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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 1970's Black Generation vs Today's Black Generation...

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Pure and simple, the 70's generation was more interesting because they understood their culture and were BOLD. They didn't have hang-ups--they embraced their culture, heritage and the language of Black culture. They also were funky.

From Soul Train to 70's Soul music; the image of Black people transcended our experience in America and became the catalyst to many contributions in art, dance, fashion, literature and entertainment.

The 70's generation were at a very serendipitous crossroad: on one hand, they were the benefactors of the Civil Rights movement, but also the face of Black Power. The could be everything that their parents had been denied.

Many young people today are still intrigued by the seventies.

I miss the closeness that existed in the Black community. Everyone knew their neighbor and were there for each other. There was a unity that was unprecedented. Black men and women were absolutely beautiful. When you saw Black couples--it was normal. Not a thing to be shocked by.

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Black people knew who they were during this time. They knew who they were. Black women were naturally beautiful--Physically fit and NO HAIR WEAVE!!!

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When Black men were seen, they represented MANHOOD. They were athletic, intelligent, strong, unafraid. They looked like men.  When you looked at a Black man, his entire body language reminded you of where he came from:

Being Black was Cool.

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When I was a little girl, I was proud to be BLACK. As a woman, I'm still proud, but I'm ashamed of what represents Black America today: thuggery, Black women sporting fake hair, too many babymommas, and Black men and women feeling that it's better to marry non-Blacks as opposed to each other.

Who are we if we don't remember where we came from?

This has been a public service announcement.

Learn from it.

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