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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ne-Ne Leakes Is Going To Be On Prime Time...OMG!

When she reads--if she reads what I'm about to write, I guess she'll "take me down" too, as she told Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice.

Any hoot...when I read that Ne Ne was going to be on the new NBC show this fall entitled The New Normal, I almost screamed.  NBC has been airing this during the Olympics.

Mainstream America better get prepared.

Frankly, I am not a fan of this woman.  Why?  Because she doesn't deserve anything that she has, but has gotten to be where she is because of her ability to manipulate her impediment.  And what is that?  She's a chick from the ghetto who got famous because of her "attitude." and obvious personality disorder  And it's that attitude that also marks her.

People like Ne Ne Leakes should now be celebrated...they should be medicated.

She's a bully that should be on Prozac not Prime Time.

Ne Ne touts herself as a devoted mother of two who is the founder of the charity Twisted Hearts foundation which is aimed at the education about domestic violence.  A noble cause indeed, but seriously?  Ne Ne Leakes is an abuser.  Is this woman sleepwalking or something.

The way she hated on Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice last year made me think that perhaps Ne Ne can's stand to see other women achieve success or has more than she has.  

Whoever Ne Ne is, what she is not most certainly is a role model.  Her behavior is just unacceptable, but hell!  It's all for entertainment, right?

Currently, she has a book (she didn't write) out on, entitled, Never Make The Same Mistake Twice.  The reviews are mixed. 

However, as with all mistakes; only life can educate us the best.

And I hope Karma doesn't tap Life on the shoulder and demand payment from Ms. Leakes in the near future.

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