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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Tavis Smiley Jealous of President Obama!

This is what started it all:

Tavis Smiley has patterned himself as the keeper of Black America. Our gatekeeper of sorts. He's been at it for over 30 years and if anyone has paid attention to him lately; it is obvious that he does not like President Obama. I noticed it during the first election race. Tavis had several people on his show summarizing the future president and it just appeared to me that he couldn't muster up a compliment of any kind. This went on until Obama won. Everyone was happy--except Tavis. Moment after moment, Tavis would criticize Obama for many things; then he and Dr. Cornell West decide to do the Poverty Tour. Now, mind you, I find it noble to champion the cause of those who are economically deprived; but both Tavis and Dr. West are very rich men. Yet, they criticize many of the policies of Obama. 

More recently, Tavis has made negative comments because in his opinion, he didn't feel that Obama is the reality of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream--just a down payment. His words. 

A footnote to this: As a child, Tavis was so good at memorizing and performing Dr. King's speeches, he got paid. This continued in college. More frankly, Tavis always saw himself as the legacy to Dr. King's Dream....then Obama came along and messed it up.  

Most of us who are over 35 got to know Travis when he was a guest host on BET in the early days. Now he has his own talk show (if you wanna call it that) on PBS. He's come a long way.

I could go on and on...but you get the point.

Reading through all of it, I just have to be real and say that in my honest opinion; Tavis is jealous of the President.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Thoughts And Initiatives For 2013...

When I woke up New Years Day, I thanked the Lord for seeing another new year...then, I completed the index cards that I had wrote all of my expectations for the year.  On those cards are every single thing that I expect to either achieve or have happen within the year.

I was told to write things down--and from what I've experienced; you get much of what you expect.  The Law of Attraction is real.

Some people are just naturally pessimistic.  I'm not.  I'm a dare-devil dreamer and maybe a little arrogant in thinking that I can have whatever I desire--if I'm just willing to believe.

It was fun doing it and my attitude and energy is in alignment with my expectations.

From within; I am feeling very positive.

I'll keep the blog posted for what is accomplished.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year. A New Beginning...

Each year, we make resolutions at the end of the year for what we expect for the coming New Year.  

Well, I stopped doing that a long time ago.

I make declarations now.

This year, my declaration is TAKING COMMAND.  And it literally is a call to arms to make my goals, prayers, hopes, and dreams my responsibility.  I have a pretty good understanding of what faith is at this time in my life and it hit me days before the end of 2012: that I possess the power to make those things that aren't, a reality.  It's all within me. 

I prayed over this of course. It's very important to put God first and seek his guidance.

Going with that, I'm very focused and will be approaching every single desire with the militancy and force of a General leading his troops into expected victory over anything in their path.

Day one: I took the initiative to go after something that I had lost, and now reclaim.  Also, I'm continuing with what I started in 2012 that is to be completed in 2013.

A good start and I intend to keep checking off each thing I set my mind to.

Stay tuned.