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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

People Keep Stealing My Book!!!

My book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman has been out for about six months, and I've been told by about 5 people that bought the book, that someone has stolen their book after purchasing it. Most by family members....

Should I be flattered?

The reports keep coming in about how much the book is inspiring people, but I'd like some of you to give your book reviews on

It appears that there is someone trying to sabotage the book (white racists) who may have seen the book advertised in various sites that I frequent, as well as on my blog. For those of you who have read the book in its entirety; please give a customer review on I know that God inspired me to write this book. It is a message for the Black man that is meant to heal and empower. Don't allow hate to destroy that. I appreciate all of your support.

It is a book that was inspired by true events relating to how a Black woman feels about what she loves the most in this world: Black men. Society tells our people every single day that we are not valued, loved or respected. We did not destroy this economy, but a young Black man (Trayvon Martin) lost his life because of these preconceived notions about us. Our men are a precious resource and it is important that they know how much they are valued. Some people want to write books for money and get rich. I wanted to write a good book and make ordinary folks feel rich because of what they read. This is my gift to all the Black men that have inspired me throughout my life. 

For those of you who have purchased the book or will be purchasing it: first, join the discussion group I created for the book on fb "Journeytalk" then please do a customer review on

Thank you,

The Uppity Sistah

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