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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Should Blacks Forgive Slavery?

What a difference a day makes after the election. By design, I didn't visit any websites for a few days because of the obvious expected cyber traffic, but after pondering many thoughts after the historic eclection of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States; I couldn't help thinking about the fact that slaves built the White House. Those men and women could never have imagined that one day...a Black man would be leading the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth.

As I watched the reactions of people around the world on Tuesday night; the burden of feeling inferior, second class, unimportant, invisible and unworthy lifted from the psyches of Black people, not just in the U.S. but around the world.

I live in Georgia and by now many know that McCain won most of the southern states. There are a lot of Rednecks in Georgia and many are not happy. You wouldn't believe some of the reactions that many racist crakkkas in this state have had: I was off the day after the election, but when I came back to work on Thursday, I was greeted by a Black coworker who informed me that management had threatened to write people up if politics was discussed. Apparently, on election night, after the news stations declared Obama the winner, there were many coworkers who began celebrating openly and a few of the whites on the job got pissed. Some Black employees angered some of the white employees and an argument ensued. From this, several people got written up and were threatened with termination if they discussed politics on the clock. Excuse me, but this is a violation of people's constitutional rights. Adding to this, in another division of the company, a Black woman had a bumper sticker on her car that read: Obama. First Black President. Management got wind of this, called her in the office and told her she had to remove her car from the parking lot. At the same division, another Black employee wore her Obama t-shirt to work and was asked by management to cover it up. She refused. All I have to say is that the NAACP have been contacted. These are just a few incidents, but there was also a young man who had his car damaged (Obama supporter) while voting.

White folks are scared to death. I dare one to try me...I sware I'll do a Throwback and start dressing like a Black Panther.


Real talk.


It just has to be noted that I've seen such a change in Black people. People are smiling more--being nicer to other Black people when out in public and I can't tell you just how many people in my community have been sporting their various Obama t-shirts.

What this has brought to the forefront is the fact that Black people for the first time in America can finally Exhale.... Many just feel as though a burden has been lifted. That's the spiritual benefit, but for those here who celebrated, cried and reflected on the long road it took for this moment to take place, a question: SHOULD BLACK PEOPLE FORGIVE SLAVERY?

That is the question.

You tell me, pro or con...why or why not.

The Bible says that we must forgive our enemies. This is truly the last hurdle.

Is it realistic?

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