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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fear of Offending White Folks...

About 2 weeks ago, while watching a program about a school in New Jersey that was used to teach Blacks back in the 1940's; one of the old students made a comment that stuck in my mind: he said that the school was representative of what was best in the Black community and those that left and went on into higher echelons of life were well skilled in knowing the importance of achievement but being ever so mindful as not to agitate the racial hierarchy.

Hmmm....interesting comment. And one that opened a thought regarding why so called Black leadership is weak and out of touch with the Black community today. The truth of the matter, we don't have anyone in the Black community that is a leader on the level of galvanizing the entire community behind their vision of us as a people.

And this has been evident for a very long time.

The NAACP was founded by White Jews and select Blacks in 1909. I took the liberty to find this piece of information as to the catalyst of its formation. You will find it interesting: One of the first leaders of the organization was Moorefield Storey, a white constitutional lawyer and former president of the American Bar Association. The only Black that was allowed on the executive committee was notably Dr. W.E.B DuBois, who was made director of publications and research and in 1910, he established the official journal of the NAACP, The Crisis.

There were many white leaders of the NAACP, but one of the most powerful was the Jewish born Joel Spingarn. The favorable publicity generated by the Pink Franklin case, in which the NAACP defended a black sharecropper accused of murder, attracted new supporters to the NAACP. Among them was the independently wealthy Joel Spingarn (1875-1939), chairman of Comparative Literature at Columbia University. Spingarn, the eldest son of an Austrian Jewish tobacco merchant, had a profound sense of social responsibility and abhorred racial violence. Intent on reform, he made an unsuccessful bid for Congress on the Republican ticket in 1908 and served as a delegate at the national conventions of the Progressive Party in 1912 and 1916. Spingarn resigned his professorship in 1911 to devote his energy and talents to the NAACP. He was successively elected as Executive Committee member, chairman of the board, treasurer, and finally president between 1930 and 1939. Joel Spingarn was the originator of the Spingarn Medal, awarded annually by the NAACP since 1915 for the highest achievement by an African American.

How interesting that a civil rights organization that was founded to fight racial injustice, in its early beginning, whites were only allowed to run it. The attitude of some of the whites within the organization was one of condescending insult. Of course they had no problem appearing to represent an ideal of "equality" amongst the races; however, it was absolutely out of the question to be told what to do by Blacks.

****Please Read This****

I found this article that really motivated scrutiny of the reason of Jewish dominance in the Black Civil Rights movement:

So now...some of you have a clue as to why many Blacks have suspected the NAACP and rightfully so.

They have missed opportunities for several decades of influencing a younger generation and are perceived to be an organization that primarily is dominated by those in the Black Elite and one in which is only concerned with issues that impact this group.

Of course, the NAACP has done some good, but the fact that whites were founders, members and large financial contributors, gives weight to the warning Malcolm X gave of the Black Elite working against the Black community in alliance with the white power structure. Tony Brown wrote about this in his book Black Lies, White Lies.

This is why you won't see any criticism or harsh commentary from prominent Blacks.

When you allow your enemy to infiltrate your camp and gradually or surreptitiously take up positions is either for espionage or hostile takeover.

In a nutshell; if white folks are donating and controlling the money, they can dictate policy.

This is why many Black leaders will not take on a position of nationalism and or proBlack causes--it undermines the whites who have successfully used money to control certain Black groups for empowering, strengthening and building the Black community.

We've been sold out.

Republicans have corned the Obama Administration into a corner and disabled him from helping the Black community for fear of looking like a reverse racist. Could someone please explain to me what in the hell is a reverse racist? The term in and of itself is a mockery of the understanding of racism and history in America. Black people have never been racist toward white folks, but we sure as hell have had to endure racism from them.  Racism is a system.  And the audacity white folks have of accusing our president, his Attorney General, Eric Holder or any Black person who dares tell them to their faces what they think of them; is an attempt to control the discussion about the impact of White Supremacy on people of color.

