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Sunday, July 1, 2012

*****(5) Stars!!!

R. Kelly and I don't know each other and probably never will, but I have been a part of his life, and he, a part of mine, for over 20 years.

Born into The Nineties was his debut album with the group Public Announcement and I heard the message.  From the beginning, we saw the talent emerge that has since become the King of R & B.  I bought this album and every album since: 12-Play, T.P. 2, R Kelly, R. , T.P. 3 Reloaded, Chocolate Factory, Happy People, Double Up, Untitled, Love Letter and the current smash album, Write Me Back.

It's only been out for a week, but my first reaction to the album was to dance.  It made me happy.  And I haven't had a lot that has brought this feeling to me in recent years.  From the first song, Love is to the last on the Deluxe editon, Call Me Back; I was taken into another world.  He was the MC and the main act.  I was diggin' the ride.

The songs are well written, arranged and produced. 

The essence of the album makes you remember great albums like, the late Michael Jackson's Off The Wall and Thriller albums, and the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.  You walk away feeling as though you've had some kind of "experience."

I love this album!

Fans do too.

If you loved Chocolate Factor and Happy People; you'll certainly groove to this album.


Well Done, Kels.

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