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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Muscles, Tattoos and The UberPhallus!

Every day I go outside my house, I'm inundated with men, young and old ones who should know better, who seem to think that having extreme tattoos, big muscles and big d*cks is the only thing that matters in life.

I can't stand grungy looking men. It's really a turn-off.

Do men know that over 85% of women think that a well dressed man is more sexy than even a man with a lot of money.

How many guys have I seen driving nice cars...they holler at me, but honestly; if their game is not tight, they can't dress, are not intellectual and don't take care of themselves spiritually and physically--I'M NOT INTERESTED.

These dudes really think they're hot. Young men, especially, truly need image consulting. It's just ridiculous how some look in public. Pants hanging off of your ass is not attractive. It's OFFENSIVE!!! ((((HELLO!!!))))

Some folks just don't give a damn any more.

Black men used to be the epitome of style when I was coming up. Today...the way some of these young bruthas look, it's a wonder if any have any upbringing at all.

As a child, you wouldn't make it to the door the way some of these guys look.

Why would any self-respecting young woman even want to be seen with guys who look like this?

I'm sorry, but any woman that settles for this, can't have much love or respect for herself.

CLEAN IT UP, Gentleman!


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