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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Not Mad At White Racists...I Hate Lying White Moderates and Liberals!

This thread will be short and sweet.

As a proud African American, I can tell you that I really don't give much energy getting mad at blatant racists. I know where they stand.

What I despise are lying ass liberal whites who love to put on an act as though they are not racists; but, when they are amongst other whites; how they truly feel becomes quite apparent. As in: giving money to underprivileged communities or services, but not giving honest advice about how to become financially independent. The logic being, Black people aren't smart enough to understand complex financial initiatives and lack basic money skills. Or, say for instance, two Black people are talking at a party and a white guest casually strolls up and interrupts them by prefacing his/her concern for racial equality. The kicker is...the two Black guests were talking about astronomy and concurring their fascination with space exploration. The presumption here from the white guest was that being Black automatically meant that race was the only issue two Black people could possibly be interested in. Certainly not astronomy. Right...

Black folks who fall for the game only get played.  White folks only are concerned with their own interest and if they show an inkling of interest in Black issues; it's guaranteed there is an alterior motive.

Malcolm X once said that it's moments like these that go right over many Black folks heads of the racist mindsets of whites--although subtle. He believed that no matter how nice many whites came across; all had racism in them.

One of the biggest mistakes many white folks make is the presumption that Blacks aren't intelligent.  A true manipulator knows how to manipulate the violator; never revealing their true intent to disarm them, weaken them and bankrupt them, simply by feeding their narcissism and arrogance to them, as one gives poison to an unsuspecting soul.

We see through this...

And you will get checked.


Steve Harvey: Think Like a Married Man...Act Like A Faithful Husband!

Sounds like a blockbuster in the making, right?

Ta-har...ta-har...oh, how the bitter ex sings her song...

Steve Harvey has made a ton of money from his best selling book, Think Like a Man...Act Like A Lady. The book tours, radio gest spots, Oprah, Dr. Phil; Wow! He was starting to look like quite the marriage EX-PERT. But here's the kicker: Steve Harvey has been married 3 TIMES and if one is really looking for marriage advice; I'd think that intelligent people would at least consider the source.

Do tell...

What a bombshell regarding Mr. Harvey? His ex is really pissed. Why is she coming out now?  Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned and the last Mrs. Harvey is throwing the flames for real.  Apparently, he cheated on her for 15 years.

Perhaps the book was a subliminal diary of sorts....

That's why I mind my business and I had a feeling when Steve was doing all the tours that his past marriages would come into the forefront--but no one could have anticipated his ex wife going on Youtube and putting him on blast.

Oh, well...I guess it's like some folks say: Those who always give so because they don't use it.

Black Love Begins At Home...

I'd like to introduce the Black Family to the rest of America. And here it is...

We Are Family! Sister Sledge made this jam a classic and it plays at every family

There comes a time in life when you have to call something for what it is...and let's face it; some of our people are lost. They want to be part of the mainstream so bad; they think nothing of who they choose as a mate. To begin with; Black love begins at home. It's really the truth. Why would healthy minded Black people choose to date/marry white people--the oppressor? Why? Louis Farrakhan asked this question.

Why in the world are there Black people who just don't get it?

I find no joy, pride or validation in being with white folks-- NONE .

I'm proud of who I am and where I come from and my family is large on both parents side. Both sides have family reunions and I have more relatives than I can count. I'm proud that you see BLACK PEOPLE throughout my family--who are MARRIED and love each other--and have been so for a very long time. The community I grew up in was the same way. Most of my friends came from two parent homes and the images we had of Black people and Black love were positive and reinforced through our daily interactions outside of our community.

