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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'd Trust Louis Farrakhan Before I'd Trust Obama!

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This might seem like a loaded statement to some people, but I have been doing a lot of thinking...and honestly, Farrakhan represents Black people to the max; he speaks about issues that impact us (unapologettically), and we KNOW WHERE HE STANDS.
Obama is an apologist. Seeming to shy away from identifying to closely with African Americans, as not wanting to be perceived by whites as being The Black President.  But he's considered that and worse by racist whites what gives?

Isn't this duality?

How can I support someone who seems to be ashamed of my community?

Why hide his concerns, as not to upset whites?

Who is he really serving then?

You might not like what Minister Farrakhan says, but he's not afraid to tell anyone what's on his mind and he is dead serious about his opinions.

Obama moved to Chicago because he was inspired by the election of the late Harold Washington, Link: Washington, Harold (1922 as well as the strength of Blacks in Chicago, particularly the many well known leaders that call Chicago home: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Push, Jesse Jackson, Carol Mosley Braun (First Black woman senator), Bobby Rush (ex Black Panther, Congressman), Corporate office of Ebony Jet, founded by the late John H. Johnson, etc. The head of the Nation of Islam is also in Chicago. It is a city where Power is an ethic and the Black community in Chicago is famous, respected and admired for their ability to organize. Black power is real there.

Obama is not from Chicago--he just moved there, met Michelle, married and forged his political career there. However, he's not built like a Chicago politician and as I've watched him in office, I pray for him to start showing some backbone and stand up for what he knows is right.

Blacks have the highest level of unemployment and have been impacted severely by the economy, but IBM's adviser's keep persuading him not to speak publicly about it. Acting as if it doesn't matter.

I'm appalled by this.

Louis Farrakhan most certainly hasn't been quiet about Black America and is not afraid to tell white folks what they can do if they don't like it.

I respect that.

You can try to please your enemy by denying your humanity, but it's complete cowardice to deny the inhumanity of your enemy toward your own people.

Obama does this every single time he won't speak honestly about conditions that are impacting Black people.

I've lost respect for him because of that.

That's just how I see it...

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