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Sunday, August 26, 2012

How The Illuminati Uses White Women To Destroy Black Men!

Remember who has always portrayed the evil witch...

For over a generation, Black women have been warning Black men about taking white women as lovers/wives. Why? Look at history:

What do you notice in this picture?

You have been programmed to subscribe to philosophies and ideals that once embedded in your subconscious, make it harder for you to rebel against those who control your existence and society. And what better way to do that than to convince Black males, particularly those who are successful, that once you've achieved that level of success; you will be indoctrinated into "our society" white privilege--with a caveat: you must forget that you are Black and turn away from all activities, speech and affiliation with Black people, for they are the biggest threat against it.

"Learning plays an important part in perception. The Programmers try to get their victims to subscribe to philosophies and ideas that will make it hard for them to rebel against their controllers. This is what is termed indoctrination. The same methods of teaching that others find useful are employed. Ways of thinking are incorporated by the slave via handlers, programmers, and the cult they belong to. Everyone tries in their own way to make sense of life. This is a natural brain function, so that the human mind can understand how to deal with the future. The mind takes raw data, and then applies some type of logic, and comes to conclusions. Once accepted, these conclusions can be as hard as nails, and they will defy any attempt to change them, even in the light of new evidence. If the Programmer is smart enough, he can get an alter to logically believe anything. Once the belief is embedded, it will remain there tenaciously. In the Illuminati, ‘great” masters and adepts teach “hidden mysteries”. The slave feels the authority that emanates from this teacher with special gifts and abilities.

"The slave is hardly in a position to question the teachings being given from on high. Circular reasoning, lies, and other tricks are used to convince the person that the occult world is true. For instance, “God abandoned you, therefore you need to cling to us, the only ones who would see any use in you.” (The truth is that the cult staged a crisis where their actor playing God abandoned the child to the cult’s abusiveness. The whole event was simply cult abuse--with God taking the blame.) “We are trying to fashion a better man, a man with far more capabilities than before, with better genetics. Those who oppose us, are trying to keep humankind back in the dark ages.” This is circular reasoning and outright lies. (They are not interested in helping mankind, only destroying it.) To make occult philosophies more palatable, the occult world attacks the character of anyone whose life would dispute their false claims. They also use a great deal of rationalization, where the end justifies the means. Many slaves have had to sit and listen to their masters rationalize their brutality. Within the Illuminati, ranks are achieved with much learning and ritual."

Many Black men have joined and are being destroyed in the process.

Racism is of the occult. Why then do you discriminate against Black women?

Who's philosophy are you following?

Why would I use white women as a lure: the once forbidden fruit in which white men once killed for; now being handed to the white man's greatest enemy--the BLACK MAN. Hmmmm...

During ancient times, it was common to use women as a way to lure to enemy forces to steal secrets. And what could the secrets of Black men do for white males? What he fears. What he loathes. What he desires. All of this information being given to dames in lust who then take those secrets to their white masters--as a means to develop strategies to destroy his greatest threat: Strong Black Men.

The Illuminati uses white women as sex slaves. Who is the image of sexual pleasure to the world? And why? Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture -

Are we surprised really that Tiger Woods was taken down by white women--strippers and waitresses? And what about poor little Gary Coleman, O.J. Simpson, Dennis Rodman, so many NFL and NBA players, and let us not the death of Steve McNair.

The Black family is a direct assault to White Power and white women are the greatest tool to destroy it. White people for centuries have had a hatred of Black people. Why do whites hate, demonize, fear and look down on blacks? « Abagond

This is a last warning to Black men: You are being SET UP!

You will be the victim in the end.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 1970's Black Generation vs Today's Black Generation...

Click the image to open in full size.

Pure and simple, the 70's generation was more interesting because they understood their culture and were BOLD. They didn't have hang-ups--they embraced their culture, heritage and the language of Black culture. They also were funky.

From Soul Train to 70's Soul music; the image of Black people transcended our experience in America and became the catalyst to many contributions in art, dance, fashion, literature and entertainment.

The 70's generation were at a very serendipitous crossroad: on one hand, they were the benefactors of the Civil Rights movement, but also the face of Black Power. The could be everything that their parents had been denied.

Many young people today are still intrigued by the seventies.

I miss the closeness that existed in the Black community. Everyone knew their neighbor and were there for each other. There was a unity that was unprecedented. Black men and women were absolutely beautiful. When you saw Black couples--it was normal. Not a thing to be shocked by.

Click the image to open in full size.

Black people knew who they were during this time. They knew who they were. Black women were naturally beautiful--Physically fit and NO HAIR WEAVE!!!

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

When Black men were seen, they represented MANHOOD. They were athletic, intelligent, strong, unafraid. They looked like men.  When you looked at a Black man, his entire body language reminded you of where he came from:

Being Black was Cool.

Click the image to open in full size.

When I was a little girl, I was proud to be BLACK. As a woman, I'm still proud, but I'm ashamed of what represents Black America today: thuggery, Black women sporting fake hair, too many babymommas, and Black men and women feeling that it's better to marry non-Blacks as opposed to each other.

Who are we if we don't remember where we came from?

This has been a public service announcement.

Learn from it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

White Elites...Satanists?

Malcolm X said: "If someone keeps getting ahead of you, he must know something that you don't.  This is the truth.

Jesus said: "They are wolves in sheep's clothing."  He was talking about those who hide behind masks, but their intent is to deceive.  

