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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Every Black Man Is Not Chasing White Women!

The subject, or I should say, rant, of Black men with white women is like a carton of milk that has gone past it's expiration date. It's time to pour the sour stuff down the drain and go buy something else to quench your thirst.

Isn't this how a lot of bruthas feel? You're not chasing white women. Frankly, you don't even look at them, but yet, you apparently have to defend yourself if a white woman stops and talks to you--again, SHE STOPPED you--you were just minding your business. And don't even think about going out to the club--white chicks are onto you like flies on shit, but you only want to dance with the Black women that would make Beyonce look like someone's house pet.

You're just not into white chicks. The just don't do it for you. Boob jobs, eating disorders, psychological issues--uh...uh...that is not for you. And not to mention, after 25, it's downhill. Most begin to age very quickly and their skin begins to age horribly--the texture becomes almost leathery. Age spots, freckles, vericose veins--not pretty.

The historical assumption of white males, insisting that Black men secretly desire white women is a cultural presumption based on arrogance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many white women believe the sexual myths about Black men and are literally going after Black men like some kind of hunter in the wild. They gotta catch them a big, Black Mandingo. Ask any Black man: many white women don't even have to try to get a white woman's attention; some would put a dog collar around their own necks and beg to be walked.

This is real talk.

Every Black man is not chasing white women! The majority of Black men DATE AND MARRY BLACK WOMEN!!!

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