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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Letter To Black Men...

June 16,2010
9:50 a.m.

Greetings Kings,

Some of you have been lost in the mindset that Black women are against you. You believe that we hate you. You think that white men are the object of our desire? How could this be?

Where did the problems begin?

I remember a time when bruthas walked down the street, proud, each step appeared as though they were gliding. Cool to the bone. Bodies strong. Their gaze serious yet inviting you to approach.

As a youngster, I remember being relaxed whenever I would see strong Black men around. I never feared them. I always liked their style and felt privileged to be an extension of this Black pride. Even as a kid I knew you were my protector and gladiator. If there was anyone foolish enough to challenge your manhood, I was prejudiced automatically because I knew you were going to win.

Where has that gone?

Why are Black men and women enemies now?

Who told you that we hated you? Better yet, why did you believe such a lie?

I don't get it...I'm confused and need some clarification.

God made you for me to desire, trust and love. I don't desire any other. Why can't you see that my heart is true. I love you. WE love you. It is you who we see as our equal--it is you who holds the key to our hearts.

Don't leave us, brothers. You are so necessary and without you--our community can't be whole.

I apologize for anything I've said that may have hurt you. And I rededicate my love.

Will you accept it?



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