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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Black Women Love Michelle Obama!

For a generation, Black women have been seen as slave laborers, concubines, mammies, The Mythical Superwoman, but most prevalent, no thanks to rappers; the images of Black women have been objectified for over 25 years, as the "bitch, ho, hoochie, et al., but never as the most normal image: mothers, women--LADIES.

White women have had the benefit of presumption throughout history. The European standard of beauty has affected people of color all over the world, and it wasn't until Blacks in America during the 60's and 70's began chanting, "Black is Beautiful!" did America begin to pay attention.

History aside, we know have for the first time in this country's history, A Black woman, who is First Lady. Michelle Obama has become a sensation, after having a rocky start during the campaign. Her intelligence, down to earth manner, and poise have earned her much respect.

For the first time, Black women have a role model that not only reminds them of themselves, but she is a neighborhood girl (Chicago's South Side) who excelled. Many Black women just relate to her.

Over the weekend, there were plenty of news regarding Barack being elected to the Presidency, but the media has already fallen head over heels over Michelle and her fashion sense is being compared to the late Jackie O.

What I really feel is appealing to Black women, is the fact that Michelle is really "BLACK" not biracial or so light; as when Vanessa Williams was crowned Ms. America in 1984; many Black women actually were
disappointed because of her light skin and green eyes. I'll never forget that Ebony issue with Vanessa on the front cover. When I opened it to the "Letters to The Editor" section; letters poured in from all over the country from Black women, many of whom were angry and upset and accused the pageant judges for picking Vanessa simply because she had Eurocentric features. This had exposed an old wound.

Not this time.

Michelle is a breath of fresh air and I'm happy that perhaps, America will acutually realize that yes, Michelle represents many Black women--get used to her.

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