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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

African Americans Are Tired of Obama's Scolding Lectures!

Good Morning, I got a lot on my mind today. Trending right now: President Obama's Speech to Morehouse College. Can I just say, Arrrrgggg!?!?!?! Seriously, I'm starting to dislike President Barack Obama. I voted for him on principal--not because I liked him, thus, when he does something or says something that I feel needs to be challenged; I will hold him accountable. Case in point:

His Speech to Morehouse College graduates.

Will it ever be a time when group of young Black men can come together to celebrate without having to cringe, at yet another individual,who made the casual mistake of seeing them as criminals or children that need to be scolded, as opposed to congratulating them for accomplishing the hopes and dreams they set out to do? Obama all but waived his finger at these young men. I found his speech, presumptive, condescending and ignorant of whom was in the audience. Imagine telling such a hard-working group of men that they need to "stay on the grind." As if theywere slacking. He fed into large held stereotypes of Black men that are viewed by white people. 

I wonder if he would have spoken to a group of white students this way at traditionally Ivy League Alma Maters?

I have several relatives that graduated from Morehouse College and the gall f the president to speak to these young men as though they were criminals rather than young men who will one day be the captains of industry; all but led this gal to consider that they might have just as well had the Grandmaster of the Klu Klux Klan give the commencement address. 

President Obama needs to be called out for this. And it's high time Black people stop giving him a pass.

Frankly, I and a lot of other people are getting tired of listening to these tired, finger-pointing speeches the President seems to give whenever he's in front of Black audiences. We're tired of getting lectured. Black people aren't the ones committing terrorists acts, mass shootings, and we certainly aren't the ones who messed up this economy.

Speech:  You be the judge:

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