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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Being Black Does Not Require An Explanation...

Never in my entire life have I ever felt the need to defend who I am as well as my culture.

It seems as though every single day, the Black community is being targeted, challenged or violated by outsiders who do not have the intelligence to understand that our culture is not only rich, but diverse. Black culture has impacted every single aspect of American society and our achievements are worthy of worship as well as RESPECT for those who take the time to do their homework. Our history is rich and deserves proper research.

And just who makes up our community? Some are born Americans, others have roots in the Caribbean and Africa, Europe and even parts of Latin America.
Last week, I had to chastise a font here who had the temerity to put up a chart with statistics(subjective) about Black people. How many times have we seen this? The statement is prefaced by "said statistics" that indicate this, that or the other...about whatever. And then invite pseudo discourse.

It's insulting.

As I stated to this font: Is it a result of conditioning or basic ignorance that non Blacks typically love to post negative statistical information without the balance of actual analysis of: 1.) The accuracy of the information. 2.) The source of the information.  And 3.) The intent of the information?

Anyone who knows anything about statistics can tell you that the government controls information and thus; can influence public policy. It's a known fact that a lot of the information about Black people is forged/made up to cause division.

Psychological domination is well documented and the purpose is a covert manipulation of facts to influence the mind of African Americans to dissuade unity, and cultural cohesion. Basically, this government is afraid of BLACK POWER. And directly controls the information to hinder it by any means necessary.

This link is very informational and illustrates my point:
Number one, Black people didn't invent crime, social ills, hatred, violence and economic issues, but we sure as hell have been the victims.

What irks me is that those who like to quote these phony numbers do not realize their own collusion with those who have malevolent purposes for reporting such negative information.

Anyone with a hint of common sense should see the deception, but many in this country are intellectually deficient and this is known and acted upon by those in positions of power.

I am an intellectual gangster by design and I am programmed to dismantle untruths that have been concocted to destroy my people.

Closed minds don't get fed.

Being Black and proud does not require and explanation--It is a DECLARATION!


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