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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Upcoming Changes To The Uppity Sistah...

Memo To Followers

As you can see, the Uppity Sistah has changed its look.  I decided to make a change in anticipation of upcoming ideas and other supports to the blog.   A Facebook page has been created so that you can invite your friends, family and others to join in discussions taken from the blog.  Link:!/pages/The-Uppity-Sistah/177323689004217?sk=wall

Change is always good.  It is a sign of evolution.  I'd like to take The Uppity Sistah broader--its context still focused on community issues, but also embracing a more world view.

I have a lot of things planned...and I encourage your support and also your ideas of what you'd like to see featured on The Uppity Sistah.

Stay tuned...

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