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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok...So Black Men Want To Know What Black Women Want?

For quite some time, I've been pondering the state of condition amongst Black men and women as relates to their problems in relationships. Every website that I've ever visited, there are constant threads relating to the hard realities of differences that many Black men and women have with each other. But what is the core of the problems?

Someone once said to me that you attract whatever you are. Does anyone even understand The Law of Attraction? I found this on Google and I invite some of you to read it:

Black men are always making negative comments about Black women, but what are you saying, really? What do you want from Black women?

More precisely, what is the responsibility of a man in a relationship? In life?

As defined, being a man means in a nutshell, someone who does his duty and does not run away from hard work--he will do what is necessary to provide for his family. Black women have the largest rate of OOW children and lead all groups of women for being unmarried. Why? Are Black women chasing men away? Or are they reacting to very serious issues that affect Black males?

Sometimes in order to get the right answer, one has to ask the right question:

What is the perception of Black males in the African American community?

Black women do love Black men, but don't have confidence in them. For some Black women, Black men are seen as irresponsible baby daddies, untrustworthy, shiftless, hypocritical, unfaithful, liars, verbally abusive, misogynistic, violent, etc. These are just some of the negatives, but then there are Black women who see Black men as powerful, strong, exotic, handsome, Alpha males, sexy, witty, intelligent, great dressers, creative, mysterious, al. Answers can very from woman to woman, but I feel that if Black men really want to know what is being thought about them, just be real with yourselves and ask. Be honest with yourself--take responsibility for your own relationship failures and stop all the blaming.

Every Black women in the world is not responsible for your relationship failures. Frankly, you have to be the RIGHT MAN in order to attract the RIGHT WOMAN.

Black women really want to be appreciated. That's really what most want. They are tired of being ridiculed, disrespected, violated and debased. Black women want to be loved for who they are. They want to be esteemed, validated, protected and most important: THEY WANT TO BE LOVED.

Look in the mirror and examine your character. The type of women you choose tells a lot about who you are.

I'm not responsible for the girl who called you ugly in the 7th grade, so please...don't hate on me for no apparent reason.

The African American community has been disturbed by self-hatred and the only way to make its foundation last is to build STRONG BLACK FAMILIES.

I love being a Black woman. I love Black men. What I want for Black men and women is to see each other as the beautiful and powerful beings who's ancestors built the pyramids--the images the world recognizes were Black people at their best.

It was the design of those who enslaved us to break us by creating the psychological chains and insecurities that would divide us.

Black women are not the enemy. The real enemy is the one who smiles in your face and never tells you the truth. We all know...Black women always keep it real.

Let it go, Black men. To be strong men, show your woman love always and respect her.

This is what Black women want.

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