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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Depravity of White People in America And Abroad!

For over 400 years in America Black people have endured the hatred, abuse, exploitation and character and image humiliation by whites.  We prayed, shouted, raged, and cried as to why these people chose us to oppress.
They are by far an evil race.  Malcolm X did not lie about that.   He once stated in one of his speeches that by their very nature, white people were evil and depraved.  Just study European history.  
Yet, white people love to demonize us.  They talk about how many are locked up in the prisons, albeit dismissing the bias that put many Black men in particular behind bars. However, I was always taught that those who condemn, typically have a lot to hide.
When you look at history, it's not just slavery that condemns whites, but their every day behavior.   
I'd like to know present a collage of images and links that highlight this depravity and ask those here to dare to challenge those racists who seem to dismiss their behavior, yet, continue to point fingers at us.
However, I'm a very observant person and I'd like to expose some headlines that many people may have missed that truly expose the innate sickness that dwells in all whites--even to their own denial.
This man raped a baby and videotaped it

Beastiality (sleeping with animals)
Woman on Probation for Soliciting a Dog for Sex Accidentally Jailed
Woman trains dogs to have sex with humans
The Woman Who Trains Dogs to Have Sex with Humans (NSFW)READ WITH CAUTION. VIA  VICE.

Meet Anna, a Ukrainian prostitute who is originally from Odessa, but…View Postshared via
Incest and Cruelty
Actor Neil Patrick Harris Kisses Dog On Tony's
Post image for Watch: Tony Awards: Neil Patrick Harris And Sandy, The Dog From ‘Annie’ Kiss (Video)
I think you all get the point.
The last story I have is actually one that is personal.  About 10 years ago, I was told by a white coworker that one Thanksgiving after she took out the turkey to cool, she left it on the counter in the kitchen.  The next thing she heard was a big crash.  Going back in to the kitchen; the family dog had got to it and was literally eating it on the floor.  She grabbed the dog and wrestled the turkey out of its mouth, put it back in the pan--repairing  it as best she could--AND THEN SERVED IT.
And some people wonder what is the deal with white people and dogs.
All I can say is that I don't have to post any lynch photos, post pictures and stories of the numerous serial killers, mass shootings, domestic terrorist behavior (Unibomber, Timothy McVeigh) just observe the violence and behavior white folks today--it's something deep in these people that make them do sick things.  Frankly, I feel they have a serious spiritual deficit--which provokes this kind of behavior in them.
If pictures are more than a thousand words; they are in no moral position to judge anyone.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Might Be My Last Post!

I have a new blog on Word Press.  If you like this blog, you are more than welcome to come to it. Visit me at:

I've been doing a lot of thinking in the coming days and I've simply out grown this forum.  The Uppity Sistah was a concept that I came up with to discuss topics and points of view too blunt for mainstream boards.  It was very cathartic in the beginning, but as usual, I've begun to feel as though I need to go in another direction, and I'm also busy at work on my second novel.

However, I'll let you decide it I should pull the plug.

Just leave a comment here.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

African Americans Are Tired of Obama's Scolding Lectures!

Good Morning, I got a lot on my mind today. Trending right now: President Obama's Speech to Morehouse College. Can I just say, Arrrrgggg!?!?!?! Seriously, I'm starting to dislike President Barack Obama. I voted for him on principal--not because I liked him, thus, when he does something or says something that I feel needs to be challenged; I will hold him accountable. Case in point:

His Speech to Morehouse College graduates.

Will it ever be a time when group of young Black men can come together to celebrate without having to cringe, at yet another individual,who made the casual mistake of seeing them as criminals or children that need to be scolded, as opposed to congratulating them for accomplishing the hopes and dreams they set out to do? Obama all but waived his finger at these young men. I found his speech, presumptive, condescending and ignorant of whom was in the audience. Imagine telling such a hard-working group of men that they need to "stay on the grind." As if theywere slacking. He fed into large held stereotypes of Black men that are viewed by white people. 

I wonder if he would have spoken to a group of white students this way at traditionally Ivy League Alma Maters?