Whenever I see a Black man or woman with a white person; I just look at them with pity and sometimes disgust. They've fallen for it: White Supremacy and have crossed over--and can't cross Black. Sometimes I wonder how they really relate to one another. They can't have as much joy and fun as a Black couple. I'm sorry...but I enjoy being with my man and we are just silly together. When we walk down the street; it often feels like we get positive vibes from all the Black people that we encounter for choosing one another and envy from the white folks; sad, because we burst their ignorant stereotype wide open: That YES ! Black men actually being romantic toward their own women. Why wouldn't they? Hell, the entire plastic surgery profession is trying to create the Black woman model in flat-assed white women wanting full hips and lips. And I just have to ask: How does it feel to kiss a man or woman who has slits for lips? What about that bestial odor white folks are known for? How does it feel to wake up to something that smells like a wilder beast--especially after showering? And the aging...Lawd, White folks are just the most disgusting to look at as they age. They have some of the worst skin I've ever seen and as they get older; it's as if they are decomposing. It's simply disgusting to even imagining being with someone who becomes more like waste material than anything one would actually be reminded of admiring once upon a time. Plus, white folks are nasty--they don't like to wash their hands and they are prone to get hair and body lice. So again, I ask: WHY IN THE HELL ARE BLACK MEN AND WOMEN DATING AND MARRYING THESE PEOPLE ?

However, to each his own right?

Whatever, but I truly feel that Black people should choose each other to be with over any other. Self preservation is the first law of nature. The Black family was the first family--literally and historically--life began in Africa and our race should honor this fact through marriage to one another. Black women were born to be with Black men and the majority of them desire and choose Black men because home is where the heart is...and Black men are always welcome in the house( If they act right ).

Black Love begins at home, people...and we need to start putting it into practice.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biracial People Are Offensive To Me...

As I span various websites and chat communities, it is absolutely pathetic at the lack of Soul, solidarity, Black Pride, Education and Dignity that is present in many of the discussions.

Who are some of the posters that frequent these sites these days?

I've been online officially since 1999 and I just can't recall such dribble, self-hatred, suspect conversations; all masking a dark intent: disparage true Blackness in order to build up phony images of what Black African Descended people should look like. Is there an agenda?

It' is absoulutely appalling to me that there is now a movement it seems amongst some who "call themselves African American" but who lack something innate within themselves that actually makes someone like myself, who grew up in a proud, predominantly Black middle class community, raise her eyebrows and wonder what is up.

The increase of interracial unions/marriages in Black America is not strengthening our community. What is being created is a race within a race--one pitted against the other. Why do I say that? When Carolyn Battle Cochrane created that documentary last year entitled, I'm Biracial Not Black Damnit ; this fueled some deep debate as to the level of bigotry within those who are biracial against monoracial Black people. Why would she be offended for being called Black? Her mother is white. Would she have been complimented more if someone had called her white? What was the point of this woman's rant? Many African Americans were incensed and challenged her attitude as well as the loaded title of her documentary.

As a proud African American woman, I will tell you point blank that I am thankful to the most high God for making me who I am. I do not preface my statements about myself with..."I'm mixed with ofmy maternalgreat grandmother was half white(which is true); and the other was mixed with Cherokee. Why should I? Am I supposed to gain points for doing that? And with whom exactly? Anyone that has to go out of their way to tell you that they are mixed, is simply trying to subconscioulsy ingratiate themselves to whites.

Black people are really getting tired of this bullshit. It amazes me how much we as a community tolerates to our own detriment sometimes. Why? This does not validate who I am nor does it honor my people.

The basic opinion that I have of biracials and unions between Black men/women with whites is that if these Black people don't love themselves; that hatred will manifest itself in their offspring. Someone once told me that when you get to close to toxic waste, you will get contaminated. White people are poison and their blood is now mixed with many in our community. Their history is what it is...and I just can't understand how or why there are some of us who feel they are not worthy unless they are validated and romanced by white folks.

If these people can't stand what is looking at them in the mirror; don't get mad at those of us who like the reflection that they see.

I'm tired of this bacteria in our community and I wish that I could put these self-hating mofos on an island and pray for a Tsunami.

You're more than welcome to debate this issue...but it's how I feel...and I'm not apologizing for what I said.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting What You Want In Life...

A couple of months ago while talking to a female co worker, I made a strong statement: My entire objective in life is to get what I want.  And that is really the truth for all of us.  It's why we do what we do. 

The universe is built to respond to our every thought.  What we think many times becomes either a gift or a curse.  I choose to be blessed and I live in the realm of the expectant--every single day.

I know that disappointments occur and this can affect our mentality negatively; however, keep your eyes on the prize and might fall, just get back up and GET MOVIN'.

