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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Will Not Support Basketball Wives or Housewives Franchise...

Basketball Wives

Housewives of Atlanta

And ALL and any shows that depict Black women in such negative light. 

Sorry, I'm trying to start a business. I'm a writer, and basically, I consider myself to be a very interesting and intelligent woman. I was not raised to look for money in a man--I was taught to look for character--FIRST. Money has to have a mission other than being used to buy things. Many people love to brag about what they have; few do not seem to understand the value of those things or lack thereof.

Hair weave, fake nails, butt injections, designer clothes mean nothing if there is no substance in the woman who fancy such things. 

These women have no class. Period. They lack poise, grace, depth and obviously have nothing to claim as their own other than who they married/divorced.

It's sad to see that there are women who earn the title: GOLDDIGGER and what's worse; there are men who marry them. Even the Bible warns men not to marry whores. These women are lazy, desperate and have such toxic narcissism; if they farted in your face; most would think it wouldn't stink. I got news for them--Sh*t still stinks no matter whose ass it comes out of.

These women do not represent me or most Black women.

Why do people like these shows?

I'm tired of the lack of dignity in many of the shows that depict Black culture.

Who really should be held accountable? Those who produce these shows or those who watch them?

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