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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Biracial People Are Offensive To Me...

As I span various websites and chat communities, it is absolutely pathetic at the lack of Soul, solidarity, Black Pride, Education and Dignity that is present in many of the discussions.

Who are some of the posters that frequent these sites these days?

I've been online officially since 1999 and I just can't recall such dribble, self-hatred, suspect conversations; all masking a dark intent: disparage true Blackness in order to build up phony images of what Black African Descended people should look like. Is there an agenda?

It' is absoulutely appalling to me that there is now a movement it seems amongst some who "call themselves African American" but who lack something innate within themselves that actually makes someone like myself, who grew up in a proud, predominantly Black middle class community, raise her eyebrows and wonder what is up.

The increase of interracial unions/marriages in Black America is not strengthening our community. What is being created is a race within a race--one pitted against the other. Why do I say that? When Carolyn Battle Cochrane created that documentary last year entitled, I'm Biracial Not Black Damnit ; this fueled some deep debate as to the level of bigotry within those who are biracial against monoracial Black people. Why would she be offended for being called Black? Her mother is white. Would she have been complimented more if someone had called her white? What was the point of this woman's rant? Many African Americans were incensed and challenged her attitude as well as the loaded title of her documentary.

As a proud African American woman, I will tell you point blank that I am thankful to the most high God for making me who I am. I do not preface my statements about myself with..."I'm mixed with ofmy maternalgreat grandmother was half white(which is true); and the other was mixed with Cherokee. Why should I? Am I supposed to gain points for doing that? And with whom exactly? Anyone that has to go out of their way to tell you that they are mixed, is simply trying to subconscioulsy ingratiate themselves to whites.

Black people are really getting tired of this bullshit. It amazes me how much we as a community tolerates to our own detriment sometimes. Why? This does not validate who I am nor does it honor my people.

The basic opinion that I have of biracials and unions between Black men/women with whites is that if these Black people don't love themselves; that hatred will manifest itself in their offspring. Someone once told me that when you get to close to toxic waste, you will get contaminated. White people are poison and their blood is now mixed with many in our community. Their history is what it is...and I just can't understand how or why there are some of us who feel they are not worthy unless they are validated and romanced by white folks.

If these people can't stand what is looking at them in the mirror; don't get mad at those of us who like the reflection that they see.

I'm tired of this bacteria in our community and I wish that I could put these self-hating mofos on an island and pray for a Tsunami.

You're more than welcome to debate this issue...but it's how I feel...and I'm not apologizing for what I said.

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Sha Boogie said...

I ain't mad at that! I love saying God didn't make a mistake when he made my nappy head, lol. I honestly think some black people pass down that 'self hatred' because of ignorance and a lack of knowledge. We've come so far as a race, but we really haven't moved at all.

K. Rock said...

I agree. The world will try to make you sure love everyone else but what about ourselves? Nice post.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

The problem with some Black people is that they have believed the hype--everything they see on television has become their reality. How much of our culture do we see on television these days? When I was growing up--we were making strides; many shows highlighted Black talent and America was introduced to the Black family for the first time, however, today, it seems as though their has been much regression. None of the major networks have any Black programs at all. Is Tyler Perry's The House of Pain the only show--frankly, I don't watch it and won't. But our culture is so diverse and we should be showcased more intelligently.

Black people today have become too complacent and much of the criticism has to come back to us.

There is an old saying: One teaches another how to treat them. And given what we see daily; Black people don't think much of themselves and are allowing whites to define who their are. But here is the kicker: You can't SEE yourself through the eyes of someone who doesn't even know who you are.

We need to get real and GET MOVING!!!

The Uppity Sistah! said...

Very true, K. Rock.

There's a quote that I learned years ago: Never Allow Anyone's Opinion of You to Become Your Reality. -Gurda

It would seem that far too many Black people have been brainwashed and only see Black Beauty if it's mixed.

Sassyme said...