I have several relatives that graduated from Morehouse College and the gall f the president to speak to these young men as though they were criminals rather than young men who will one day be the captains of industry; all but led this gal to consider that they might have just as well had the Grandmaster of the Klu Klux Klan give the commencement address. 

President Obama needs to be called out for this. And it's high time Black people stop giving him a pass.

Frankly, I and a lot of other people are getting tired of listening to these tired, finger-pointing speeches the President seems to give whenever he's in front of Black audiences. We're tired of getting lectured. Black people aren't the ones committing terrorists acts, mass shootings, and we certainly aren't the ones who messed up this economy.

Speech:  You be the judge:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Love Being of African Heritage!


Oh, Yes I do!

There's no trace of inferiority in me. None.

Slavery was not the beginning of the Black race--it was an interruption of what truly was a magnificent beginning.

Did you know that much of the Bible is talking about Africans? Some folks are ignorant of this because of the sinister infusion of race/racism of biblical teaching that has permeated the world. All one has to do is study history and geography to smash the lies told about Black people.

Let's face it; it's easier to get many Black people to watch the Kardashians rather than read books that tell us who we truly are. It's like deep within a few; their subconscious can't accept anything which infuses any type of pride. Too many Black people today are willfully indigent, when it comes to points of intellect about Africa, and our history as a people.

White power is not capable without the participation, and sadly, the cooperation of co-conspirators within the psyches of our people.

I've never been afraid of white folks--and would laugh right in the face of a White supremacist.

Look at the books, white people are descended from Neanderthals, Black people are descended from Homo-Sapiens (the highest species). What does that tell you? Yet, white people think they are superior. If many really knew what Neanderthals really were, and how they lived; they'd know concretely that white supremacy is a presumption--not a fact. Neanderthals were cannibals.

However, the history that has been fed to the world is that of a white supremacist mindset. But! Black Scholars can refute most white scholars about history today. All one has to do is look at the time frame in which history books elevate European culture; when learning Black/African history, one will clearly see the gaps. A lot was wiped out. Why? And just what happened?

There is no excuse for any Black person on this earth to be ashamed of who they are. None whatsoever.

We as a people, are more than just soundbites in history; AFRICA was the BEGINNING of all that has become.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

If You're Good At Anything--EXPECT To Be Hated!

Can we just be real today?

Many of you are in college and you're busy at work on your future careers. However, some of you are still trying to figure out what your path should be.

However, there are those rare people who just seem to be extremely driven, focused and determined to achieve success. When they do, one of the things that they discover is how often even family and friends treat them.

Let's just face it: folks really do have a crabs-in-a-barrel mentality and can't stand to see other people succeed.

Are you going through that? Or do you know someone who is?

Only YOU can make your life work. It's no one else's responsibility if you fail. You get exactly what you settle for in life.

Sometimes it's the people that some hang around that stifle their growth. Other times, it's the lack of confidence, discipline and hard work that is necessary.

I'm one of the few people in the world who actually love to brag about other people succeeding--especially if I know them. I'm a natural motivator and it just gets me hyped to see a person achieving in life.

But that's rare...however, I'd like to encourage those here who are trying to achieve something in life--hold on to your dreams, believe in yourself and don't allow the petty HATE of slackers get you down.

Just remember, Jesus was hated too--and he was perfect.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Never BIG UP My Mixed Ancestry....

For many years, I can't tell you how many times I've had people look at me and literally say, "are you mixed?" I've been asked if I was Creole or mixed with American Indian by African Americans. Some Latinos assumed I was Puerto Rican or something. One Mexican guy insisted that I was mixed in a conversation with his wife.

But the question I ask: How can you know if someone has mixed ancestry by looking at them? Only DNA can verify that for sure...and really, for those of us who are of African descent; having this kind of background gives those within the culture a false sense of superiority--foolishly thinking it will give ingratiate them with whites.

For the record, I do have American Indian, European, and Latin in my ancestry, but I identify as African American. That's it. Other than here, I just don't talk about it. I'm completely indifferent about it. My mind is focused on social issues impacting African Americans and others of African descent. Not superficial hegemony and phenotype that in many regards, has been a curse to Black people than a blessing.

