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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Things White Folks Do That Annoy Black People!

We all have had to grow up in America. Our parents gave us advice about "How to deal with white folks." But...why are we always accomodating their ignorance and bigotry?

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I was raised around mostly a clique of Southern migration transplants who had a very strong work ethic, pride in their community and strong belief in the Bible and God. In my community, the women were so beautiful--they were envied in several other counties. The men were equally handsome. Most of the residents were homeowners, had stable jobs and were MARRIED. There weren't many welfare mothers--even though the community was mixed income. Being Chicago, the residents were very politically active. They were very active in the school system and also represented it in the administration. My high school was one of the best in the state. We had drill teams, there were social clubs, consistent church activity, vibrant neighbors who kept their lawns mowed and very neat.

I never once had to deal with ignorant whites and their insulting bigotry.

The community was about half Black and half white, with Blacks having a slight majority. However, we didn't tolerate insults, harassment or other vile behavior that was considered demeaning to our people. Basically, no Black child was being chased home by a group of crazed whites. It wasn't tolerated AT ALL.

If the slightest mistake was made by a white person in thinking they could attempt that behavior--they'd feel a hard right hook in a minute.

They left us alone.

What get me, how in 2009, white people are still ignorant about Black people. Apparently, until Barack Obama was elected President, they didn't realize that there were successful Black people. The election truly exposed the beast within white folks that constantly needs to be fed. They were insurgent in their persistence to bait him to play the race card.

Everyone knows that what Jeremiah Wright said to his congregation was what Black folks say everyday, but based on the reaction from whites to his comments; one would think the history of slavery and Jim Crow was a fairytale.

Then...the comment that was taped and played over and over of his remarks regarding how white folks in rural areas of America react whenever they are faced with something that challenges their way of life: Yes, they do cling to their guns and religion. That wasn't untrue. White folks were offended by this INTELLIGENT Black man and dared to call him of all things...AN ELITIST.

Based on the history of whites insisting that Black folks are not intelligent, calling Barack or any Black person an elitist should be considered an oxymoron. Oh, how many of us have been offended when by some mistake of fate, we encounter the white man or woman who has to make it their business to tell you "You're so articulate." Uh...and why wouldn't you be?

Did anyone catch the View when Barbara Walters made the stupid comparison of Michelle and Barack being the only Black family that white people have seen since, I swear she said this..."THE COSBY SHOW?" Sherri rolled her eyes...and Whoopi didn't know what to do. Sherrie quickly called Barbara on the carpet for comparing a television show to the reality of educated and successful Black people actually existing to white folks.

You know...I don't know about you, but sometimes, I could literally bitchslap some caucasians. They'll make you hurt them if you really aren't careful to keep your cool.

I'm tired of their willful ignorance.

African history and African American history is not hard to find.

Don't make assumptions about me.

Years ago, I remember a white girl actually asking--seriously, if all Black people knew each other. I kid you not.

Another white chick I worked with, got jealous of one of the Black girls, who just happened to be a sharp dresser. I'd known this girl and worked with her at another company and she always dressed nice. Anyway...this white woman began making derogatory statements, insinuating that the only reason she could dress like that was because...HER HUSBAND WAS A DRUG DEALER.


According to her: only Blacks who commit crime can dress well.

That was the day I officially made up my mind to completely prohibit whites in my personal life. I simply have nothing to do with them outside of work.

We are not the same culturally...and as far as I'm concerned, we are unequally yoked--it's time for someone to cut the embilical chord.

I'll say this very seriously, given their history in this country; white folks better be glad Black people aren't serial killers.

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