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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Should Blacks Respond To The Tea Party?

Just Curious, but if there was a Town Hall Meeting sponsored by one of the networks encouraging Black America to speak out to the Tea Party; what would some of you say?

By now...everyone knows that the Democratic candidates country wide got trounced by the Republicans.

On Tom Joyner this morning, they were discussing the election turn out with Roland Martin and it was agreed that Obama simply did not do enough to keep his base motivated. The Republicans/Tea Party motivated their base and this is why the Democrats--nationwide, got their asses kicked. Roland also said that Blacks could have made the difference in many elections, and the impetus point was that Obama failed at keeping his base motivated--particularly Black people.

Can I just keep it real? Obama kissed white folks asses, dissed the issues of Black America, but thought he could come out the last 30 days before the election and motivate folks to vote Democratic. Does he even realize how many white Democrats turned on him?

Come on naw...

Is this a WeToldYouSo moment?

In my honest opinion, the Tea Party should never have been allowed to gain momentum.  Let's be real about it...the entire movement is based in WHITE NATIONALISM and their display--to ad nauseum; of deep pathological narcissism and the innate fear and hatred of Black people in general when it concerns their own welfare.

Blacks and Latinos have the highest unemployment rate, but what face is being promoted as the poster image for the economic crisis?  White folks down and out.  It sold like Dial soap after a mud bath to White America and Obama allowed it.
Funny, I saw this show on MSNBC and the host of the Show....had (4) Teabagger's on the show. He asked them all to give examples specifically as they saw it, as being the root problem in America.....and all of them said:  Obama is a socialist.  Then the host asked them, was Social Security a Social program......and did they want to do away with Social Security? (3) of the teabagger's didn't know how to respond.....One of them said YES Social Security is a social program. Then the host said...Obama didn't create Social Security, so why are you calling him a Socialist?  None of them knew how to respond.

And adding to this, how can we forget the ridiculous "I'm not a witch" ad by Christine O'Donnell.  These are just a few glaring examples of what is going to Washington and who will be representing the people of various districts and states around the country. 

Frankly, I think their ignorance should be exposed.

These people don't even realize that they have helped the very people that put them in the poor house. It's an age old tactic by the elite to incite fear amongst poor whites in order to keep their power.

One of the books I recommend for people to read is Al Gore's Assault On Reason in which he explains exactly how this is done.

It's a a game...ladies and gentleman. And how well you do...depends on how well you play the game. And rich people PLAY THE GAME to WIN always.

Now...tell me: Who got played?

What does this mean for Obama?

For two years, the Tea Party movement has gained momentum and the polls indicated just how effective they have been in sparking doubt, fear and misinformation amongst mostly white, and racist elements within their party.

What has struck me most though is just how quiet the Black community has been.  I find this troubling and I challenge Black people with the following: Confront this movement!!!!

The first questions I'd ask is 1.) Why are so many white people angry at Obama when it was white men who almost destroyed the world's economy in the first place? 2.) And just how many are really mad because they presumed that having white skin alone would protect them from struggle? 3.) They keep calling Obama a socialist. However, social security and Medicare are social programs. Obama didn't create them. Thus, how many of them will be giving back their social security checks?

A Conundrum?

I'd be most anxious to see the responses.

Sometimes the right question has to be asked in order to get to the real TRUTH.

This is a show down that needs to take place!

Think . Type . Post .


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