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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm a PROUD BLACK WOMAN and Lovin' It!!!

The media loves to paint a picture of the sad, lonely, man-less Black woman who always has to play second fiddle to the IT Girls of society.


First of all, let me drop a bomb on this presumption. In truth, most Black women think they are DA BOMB and are irresistible to ALL MEN. Yeah, I said that. And how could I dare do so? For one thing, when I was growing up, the sharpest dressed, sexiest, prettiest, smartest and absolutely FABULOUS women in town were BLACK WOMEN. Yup! We had it like that in my community. Not one of the ladies I saw growing up, my peers or women in general had low self-esteem nor did they feel unwanted. Actually, where I grew up, the sistahs couldn't keep the guys away and all the Black men wanted them. Yeah...we had it going on.

It's one thing to see images, but it's also very important to keep one's perspective of what is truth and what is a depiction of someone else's warped, bigoted and ignorant mentality.

White America has always loved depicting negative images of Black people in order to boost their pathological narcissism and infuse the theology of White Supremacy.

The media chose us because they feel that we make easy targets. When you have Black males who are being shown fawning over white trash and dizzy blondes; the presumption is that Black men don't want Black women, right? We all know that is not true. Statistically, The majority of Black men and women date and marry each other. Black love is alive and well, but I'll tell you a fact. There has been an historic effort to destroy the Black male by removing him from the Black community. And in many areas of the country, this has had a devastating impact. The media loves images that destroy anything that appears to esteem the Black race and White Supremacy is the motivation of this.

With the ever present threats of the economy looming over us; we cannot afford to turn on one another. Unity is strength. And Black women now realize that without Black men by our sides; we're vulnerable. The Black man is our equal and we don't criticize Black men out of hatred, but LOVE is the motivator, director and eternal hope of that action. We know that society hates the Black man and new tricks and gimmicks are being constructed by white males in high place seven now to destroy the Black man. Why?

Strong sistahs aren't having it and are crying out and praying that all of those lost brothers will finally WAKE UP and hear us. Come home. It's time.

Let it be known...that I LOVE BEING A BLACK woman, and I thank the most high God for it.


Anonymous said...

Amen Uppity Sistah.

The Uppity Sistah! said...

You got it!!!

I will.