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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Not Looking For The Great White Hope!

Interjecting my thoughts here: I'm really tired of people trying to sell Black people on IR shit. Let's just get right down to it, ok...some of us are just not into it. People know what they want and like.

Since when do AA's have to put up a disclaimer regarding why we choose to marry each other? It's an advantage to our race if we do.

I just don't find some other cultures of people attractive and that's that.

Simply put: some people like Skittles and some like M&M's.

Teaching self-love requires example of love from those that look like you...and far too many of us come from homes where that has not been the case.

Personally, I wasn't raised to hate my own people and I don't care what Oprah says or anyone else; there is just something fundamentally wrong with Black people who can't see themselves marrying someone that looks like the people that raised them.

I love Black people. Our style--the way we walk and talk, our music, the way we dance, our cooking, our banter, our humor, our spirit, our pride, our history; ((((EVERYTHING!!!))))

It's sad to see so many Black men and women living in this parallel dimension, diluding themselves that the reason they married a Mexican, white, Asian, Indian, etc., is because "they just hit it off." Oh, so the 300 Black men or women that you've encountered in your dating life just didn't have it, huh?


Forgive me, but it's time for folks to tell it like it is. I want to see people that look like me--talk like me--understand me--be proud like me.

Back in the day, our mantra was BLACK PRIDE, BLACK POWER and BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!

Given the new form of self-hate: as in...the changes in racial classification on applications now; basically, it's just a way for some folks to have a legal reason to "pass."

I love being me and I always check BLACK!

Who's feeling me?

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