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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Call For Black People...TO WAKE UP!!!

The catch slogan for a number of years now has been: RACE DOESN'T MATTER. My rebuttal to that? Since when?

The recent beating the Democrats took at the polls by Tea Party candidates indicated that oh hell yeah! Race still matters to white folks and when it finally sunk in at the fact that in less than 30 years, they are going to be the minority; they didn't hesitate to vote because the candidates were white.

Power is something that Black people have but don't know how to use. White folks have killed for power all of their existence and they are showing, yet again; when their interests are threatened; they will rally around the battle cry of WHITE POWER and have no concern with how it's viewed by those who are still in their arrogant minds, undesireable, and who don't really matter to them.

Why do Black people continue to be weak and silent in the face of white bigotry? Why do some still fear white people that they won't even put up a fight?

The sixties have been over for a long time. However, racism is not a thing of the past and Black people need to WAKE UP! Too many are sitting on the sidelines, acting as if some fairy is supposed to appear with a magic wand and just make all of our troubles disappear. If we don't care enough to fight for what is important to us; don't expect others to do it for us. You gotta make yourself and your issues matter.

Currently, Blacks are suffering 20.9 percent unemployment compared to the national average and are losing their homes and wealth at a far greater rate than whites. Yet, it's White America that has become the face of the economic downturn and are the ones the media is focusing on. This shapes perception and perception thus becomes reality in mainstream America. We must get our issues on the table and control the media focus.

I voted for Barack Obama because I really thought he'd make a difference, but what I've seen of the POTUS is literally a man who is brownskinned, married to a Black wife; but he has no connection to what the Black Experience is and only gives speeches about things that he has only read about--not experienced.

It's time for Black America to stand up and WAKE UP!


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