We are all victims, but God has a plan.

This came to me a few weeks ago, but what I learned did not surprise me at all.  

What I learned was that most whites in the elite structures of society are all involved in satanism.  This includes secret societies and other closed organizations.  Satanism is based on 3 things: Power. Domination.  Manipulation/Control.  Look at the history of Europe--it is based on these 3 components.

All one has to do is read between the lines.  Look at their behavior--even in recent media.  Some of the most disgusting things you can imagine, white people have committed: bestiality, cannibalism, pedophilia (male and females), killing their own families/children, satanic worship, the practice of Wicca, Witchcraft, Goth, massacres, serial killers, incest, et al, yet, it's Black people who are demonized?

Some of you are not off base with some of the conspiracy theories, but what many Black people must realize is that these people hate Christianity and ALL BLACK PEOPLE.  This is why Africa, the richest continent on earth,  has some of the most poverty stricken nations on earth. Why?  Europeans have literally picked it of its natural resources and thinks nothing of it. The great Rwandan tragedy was instigated by the Dutch.  Do your research.

The picture I posted illustrates this Elite Power structure and it is now time for Black people to distance themselves from whites altogether.  Simply put, they are [B]EVIL PEOPLE[/B] and as long as Black people keep allowing them to espouse their brainwashing through the use of media particularly; we will be destroyed by them.  It is their true goal.

Do not be deceived.

Marrying a white person does not change who you are.

Ask yourself a question: Why would any sane Black person listen to or trusts a group of people who once considered our ancestors apes?

Stop practicing White Supremacy, Black people.  

Embrace your culture!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Angelica Zambrano:The Girl who Witnessed Celebrities (Selena, Michael Jackson, and The Pope)in Hell

****May I Have Everyone's Attention****

Today, this was brought to my attention and I am being led to post this on my wall by something higher than myself. I was raised in church and I've been a believer in Christ all of my life. For those here who think that just going to church will save you--you are wrong.  If you think this, you are double-minded and do not know God.  

We are accountable to God and as it is written in scripture; we must REPENT of our sins and live Holy.  We must forgive our enemies.  We cannot continue to violate God's Word.  But sadly, even many churchgoers do this every single day.

We are accountable for what we do and I urge ALL here to listen to this video and comment afterwards.  

You must choose whom you really serve.  God or the Devil.

It makes you think.

I await your responses.

The Words of Malcolm X Inspired Me To Write!

It seems like yesterday, but I remember the very day I first read The Autobiography of Malcolm X: it was a sunny day, midday, I went to the library, I was 22, and in search of myself and the truth.  It hit me then and there...GET MALCOLM X's book.  I checked it out, read it...and was changed forever.

What inspired me the most was the authenticity and realness of what he was saying.  It hit me to the core--I totally related to him.  

It was this very moment that opened up my soul and it lead me down a path that provoked the author in me today.

I'm so thankful for Malcolm X.  

During his lifetime, he never really achieved success personally, but he was living his destiny and he knew that he'd pay the price with his life.  However, the truth that he invoked in America and in Black people particular, was needed. 

He was demonized, caricatured and hated--believe it or not, by upper middle class Black people than racist whites.  And the feeling was mutual.

Malcolm was a vigorous defender of Blacks against white violence and his speeches changed the minds and hearts of people around the world.

He just made too much damn sense.

Never one to back down, he spoke his mind unapologetically, daring anyone to challenge him.  He took on all comers.  His debates at Harvard are legendary.  He was a strong advocate for Black Nationalism and urged Blacks to be more self-reliant.  

Where would we be if it were not for this man's courage?

He spoke out when it was dangerous for Black people to do so.

If you are a young person and have not read this book, I encourage you to do so.

It will change your life.

Get a copy of my new book.  Available on and other online stores (also on Kindle)

Ne-Ne Leakes Is Going To Be On Prime Time...OMG!

When she reads--if she reads what I'm about to write, I guess she'll "take me down" too, as she told Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice.

Any hoot...when I read that Ne Ne was going to be on the new NBC show this fall entitled The New Normal, I almost screamed.  NBC has been airing this during the Olympics.

Mainstream America better get prepared.

Frankly, I am not a fan of this woman.  Why?  Because she doesn't deserve anything that she has, but has gotten to be where she is because of her ability to manipulate her impediment.  And what is that?  She's a chick from the ghetto who got famous because of her "attitude." and obvious personality disorder  And it's that attitude that also marks her.

People like Ne Ne Leakes should now be celebrated...they should be medicated.

She's a bully that should be on Prozac not Prime Time.

Ne Ne touts herself as a devoted mother of two who is the founder of the charity Twisted Hearts foundation which is aimed at the education about domestic violence.  A noble cause indeed, but seriously?  Ne Ne Leakes is an abuser.  Is this woman sleepwalking or something.

The way she hated on Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice last year made me think that perhaps Ne Ne can's stand to see other women achieve success or has more than she has.  

Whoever Ne Ne is, what she is not most certainly is a role model.  Her behavior is just unacceptable, but hell!  It's all for entertainment, right?

Currently, she has a book (she didn't write) out on, entitled, Never Make The Same Mistake Twice.  The reviews are mixed. 

However, as with all mistakes; only life can educate us the best.

And I hope Karma doesn't tap Life on the shoulder and demand payment from Ms. Leakes in the near future.

Get a copy of my new book.  Available on and other online stores (also on Kindle)