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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Black Male Alpha Dog!


Traffic was crazy.  And you wanted to go to the mall.  On the way, you slip in a mix cd.  D'Angelo's voice cooes..."How does it does it feel..."  You bob your head, the replay of the video to that song flashes through your mind--remembering D'Angelo's half naked frame the night it aired on BET.  

You see the mall.  Exiting the freeway, you notice a Jaguar XL--Black, tinted glass windows--the car you've dreamed about ever since you saw the commercial.  Pulling into the mall extrance, the black Jag parks in Row H.  You notice a spot in Row G.  The door opens--a Black Adonis, muscled, strong, serious gaze, steps out.  Like a Black Panther, his movement seems graceful, but focused on everything around him.  This man reaks power.  He's your type.  "Is He Someone famous? This silent question in your head renders no response.  There's something about him...and you know this is not going to be your average trip to the mall today.  He notices you looking.  Good sign.  He stares at you for a moment, not smiling...but acknowledging your presence.  Even better.  He closes the door to his whip, then turning in motion to the mall.  As if in slow motion, you memorize every sequence--following close behind.


Why do some men always seem to get the chick?  Call it sex appeal, swagger, charisma or cool, whatever it is...these men seem to have it in abundance.

It's the way they walk--confident and bold. They look a woman right in the eyes--holding their gaze; subliminal signals being sent.  An unsuspecting female picks up that signal--"message accepted."  This alpha male simply expects the invitation--the female happily complies.  *Mission accomplished--again.*

It happens like this all the time for this type of guy.  Their masculinity and control is undeniable. The allure of this male is just too much for some women.  In their presence, a woman becomes weak--no resistance--total compliance to a higher male power.  It's not an issue to cook for this man...smiling after each dish is completed.  Being pretty and sexy for this man is always an adventure--HE brings out the WOMAN in them--as Adam and Eve--they are "one flesh."

God took the rib from Adam after putting him into a deep sleep.  He then made woman--Adam awakened and named her Eve.  Like this...this man is of the divine--he can't be ordinary--he's not of this realm.  No! He must be an extraterrestrial creature sent to earth in order to capture, subdue and hold every women of their desire under their spell.  The women who are selected, don't fear this man--they are happy to be chosen.

This may sound like the introduction to some great novel, but it is not.  There are men who walk amongst us every single day who conquer by design.  Their power over the ladies is mysterious--something perhaps awaiting study by a team of social anthropologists.

Always being persued by those who desire to have something equal to the magnificence of the great pharoahs--a treasure so great, one could be rendered speechless in its presence.

Like Sampson and Delilah.  David and Bathsheba.  Solomon and Sheba.  Ramses and Nefretari, Marc Antony and Cleopatra; the griots, sages and scholars speak your name in unison throughout the ages in perpetuity.

What woman is special enough to win the favor of such a man?

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