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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steve Harvey: Think Like a Married Man...Act Like A Faithful Husband!

Sounds like a blockbuster in the making, right?

Ta-har...ta-har...oh, how the bitter ex sings her song...

Steve Harvey has made a ton of money from his best selling book, Think Like a Man...Act Like A Lady. The book tours, radio gest spots, Oprah, Dr. Phil; Wow! He was starting to look like quite the marriage EX-PERT. But here's the kicker: Steve Harvey has been married 3 TIMES and if one is really looking for marriage advice; I'd think that intelligent people would at least consider the source.

Do tell...

What a bombshell regarding Mr. Harvey? His ex is really pissed. Why is she coming out now?  Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned and the last Mrs. Harvey is throwing the flames for real.  Apparently, he cheated on her for 15 years.

Perhaps the book was a subliminal diary of sorts....

That's why I mind my business and I had a feeling when Steve was doing all the tours that his past marriages would come into the forefront--but no one could have anticipated his ex wife going on Youtube and putting him on blast.

Oh, well...I guess it's like some folks say: Those who always give so because they don't use it.

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