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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White People Offended By BLACK THOUGHT!

Didn't know this, but apparently, there are some white folks who feel that freedom of speech only applies to them.

Casually, many Black people have experienced the occasional comment from "them" of how they felt that such and such was a racist for stating 1.) the absolute truth about a real life experience, and 2.) their perception of the matter. And my personal favorite: they get offended if you don't respond in the manner in which their white privilege demands, i.e., "you won't or don't date/marry "them." Sounding almost like a disgruntled dude or chick because you dumped them. They can't stand it when Black people let them have it.

We put up with white folks for the most part on a daily basis, but sometimes, you just get tired of their stupidity. Sometimes things just have to be said. You can't be subtle with some folks. White people really are so arrogant; it shocks them to the core of their being if someone, particularly "one of us" actually will tell them to their face what they really think of them.

The Audacity!

Hmmmm....wasn't it just a generation ago when white folks were callilng Black people apes and monkeys? Insulting our intelligence, all the while, not facing their own innate ignorance.

Our history on this planet completely dismisses the notion of Black people being inferior.

White people descended from Neanderthals. Black People descended from Homo-Sapiens--the highest species. But because of slavery; white historians, along with social engineering tactics, legal abuses, and the media, began to propogate our image as they saw us. So much so, even Black folks began to believe the lies about our people. Link:

However, through the strength of our own Black scholars; our true history was unmasked and it is to say, quite remarkable how much was stolen from Africa. But true to form, white acedamia resisted this with a passion, but hell, all anyone had to do was refer to the Greek scholars such as Pliny and Herodotus for clarity of the mighty history of Black people. African civilizations and influences are responsible for much of the development of Rome and Greece. It is a well known fact that the ancient Egyptians were Black:
But throughout much of the last 200 years in particular, this fact has tried to be expunged. However, God stepped in and a man named Cheikh Anta Diop dared challenge the presumptions (at best0 of European HIStory:

Black people should not feel inferior to anyone, and if white people get offended by the truth of what we say, I really don't give a damn.


As they love to tell us: GET OVER IT!

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