done to those first Africans.  Their heritage was stolen from them in order to control their minds.  Anyone that can control one's mind, can control the individual.  It was all about power.  White slave masters prohibited slaves from learning anything about their past. Reading was illegal and if a slave was caught with a book; he or she could be punished severely.

Memory replacement was used to divide and conquer Black people.  What is memory replacement.  Literally, it is when you take away someone's identity and brainwash a false identity into their mind.    White history would be infused into the minds of these Black slaves.  All knowledge of Africa and its contributions would be deliberately covered up.  Divide and conquer was the tactic used against the helpless Black slave.  Young against old.  Male against female.  The house slave against the field slave.  And the miscegenation that took place was not only the white slave master imposing his power over a weak Black female; this was also to create an extension of slaves that could be used to infuse even a more deviant tactic; skin color differentiations that would further divide the slaves from being unified.  They were pitted against one another in order to weaken them.  You see...the greatest fear that whites had and still have is for Black people to be empowered and gain economic, political and social power.  Thus, it was necessary to use machination as this in order to create psychological impediments that would make the slave distrust his brethren, in order to retain white power.  As long as whites could control the mind of the slave--the slave would remain powerless and would not resist or challenge the authority of white supremacy.
And it is because of this very tactic, Black people around the world act as they do towards one another.  This behavior has been perpetuated in 4 generations of Black Americans and it is the very reason why self-hate is being exhibited through the behaviors and actions of Black people across the globe.  Everywhere you look, there is a legacy of slavery.  The negative associations and images that are transmitted visually about Black people are deliberate.  These distorted images are imposed on the psyches of our people.  Our forebearers would pass on many of these mental viruses subconsciously and it is with urgency that Black people begin to re embrace with their heritage and divest itself of white culture. Because frankly, it is killing many and the damage being done is giving our enemy the upper hand.

The only way to correct this is to reconnect to our African past>>>and link up with Africa today.  We must relearn our history and teach our young about their people and where they come from. The contributions of African Americans/Africans are immense.  Success runs in our race.  It is our responsibility to claim our heritage--own our history and control our own image.  Never again should we allow the lies, hatred and ignorance of our enemy to become our reality.

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!!   When we begin to walk in that knowledge, we can hold our heads up high and be bold in our glory without apology.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Am I Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to work all day.  However, my family is cooking a lot of food and I've been invited out.  I'm thankful that someone is thinking about me.

This year has been tough on me financially, but I'm thankful for having a steady job in this economy, family that cares for me...and my health and strength.

Yes, there are a lot of things that I'd like to have right now, but the goal and directive RIGHT NOW is to GET OUT OF DEBT!  I'm thankful that I can payoff what I have right now in less than 6 months...and this is going to be a reality.

Everything that happens to you in your life is to educate, strengthen and mature you.

I'm thankful that my life is promising and I see bright tomorrows.

People complain so much these days and take so much for granted.  Things may not be the way you want them...but time will smooth them out.  It's the journey that is most important and where it leads.

So today, as I make my rounds today, I'll stop and reflect about just how blessed I am and thank God for having my back each and every single day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Call For Black People...TO WAKE UP!!!

The catch slogan for a number of years now has been: RACE DOESN'T MATTER. My rebuttal to that? Since when?

The recent beating the Democrats took at the polls by Tea Party candidates indicated that oh hell yeah! Race still matters to white folks and when it finally sunk in at the fact that in less than 30 years, they are going to be the minority; they didn't hesitate to vote because the candidates were white.

Power is something that Black people have but don't know how to use. White folks have killed for power all of their existence and they are showing, yet again; when their interests are threatened; they will rally around the battle cry of WHITE POWER and have no concern with how it's viewed by those who are still in their arrogant minds, undesireable, and who don't really matter to them.

Why do Black people continue to be weak and silent in the face of white bigotry? Why do some still fear white people that they won't even put up a fight?

The sixties have been over for a long time. However, racism is not a thing of the past and Black people need to WAKE UP! Too many are sitting on the sidelines, acting as if some fairy is supposed to appear with a magic wand and just make all of our troubles disappear. If we don't care enough to fight for what is important to us; don't expect others to do it for us. You gotta make yourself and your issues matter.

Currently, Blacks are suffering 20.9 percent unemployment compared to the national average and are losing their homes and wealth at a far greater rate than whites. Yet, it's White America that has become the face of the economic downturn and are the ones the media is focusing on. This shapes perception and perception thus becomes reality in mainstream America. We must get our issues on the table and control the media focus.

I voted for Barack Obama because I really thought he'd make a difference, but what I've seen of the POTUS is literally a man who is brownskinned, married to a Black wife; but he has no connection to what the Black Experience is and only gives speeches about things that he has only read about--not experienced.