When President Obama's heritage was reported, all of a sudden, websites around the globe appeared to empower mixed race children to higher pursuits. Really? Isn't this an oxymoron, historically? It's well documented how white slave masters would educate their mullato offspring. These children were often treated better by whites. In America, it would shock people who call themselves Black (even those Blacks with only an 1/8 of African blood)--the one drop rule, but when the government changed the racial classification in 2000, allowing people to claim other racial/ethnic origins; it distorted this rule all together.

However, I'm very proud by nature and I resent anyone trying to pull the skin game when interacting or representing my community to whites.

The problem with many Black people is not that we were born of African origins; it's that so many still believe that we are inferior because of it.

I thank God every single day for blessing me to be a Black woman.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gay Marriage is An Oxymoron!

Like many people; I've reached my limit with the gay marriage debate and I'm just going to speak my mind. In my honest opinion, it's a farce. Why? Because for the simple fact that most gay/lesbian unions in and of itself are "hook-ups" not relationships, as is being perpetrated in the media of late. The gay community is playing the "victim" with great strategy: guilt the public into thinking that our way of life(heterosexual marriage) is wrong to their benefit. Most gay/lesbian unions are not monogamous; they are open and are not celibate at all.

As the old rap song went: "Don't believe the hype."

First of all, the gay marriage debate is a farce. Why? Because it's not really about "rights" it is and always has been about SEX. Basically, they want to feel validated to have it with whom they choose and how much they desire.

Do they really care about SS or insurance, pension plans, health care, et al? All you have to do is sign a joint tenancy agreement or leave a trust for your partner if this were about the transference of benefits and property. They contend that being allowed to marry gives them the same rights of the heterosexual married community, but honestly, anyone that understands contract law and civil unions, knows full well that all one has to do is sign a joint tenancy agreement if this were really an issue of benefits and property being transferred upon death.

And if someone dares ask you what your opinion is on gay marriage; the proper response should be: your opinion doesn't matter at all in cases of free will.

As the old rap song went: "Don't believe the hype."

The institution of marriage is being targeted by the gay and lesbian community mainly because of their opposition to the Christian definition of marriage. It's well known how many from the gay community challenge the Bible's definition of of marriage and its condemnation of their lifestyle choice. The bottom line here is that you can't produce life from gay/lesbian unions without bio-tampering (invetro-insemination). IT'S NOT NATURAL and with all due frankness; homosexuality is sexual retardation.

Wanna know what I'd ask a gay/lesbian couple? If they think it's ok to marry the same gender; would they also consider a dog to impregnate a cat?

I'd love to see the look on their faces

That's the real truth here and I'll challenge anyone to say otherwise.

*Stand for something of FALL FOR ANYTHING.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beyonce Is A Controlled Mannequin!

For over 15 years, the public has been inundated with images of Beyonce. When she was the lead singer in Destiny's Child; the public was being groomed to receive her when she went solo. They denied it at first, but it was clear with all of the replacements that occurred within the group. Sacrifices for the fame of this dame. Her daddy took no prisoners. When she went solo; Crazy In Love launched her solo career--to hell with Kelly and Michelle. 

Let's be real, Beyonce's meteoric rise to the top has been the talk of the industry. She has no equal--none that is allowed, but when I look into this woman's eyes; I see emptiness. 

Some people are sick of her (raising hands). If this child disappears for 10 years, I will be one happy child. The word overexposed is appropriate.

She's had a charmed life, but at what price?

However, I just don't feel Ms. Beyonce's soul. There's just nothing there--yet she claims to be a Christian. Really? And just how many souls did she lead to Christ with the song Bootylicious?

Now, the new controversy behind her song, Bow Down has everyone talking.

Some are shocked at the duplicitous message within her image and the lyrics. I'm not. 

If you're not honest about who you really are; contradictions will expose your true nature.

For a long time, I've had a dark premonition about Beyonce. I feel this is the beginning of a steep fall. 