It is my recommendation, that every Black person get The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. The book was originally written in 1991. Its preface begins: Link: "We now are nearing the final decade of the 20th century. Recently, there has been an unraveling and an analysis of the core issue of the first global power system of mass oppression-- the power system of racism (white supremacy). Once the collective victims (non-white population) understands this fundamental issue, the ultimate organizing of all of the appropriate behaviors necessary to neutralize the great injustice of the white supremacy power system will only be a matter of time. The length of time required to neutralize global white supremacy will be inversely proportional to 1) the level of understanding of the phenomenon; plus 2) the evolution of self- and group-respect, the will, determination and discipline to practice the appropriate counter-racist behaviors--on the part of the non-white victims of white supremacy."

I have no respect for any leader that comes from the Black community who takes no authority to stand up for what is morally, spriritually and honorably right.

Martin Luther King said that the arms of justice is long. Well...we need to continue to make our leadership accountable in times when it appears that there are those who would like to break down the accomplishments that have allowed Black people to receive the benefits of what our nation's Contstitution guarantees.

Those who do not remember the past will be doomed to repeat it.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama IS A COWARD!

The question was asked in the link attached to this post: Do White Voters Really Like Obama Because 'He's Not Really Black?

Honestly, I thought about that and after being in office for over a year, I've come to my own conclusion.
When I voted in the election for our nations president, I truly felt I put my vote on the best candidate. I did not vote for him because he was a man of color--I thought he represented America's future and that was my initial reason for supporting his candidacy.

Obama won. I watched people cheer for him around the world. I took it all in...

He inherited a mess from the Bush Administration and then the economic fallout hit right in the beginning of his first term. He was put on the defensive by many white conservative pundits and there was no counter from anyone in the Black community or Black press. He distanced himself from the Congressional Black Caucus and makes a concerted effort not to be seen as a Black Power president.

Issue after issue, he was dodging jabs like Muhammad Ali against Joe Frazier.

However, as just a regular American, the honest view of Obama is really very simple: he's a COWARD .

When he made his cabinet selections, Obama appointed many people that worked for Bill Clinton--most of whom were white. Was this some kickback for beating Hillary in the election--to appease the man, some misguided Black folks coined as the nations first "Black President" back in the day. I despised this term then and now. Clinton showed his true colors when it became apparent that Barack was going to win didn't he.

What an irony.

What I see in Obama is an intellectual trying to lead--not a leader who makes bold decisions and uses his intelligence with the precision and sharpness of a Japanese Katakana sword.

He tries to please the " right people " too much. Or should I just come out and say what I really mean: He tries to please WHITE PEOPLE too much. He positions himself with the right (white)people so that he can attract the right (white) approval, but he's dismissive and seemingly incapable of taking a bold stand on any issue which might cause him to be accused of being a BLACK man standing up for Black people in the eyes of white folks. That's too costly and cuts through his race friendly image, and being biracial gives him the latitude to walk the fence. He does not want to offend his white supporters, even though many of them have abandoned him and some have had no problem joining the Tea Party.

Yet, Black folks sit in silence and watch all of this shit for fear of outing him and thus, giving the conservatives what they really want--infighting amongst us. Some don't want to be labeled as race baiters but in my honest opinion, the one thing that you're trying to avoid could perhaps be the very thing that liberates you.

However, we know what Obama's problem is, right? He's nothing more than a racial buffer.  A poser.  But his actions reflect those of someone who truly represents those in power and who are the enemy of Black people. Yes! White Supremacy rules the White House.

This country is still racist. And we all know this.

I found this comment in an article from Don Terry, who is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune: "Obama, the sandy-colored, half-white, half-black, Hawaii-born, Harvard-trained, civil rights lawyer with the magnetic smile, "is the literal embodiment of our cultural hybridity," says Salim Muwakkil, a senior editor at In These Times magazine. "He's mastered the cultural jargon of the Ivy League. That makes him less threatening, more soothing to white sensibilities. One of Barack's great strengths is his complexity."

Basically, what he is saying is that for whites, Barack doesn't fit the image "they have" of African Americans and he's "almost" one of them.

How does one rationalize this?

Remember when Senator Harry Reid basically exposed this sentiment when he said that Obama appealed to whites mainly because he was an articulate, light-skinned Black man who didn't sound too Black. I'm paraphrasing, by you understand the point.