Nothing in life meant to be easy and it's only difficult for those who are looking for easy answers.

Take the bull by the horns and ride it straight to whatever it is that you are trying to achieve in life.

Winners never quit.  And Quitters never win.

Change your focus and make the decision to make it to the top of each mountain you climb and claim victory once you reach the peak.

I've already claimed 2011 as the year of achievement for whatever I choose to accomplish.  Make it yours as well.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Black Power: What Does It Mean Now?

Growing up during the post Black Power era most definitely impacted my psyche as early as 5 years of age. Images of proud Black people, fists raised, Afros high and neatly shaped; people greeting each other with What's up, brutha? Good morning, sistah. Was a regular occurrence. Black people always were excited whenever Black folks were on t.v. and it was always a high moment when Black achievement was recognized and highlighted in various forms of the media, but particularly in the media. I remember whenever this would happen, neighbors and family would all call each other and make sure to convey that "Black folks were going to be on this or that tonight, y'all. This sounds hilarious but this was big for the community and our people. We were being validated. And it gave us pride. Music, sports, fashion, business and politics, Black folks were making strides.

However the power of the politics and passions of the Black Power movement of the sixties began to diminish in the mid seventies. As time moved on...the images that once were familiar to me became distorted. The failure of the Black Power movement is that it didn't inspire nationalism as a habit--it became more of a cliche. The younger generation only heard soundbites and images of something that should have been normal culturally and relateable; and not just for entertainment purposes and faux-intellectualism. Many just became disillusioned.

The tough looking, cool, aloof, leather coat wearing, banner carrying young black men and women that were visible in the sixties, waned. No longer were Afros in style but Jheri Curls. Fashion became eclectic and everything old became new. I saw images of Black people becoming less Afrocentric and more conservative. Men wore Stacy Adams shoes...double-breasted shirts, parts cut into their hair; the ladies wore retro chic fashion and shoulder pads became the rage. Big hair was normal in the eighties and people seemed to go about everything in a mundane fashion until the mid part of the decade. Miami Vice, The Cosby Show, Hill Street Blues, were all hit shows. Rap music, Madonna and Michael Jackson would dominate music and music videos would forever change how we looked at artists. However, America began to learn new words: Crack and AIDS would change life forever and greed would mark the decade. By the time the nineties came; people started to pay with their lives for their actions of the past. Gang violence began to takeover communities. HIV/AIDS deaths increased, crack babies were being born, crackheads, drug deals gone bad...these things left an aftermath and a legacy. Neighborhoods began to change--communities torn apart. Angry faces began to be seen on videos and Black youth turned away from talks of God, community and the good 'ole days from their parents and began chanting songs that reflected a generation that had been abandoned, confused and was now lost.

Today, we are in a new millennium. We have a Black President. Have Black Politics ended? In Less than 5 years, Blacks will have a Trillion dollar buying power and millions of Black men and women have graduated from some of our greatest learning institutions and White people now think it's cool to date and marry us, but what is Black Power? What does it mean today?

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My New Years Resolution...

Well, now.   It's the 5th day of the first month in the new year of 2011.  OK...ok.  I'm a little late with this but I am resigned to give a summary of just what I'd like to accomplish this year.  Over the holidays, I really was giving some deep thought as to what I am focused on right now and the biggest goal I am expectant to accomplish is to GET OUT OF DEBT AND STAY OUT OF DEBT!  I can't stand bills!  And after I paid my bills in October; it just dawned on me after having to literally be broke another payday--I am not having it! 

Back in the day, I was a shop-till-you-drop chick and I dreamed of what I was going to get at the mall each pay period.  I'm spoiled.  Getting in debt is not smart--it's slavery and when it gets to the point where you can barely buy yourself a sweater of pantyhose; it's time to get busy with a plan.  And mine is to payoff every single bill I have currently before this spring.  I'm so serious. There are other things I want to do as well this year, but this is priority.  I want my life back.

Early on New Year's Day, all I did was pray a prayer for posterity, prosperity and good fortune for myself, but also for my family as well.

We all need to have something positive to focus on and I most certainly intend to make 2011 a great year.