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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My favorite Dogs...

I've only owned a dog once in my life. His name was Chipper.  He was a little Datson that my mother bought for me on my 5th birthday.  He was always a bouncy little thing--jumping on me, and saturating me with dog kisses every time he saw me.  At the age of 8, Chipper was given up because my family had to move--the land lord of the apartment we were moving to didn't allow pets. I still see the look on Chipper's face when we had to give him away.

I've never owned another dog since.

However, I've come to learn that I do have preferences for certain types of dogs.  I like long-hair dogs and BIG DOGS.

Chow-Chows are my favorite.  Actually, it's a tie between Chows and the Samoa breed.  I also like Huskies, Keeshounds and the warrior dog, like the German Shepard. 

Chow chows




German Shepard

I've always wondered what makes us like certain breeds of dogs.  I noticed that the ones I like have similar traits physically.  They are all attractive to the eyes and are good dogs to own. 

Lately, I've been contemplating buying one.  Which one will I choose?

Stay tuned...

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