Right now, I'm entertaining thoughts of whether I'm going to vote for him in 2012. I'm just not happy with what I see and deep down, I feel that he's weak--whites around him know it and they are controlling him--not the other way around. It is a weekly side show of just how much they aren't afraid of attacking him and ridiculing him...yet, Barack chides that he is the President of "all Americans." Right.


I want a strong leader who makes not only bold decisions but provokes respect--even amongst those who do not agree with him.

Why doesn't Barack Obama seem to get this? Or then again... maybe he does.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teaching Black Boys To Marry Black Women....

There is nothing more beautiful to me than the Black family and it seem like everyone has been talking about the Black family lately, particularly since the election of Barack Obama as the nations first African American President.  

Black women definitely have gotten too much press lately regarding why so many remain single.

Life is about choice and I feel that the Black family is something to be valued, but when I look at the numbers for how many children in the Black community are being raised by single mothers, I have a solution:


Something crossed my mind the other day: frankly, I feel that in many cases, it's Black women who are teaching their sons to marry non Black women inadvertently by not being married to their children's Black father.

Real talk.

Babymommas are a symptom of dysfunction, not pride.

The access to birth control is too readily available to continue the OOW birth cycle. And it's just foolish to bring children into the world if you can't take care of them financially.

It's sad to think of all the Black children growing up without fathers--constantly being reminded of being a symbol of a careless hook-up rather than the joyous result of two married people in love.

Children learn a lot from their parents and one of the things they learn is how to love one another. If a Black child does not see his own mother being loved, cherished and provided for, but he sees his mother alone and abandoned; this becomes the paradigm of how he will view Black women in general. Adding to this, he sees other Black women in his community and family being treated this way--his interpretation becomes that there must be something wrong with Black women, thus, he avoids the thought of being with one.

Statistically, the majority of Black men marry Black women, but if there is some clarity to be offered; If you want your sons to marry Black women--it's most proactive to perhaps to think about becoming wives before becoming mothers.

So many young Black children watch images every single day that tell them that they are not valued by this society. Many internalize those images. The image of white women typically is that she is the standard of beauty--the one ALL MEN are supposed to desire.   All men don't desire white women.  But not having balanced images, particularly in the home and community, validate this presumption created through the lens of White America.

We reap what we sew and for those Black mothers who have been forced to accept white daughter-in-laws; perhaps it wouldn't be the case if your son saw you being the object of his father's affection.

And our young Black girls would become esteemed in the process by becoming their natural choice for wives.

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When You're Just Tired of M'Fuckas!!!

Can I go there today?

Yesterday, I was talking to a coworker and I told them that I really think that there is a divine moderator keeping me in check lately.

Ever since I moved to Georgia, I have really been very composed. I don't know why...but I think God is definitely responsible for this.

This is not normal for me, having grown up in Chicago. Typically, back home, I really didn't take any crap and would confront someone if the situation called for it.

However, I've realized now that living in the south, one has to have a certain level of tolerance for the people here. Southern folks are very peculiar and there is a tremendous level of ignorance. People here don't seem to understand why it's not cool to ask people personal questions--we don't do that where I'm from. There is an attitude of indifference here for non natives. I haven't seen any "so called" southern hospitality and if some folks think you have a little more than they have, they can be very vindictive.

The church folk down here basically go to church for social reasons. Honestly, they don't seem to understand the basic tenets of Christianity at all. Southerners will typically want to know what church you go to--some won't have anything to do with you if you say you don't go to church. Basically, the logic is if you go to church, people will think you're " respectable ." The kicker is that these same people wouldn't lend a dime to a struggling neighbor or feed the needy in their communities if Jesus himself asked them to. Some would walk over a homeless person and not look back.

Those who are considered middle class here act indifferently to the poor and seem to think it's a crime for anyone to ask for help. The mentality of a lot of southern people is that "I got get yours."

Some of these folks are a real trip.


When the slaves were freed, this crippled the south's economy and the North basically cut the south off. Life was hard and the south remained poor for a very long time. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were all born in the south(Georgia). I remember when I'd visit Georgia as a child, the poverty that I saw was appalling. It was like visiting a third world country in some counties. Houses had no electricity, plumbing or basic necessities that were visible in the north. However, within the last 30 years, when Atlanta became the Black Mecca, things began to improve throughout other areas of the south. It's not like it used to be, but the south is still relatively poor and behind, in comparison to the north.

