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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

People Keep Stealing My Book!!!

My book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman has been out for about six months, and I've been told by about 5 people that bought the book, that someone has stolen their book after purchasing it. Most by family members....

Should I be flattered?

The reports keep coming in about how much the book is inspiring people, but I'd like some of you to give your book reviews on

It appears that there is someone trying to sabotage the book (white racists) who may have seen the book advertised in various sites that I frequent, as well as on my blog. For those of you who have read the book in its entirety; please give a customer review on I know that God inspired me to write this book. It is a message for the Black man that is meant to heal and empower. Don't allow hate to destroy that. I appreciate all of your support.

It is a book that was inspired by true events relating to how a Black woman feels about what she loves the most in this world: Black men. Society tells our people every single day that we are not valued, loved or respected. We did not destroy this economy, but a young Black man (Trayvon Martin) lost his life because of these preconceived notions about us. Our men are a precious resource and it is important that they know how much they are valued. Some people want to write books for money and get rich. I wanted to write a good book and make ordinary folks feel rich because of what they read. This is my gift to all the Black men that have inspired me throughout my life. 

For those of you who have purchased the book or will be purchasing it: first, join the discussion group I created for the book on fb "Journeytalk" then please do a customer review on

Thank you,

The Uppity Sistah

I Will Not Support Basketball Wives or Housewives Franchise...

Basketball Wives

Housewives of Atlanta

And ALL and any shows that depict Black women in such negative light. 

Sorry, I'm trying to start a business. I'm a writer, and basically, I consider myself to be a very interesting and intelligent woman. I was not raised to look for money in a man--I was taught to look for character--FIRST. Money has to have a mission other than being used to buy things. Many people love to brag about what they have; few do not seem to understand the value of those things or lack thereof.

Hair weave, fake nails, butt injections, designer clothes mean nothing if there is no substance in the woman who fancy such things. 

These women have no class. Period. They lack poise, grace, depth and obviously have nothing to claim as their own other than who they married/divorced.

It's sad to see that there are women who earn the title: GOLDDIGGER and what's worse; there are men who marry them. Even the Bible warns men not to marry whores. These women are lazy, desperate and have such toxic narcissism; if they farted in your face; most would think it wouldn't stink. I got news for them--Sh*t still stinks no matter whose ass it comes out of.

These women do not represent me or most Black women.

Why do people like these shows?

I'm tired of the lack of dignity in many of the shows that depict Black culture.

Who really should be held accountable? Those who produce these shows or those who watch them?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who Do I Have To Be?

What makes people do what they do? Why do so many people spend so much time trying to impress people that they don't really like?

We live our lives trying to impress others, but the trick of life is to make people accept you without all the masks many wear.

All of my life, I've been me.

I was a quiet child. Deep thinker--even at 5 years old. I observed and made mental notes of everything. Music was my first loved and I would disappear into the stereo whenever I music flowed through my house. It was my buddy--my constant companion. I never quite had a need for validation or acceptance. I was me. period. Like me or move on. I would not change to make anyone more comfortable. All I can be is me.

Sometimes we are intimidated on the job, by our peers, community, churches, and general society. However, you have to take a stand and stop playing games.

I know that some people find it hard to be relaxed in certain settings, but it's so powerful when you just walk in a room and not care who is there. It's not about the company but the impact you leave people with that matters.

That has stayed with me to this day.

Do you know who you are? Are you true to yourself?

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I've Been Thinking...

Everyday I wake up, I pray, then I get up and start my day.  Each day is a mystery and I always am hopeful that God will surprise me with something special. 
As a child, I was a quiet little girl and I had to learn about life through facing my fears—one by one.  It was not easy, and sometimes I was scared to death.  But I learned by facing what I feared—I could conquer it.  
Fear is a major issue for a lot of people and I read a scripture in the Bible that says that “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7.  
Embracing this…has truly opened my eyes as to why so many people are hindered in their lives.
I remember when I used to be scared just to talk.  Kids used to sometimes pick on me and I learned early that if you don’t use your mouth; words can hit harder than a fist.  This part of myself bothered me so much, I actually prayed and asked God to make me stronger and help me start defending myself.  Even as a child, I knew it was not ok to be verbally abused.  The catalyst to this actually began while observing a quote on my beauticians wall.  It said: If you want to be heard, speak up.  I copped that quick.  In my spirit, I knew this was speaking to me.  So, over time, I actually started to feel a new boldness.  And by high school, I could really let someone have it.  This made people fear me.  I had found a new power.  And I learned how to use it very well.  Trust me, I made up for all of the quiet of my childhood.
It’s important in life to have a voice.  This world demands it.  
Words have power and if you want to influence the world; learn how to use them to impact people positively.
Everything always comes back.  What you speak today could shape your tomorrow.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

*****(5) Stars!!!

R. Kelly and I don't know each other and probably never will, but I have been a part of his life, and he, a part of mine, for over 20 years.

Born into The Nineties was his debut album with the group Public Announcement and I heard the message.  From the beginning, we saw the talent emerge that has since become the King of R & B.  I bought this album and every album since: 12-Play, T.P. 2, R Kelly, R. , T.P. 3 Reloaded, Chocolate Factory, Happy People, Double Up, Untitled, Love Letter and the current smash album, Write Me Back.

It's only been out for a week, but my first reaction to the album was to dance.  It made me happy.  And I haven't had a lot that has brought this feeling to me in recent years.  From the first song, Love is to the last on the Deluxe editon, Call Me Back; I was taken into another world.  He was the MC and the main act.  I was diggin' the ride.

The songs are well written, arranged and produced. 

The essence of the album makes you remember great albums like, the late Michael Jackson's Off The Wall and Thriller albums, and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.  You walk away feeling as though you've had some kind of "experience."

I love this album!

Fans do too.

If you loved Chocolate Factor and Happy People; you'll certainly groove to this album.


Well Done, Kels.

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