It's time for Black America to stand up and WAKE UP!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Will The Real Barack Obama Please...STAND UP!!!

The beating that the Democrats took at the polls, signaled to many folks, an end to the allure, motivation and premise behind the Change You Can Believe In mantra of Barack Obama.

What happened?

To be truthful, I voted for him with high expectations that this country would for once, be on track to reclaim its glory and leadership in the world.  But what I've seen of the Obama administration is a fuddled mess.  Yes, Healthcare got passed.  But do people realize that this only was a ploy to get 32 million people to buy defective insurance products in which "chumps" in the Middle class would have to pay for?  After the reform bill was passed, the insurance companies' stock grew--which would indicate that they were in on some kind of deal.  They convinced Obama to abandon his campaign promise of enacting the "public option" which would have brought down the cost of healthcare.

Seriously, I have been doing some serious thinking and I honestly feel that Barack Obama is a weak man.   The truth of the matter, he made deals in order to get elected and now that the Republicans have regained power, the rich elite that helped get him elected, don't need him anymore.  And it is the wealthy elite who own all of this country's resources and control its power that make the decisions in this country, like it or not.

To understand the details of this conversation, I've posted this link:

Barack Obama betrayed his base.  And for the next two years, it will be interesting to see just how he performs, knowing...that he has been used up.

The very people that brought down the economy, have reclaimed the mantles of power...and he has no one to blame but himself for that.

We got hoodwinked!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Should Blacks Respond To The Tea Party?

Just Curious, but if there was a Town Hall Meeting sponsored by one of the networks encouraging Black America to speak out to the Tea Party; what would some of you say?

By now...everyone knows that the Democratic candidates country wide got trounced by the Republicans.

On Tom Joyner this morning, they were discussing the election turn out with Roland Martin and it was agreed that Obama simply did not do enough to keep his base motivated. The Republicans/Tea Party motivated their base and this is why the Democrats--nationwide, got their asses kicked. Roland also said that Blacks could have made the difference in many elections, and the impetus point was that Obama failed at keeping his base motivated--particularly Black people.

Can I just keep it real? Obama kissed white folks asses, dissed the issues of Black America, but thought he could come out the last 30 days before the election and motivate folks to vote Democratic. Does he even realize how many white Democrats turned on him?

Come on naw...

Is this a WeToldYouSo moment?

In my honest opinion, the Tea Party should never have been allowed to gain momentum.  Let's be real about it...the entire movement is based in WHITE NATIONALISM and their display--to ad nauseum; of deep pathological narcissism and the innate fear and hatred of Black people in general when it concerns their own welfare.

Blacks and Latinos have the highest unemployment rate, but what face is being promoted as the poster image for the economic crisis?  White folks down and out.  It sold like Dial soap after a mud bath to White America and Obama allowed it.
Funny, I saw this show on MSNBC and the host of the Show....had (4) Teabagger's on the show. He asked them all to give examples specifically as they saw it, as being the root problem in America.....and all of them said:  Obama is a socialist.  Then the host asked them, was Social Security a Social program......and did they want to do away with Social Security? (3) of the teabagger's didn't know how to respond.....One of them said YES Social Security is a social program. Then the host said...Obama didn't create Social Security, so why are you calling him a Socialist?  None of them knew how to respond.

And adding to this, how can we forget the ridiculous "I'm not a witch" ad by Christine O'Donnell.  These are just a few glaring examples of what is going to Washington and who will be representing the people of various districts and states around the country. 

Frankly, I think their ignorance should be exposed.

These people don't even realize that they have helped the very people that put them in the poor house. It's an age old tactic by the elite to incite fear amongst poor whites in order to keep their power.

One of the books I recommend for people to read is Al Gore's Assault On Reason in which he explains exactly how this is done.

It's a a game...ladies and gentleman. And how well you do...depends on how well you play the game. And rich people PLAY THE GAME to WIN always.

Now...tell me: Who got played?

What does this mean for Obama?

For two years, the Tea Party movement has gained momentum and the polls indicated just how effective they have been in sparking doubt, fear and misinformation amongst mostly white, and racist elements within their party.

What has struck me most though is just how quiet the Black community has been.  I find this troubling and I challenge Black people with the following: Confront this movement!!!!

The first questions I'd ask is 1.) Why are so many white people angry at Obama when it was white men who almost destroyed the world's economy in the first place? 2.) And just how many are really mad because they presumed that having white skin alone would protect them from struggle? 3.) They keep calling Obama a socialist. However, social security and Medicare are social programs. Obama didn't create them. Thus, how many of them will be giving back their social security checks?

A Conundrum?

I'd be most anxious to see the responses.

Sometimes the right question has to be asked in order to get to the real TRUTH.

This is a show down that needs to take place!

Think . Type . Post .