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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Not Mad At White Racists...I Hate Lying White Moderates and Liberals!

This thread will be short and sweet.

As a proud African American, I can tell you that I really don't give much energy getting mad at blatant racists. I know where they stand.

What I despise are lying ass liberal whites who love to put on an act as though they are not racists; but, when they are amongst other whites; how they truly feel becomes quite apparent. As in: giving money to underprivileged communities or services, but not giving honest advice about how to become financially independent. The logic being, Black people aren't smart enough to understand complex financial initiatives and lack basic money skills. Or, say for instance, two Black people are talking at a party and a white guest casually strolls up and interrupts them by prefacing his/her concern for racial equality. The kicker is...the two Black guests were talking about astronomy and concurring their fascination with space exploration. The presumption here from the white guest was that being Black automatically meant that race was the only issue two Black people could possibly be interested in. Certainly not astronomy. Right...

Black folks who fall for the game only get played.  White folks only are concerned with their own interest and if they show an inkling of interest in Black issues; it's guaranteed there is an alterior motive.

Malcolm X once said that it's moments like these that go right over many Black folks heads of the racist mindsets of whites--although subtle. He believed that no matter how nice many whites came across; all had racism in them.

One of the biggest mistakes many white folks make is the presumption that Blacks aren't intelligent.  A true manipulator knows how to manipulate the violator; never revealing their true intent to disarm them, weaken them and bankrupt them, simply by feeding their narcissism and arrogance to them, as one gives poison to an unsuspecting soul.

We see through this...

And you will get checked.


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