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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I Love Being A Black Woman...

Not a day goes by that I dont' thank the Lord for making me Black, for one...but also...I'm thankful he made me a BLACK WOMAN.

I love everything about being a Black woman.

The gift to dress well, my sass, the curve of my hips, the fullness of my lips, of which, men love to compliment. I feel the essence of womaness and I am alive in my spirit.

When I walk down the street, all eyes are on me. Horns blow, some men stop and stare. I create a scene just being me.

What on earth would make people think that Black women are sitting at home, brooding--feeling unloved and rejected?

Not I nor my sistahs.

Growing up, beautiful Black women were abundant. Not one of them needed hair weaves nor were they abandoned Baby mommas. They were queens, proud as their mothers and grandmothers. Holding up the banners of African women who's genes they possess.

Why on earth would I...should I...feel inferior to any other group of women?


Being a Black woman is greater than riches and gold. I am a treasure and I am a jewel on earth created in the image of the most high.

Whenever I wake up, I blow myself a kiss. Being a Black woman is heaven and the only thing greater than myself is being side by side with a Black brother.

Yes...Black is beautiful and I am blessed every day.

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