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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Angelica Zambrano:The Girl who Witnessed Celebrities (Selena, Michael Jackson, and The Pope)in Hell

****May I Have Everyone's Attention****

Today, this was brought to my attention and I am being led to post this on my wall by something higher than myself. I was raised in church and I've been a believer in Christ all of my life. For those here who think that just going to church will save you--you are wrong.  If you think this, you are double-minded and do not know God.  

We are accountable to God and as it is written in scripture; we must REPENT of our sins and live Holy.  We must forgive our enemies.  We cannot continue to violate God's Word.  But sadly, even many churchgoers do this every single day.

We are accountable for what we do and I urge ALL here to listen to this video and comment afterwards.  

You must choose whom you really serve.  God or the Devil.

It makes you think.

I await your responses.

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