We've seen it before...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

***Special Bulletin!*** Lil Kim: The Face of SELF-HATE!

Please Read:

When I first heard the news about Lil Kim's latest plastic surgery and then saw the photos; I went into complete shock. She looked horrible.  What is going on inside of Lil Kim? These questions just rolled through my brain and then it all came rushing back to 1995 in her first Vibe issue: I'll never forget it.  During the interview; she was talking about the guys where she lived in Brooklyn and the subject turned to dating.  Lil Kim's direct statements were that the "guys where she lived all like the light-skinned girls."  And this in a nutshell is what her facial surgeries are about.  She's trying to look like the girls that got the guys she wanted to date.  When she got the first surgery, Kim stated that she wanted to look like a "Black Pamela Sue Anderson."

All of us saw how Micheal Jackson distorted his face with plastic surgery--and destroyed himself in the end.  But it all started with a comment that he heard a fan say when he and his brothers were touring.  They were in a hotel and were trying to hide from the screaming young teen girls, when all of a sudden; they were spotted in the hotel lobby.  According to Michael in an interview later in life, he said that one of the girls said, "Is that him?  He's ugly."  And hence; this was the catalyst that changed how he saw himself forever.

And let us not forget the late Dr. Donda West who was very uncomfortable with how she looked and was talked into plastic surgery by her son, Kanye West.  It killed her.  A tragedy indeed.  But the big question has to be asked: How could such an accomplished woman feel so insecure about herself to the degree that she would not check the credentials of the surgeon who performed the procedure on her that would eventually kill her?

What does all of this say?

For most African Americans, the subject of plastic surgery is very taboo.  Many feel it's a thing for insecure white folks.  But when you see the negative impact this is beginning to have on many people in the African American community; there is a subliminal message being sent and far too many of us aren't understanding the damage of images we see daily on television programs, ad commercials, billboards, social networks, et al.  It's saying that being who you are is wrong.  Trying to look like someone else is a form of self-hate.  Basically, you have a problem with being you.

Can we just be candid?  

The ever growing images of biracial faces on commercial television/movies is sending a disturbing message, and just who is creating these images?  White folks.  And just why?  They have always attacked our image, who we are and how we view ourselves.  However, they aren't using Sambo photos any longer; their using dangerous psychology against us--and the said fact: It's working.  It's hard to compete with a tornado of images that hit us daily that worship and White beauty and forces an agenda of more white supremacy on people of color.

It's your life, do what you want to do, but loving one's self is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.  And all I can say in regards to Lil Kim is that she really needs to look deep within herself and find the real person.  What the above picture shows is a monster; and if she's not careful, it's going to destroy her.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Happened to Black Intellectualism?

During the 60's, we had the late Fred Hampton (leader of Chicago Chapter of The Black Panthers, H. Rap Brown, the late Stokely Carmicheal, Malcolm X, poet Sonia Sanchez, Angela Davis, poet Amiri Baraka et al.  They were the voice of Black America and oh, what powerful words they spoke.  What was spoken to us was deep and thought provoking.   It came directly from the pool halls, the bars, from the people who went to church, the beauty shop, the barber shop and the grocery store.  It challenged not only the white power structured; it dared them to deny the truth of what was said.  But a generation later, there is no Black intellect.  Just Black pundits with agendas, being paid by the white power structure to say what they think we want to hear.   And just exactly what is it that Black people think today?I'm not really clear.  Frankly, I haven't heard anything deep coming from anyone in the black community since I was a small child.

What exactly is the role of a Black intellectual? BAR editor and columnist Marsha Coleman-Adebayo says, "The Black intellectual shows her worth by contributing to the “distribution of knowledge and skills” – and by telling the truth." Link:

I agree.

Our people have the power to change the world.  The African American has been one of the most impressive in the world.  We went from being slaves to having the most known figures in modern history.

It is very necessary, in my opinion, for Black people to keep the intellectual lines of communication open. Knowledge is power and information is critical, but all to common these days; people seem to have tuned out. What is on your mind?  Do you know?

You will never change what you tolerate.

Apathy is death.