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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black Love Begins At Home...

I'd like to introduce the Black Family to the rest of America. And here it is...

We Are Family! Sister Sledge made this jam a classic and it plays at every family

There comes a time in life when you have to call something for what it is...and let's face it; some of our people are lost. They want to be part of the mainstream so bad; they think nothing of who they choose as a mate. To begin with; Black love begins at home. It's really the truth. Why would healthy minded Black people choose to date/marry white people--the oppressor? Why? Louis Farrakhan asked this question.

Why in the world are there Black people who just don't get it?

I find no joy, pride or validation in being with white folks-- NONE .

I'm proud of who I am and where I come from and my family is large on both parents side. Both sides have family reunions and I have more relatives than I can count. I'm proud that you see BLACK PEOPLE throughout my family--who are MARRIED and love each other--and have been so for a very long time. The community I grew up in was the same way. Most of my friends came from two parent homes and the images we had of Black people and Black love were positive and reinforced through our daily interactions outside of our community.

Whenever I see a Black man or woman with a white person; I just look at them with pity and sometimes disgust. They've fallen for it: White Supremacy and have crossed over--and can't cross Black. Sometimes I wonder how they really relate to one another. They can't have as much joy and fun as a Black couple. I'm sorry...but I enjoy being with my man and we are just silly together. When we walk down the street; it often feels like we get positive vibes from all the Black people that we encounter for choosing one another and envy from the white folks; sad, because we burst their ignorant stereotype wide open: That YES ! Black men actually being romantic toward their own women. Why wouldn't they? Hell, the entire plastic surgery profession is trying to create the Black woman model in flat-assed white women wanting full hips and lips. And I just have to ask: How does it feel to kiss a man or woman who has slits for lips? What about that bestial odor white folks are known for? How does it feel to wake up to something that smells like a wilder beast--especially after showering? And the aging...Lawd, White folks are just the most disgusting to look at as they age. They have some of the worst skin I've ever seen and as they get older; it's as if they are decomposing. It's simply disgusting to even imagining being with someone who becomes more like waste material than anything one would actually be reminded of admiring once upon a time. Plus, white folks are nasty--they don't like to wash their hands and they are prone to get hair and body lice. So again, I ask: WHY IN THE HELL ARE BLACK MEN AND WOMEN DATING AND MARRYING THESE PEOPLE ?

However, to each his own right?

Whatever, but I truly feel that Black people should choose each other to be with over any other. Self preservation is the first law of nature. The Black family was the first family--literally and historically--life began in Africa and our race should honor this fact through marriage to one another. Black women were born to be with Black men and the majority of them desire and choose Black men because home is where the heart is...and Black men are always welcome in the house( If they act right ).

Black Love begins at home, people...and we need to start putting it into practice.


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