Yes, I've had to tell some folks off--and I don't regret it.

I've reached my limit and when I get tired of your @ss--that's it.

So, I dedicate this blog to people who have been putting up with m'fuckas for years and are about to serve some WHOOP ASS on some folks right about now.

I feel ya.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Conundrum of R. Kelly...Artist, Genuis, Flawed...But Real!

Been doing a lot of thinking about R. Kelly and I wonder does he understand a whole lot about the perceptions surrounding him?

He was acquitted in June of 2008 of child molestation charges, but people still debate his innocence.

I'm not going to get into that because frankly, I'm tired of talking about it.  But what is evident within this man is his talent.

But who is R. Kelly, the man?  What is he really like? What's really in his heart?

Back in 1995, while living in Chicago, I attended the WGCI radio Music seminar luncheon, and R. Kelly was one of the invited entertainers who was to speak at the luncheon.  His classic song, I Believe I Can Fly was all over the air waves at that time.  What I remember was the rust colored suit he wore, he was sporting the bald head then...and he spoke candidly about his life.  My impression of him was that he was not pretentious and had no problem relating to the audience.

Although, admitting that he's illiterate and can't read very well...R. Kelly has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and continues to be a in demand singer, songwriter, producer and arranger.  I've bought every single one: Born Into The Nineties with Public Announcement, 12-Play, R Kelly, R., TP.2, Chocolate Factory, Happy People, Double Up and his latest album was simply entitled: Untitled.  It was released last year and is classic R. Kelly. I liked it immediately..  I've also bought the remix cd's, concert DVD in 2006 and watch his occasional videos on Youtube.

In 2010, R. Kelly's song Sign of Victory was chosen as the anthem for the South Africa FIFA World Cup. 

He is also set to release his memoirs in 2011 with Smiley books.

Although he is much more accomplished today,  and if it weren't for the scandal back in 2001; R. Kelly would be considered a truly great artist, in the same company of Stevie Wonder, Prince and Micheal Jackson. 

I've prayed for R. Kelly.  He is only a man and wrestles with demons as we all do.

Whenever I look into his eyes, I see a sadness within them.  I wonder where it comes from--only he and God know, but one thing is for sure, his talent is real and I feel that he has not even come close to writing his greatest album.

Only God can judge him but as for me, I'm a fan for life and I wish him the best.

How Some Black Women Get Their Man!

There are women out there who just seem to attract men.

Forums all over the internet are inundated with topics from females who seem to think that every Black man on planet earth is after non Black women. Listening to some famous women lately, Jill Scott, Regina King to name a few, you'd think that every Black woman is just pathetic when it comes to men. Statistically, that is not true. Black men prefer Black women and marry them every single day.

Whenever something becomes viral, an idea, soundbite, attitude, false beliefs, stereotypes; it is almost impossible to stop them.

Personally, I've never had a problem attracting Black men. The funny thing is...I don't attract negative Black men at all. Throughout my adult years, the majority of Black men I meet have always been respectful towards me. Typically, I'm greeted with smiles and compliments. They open doors for me, when I would go out to restaurants or clubs, I've had men actually put my coat on for me. I've never asked for this treatment. The only thing I can say is that if women would just get the chips off of their shoulders; you'd find out just how many good brothers out there really do desire to be with us and want to spoil us. But you've got to be open to that.

I just don't find it necessary or even entertain the thought of competing with a man in a relationship--he's my partner, I want to please him--make him laugh and smile. I like to have fun. I love to cook and I'm extremely family and community oriented. The adventurous nature I have, definitely seems to be a plus and men enjoy a woman they feel like they are taking a great excursion with; and they may just be staying in the house for the day. It's your attitude and how you feel about yourself that keeps a man focused on you.

A word of advice to sistahs out there having issues with the bruthas: Get that degree. Become a success, but stop taking yourselves so seriously. Laugh a little. You can get that hair whipped up and those nails buffed every week, but it's not about how you look--but it's your character that matters. Fashion can't hide the ugly within.

When you don't have to beg a man to spend time with you...and he really doesn't find anything else as fun or interesting as being with his woman-- YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT .