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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Having A Moment...

Ahh...A Soothing Moment For A Fabulous Woman...

Don't mess with me today. And if you're a man...don't force me to use my big brown eyes on ya. I'mruthless and I'll have you eating out of my hands in a New York minute.

We had a Super moon this weekend. Missed it. Maybe it's a good thing because this audacity of narcissism that I'm feeling at the moment would have been tripled if I witnessed something greater than myself.

Oh, don't hate...Haters. Dysfunction is the name of your favorite candy bar and you drink Haterade--straight, with no chaser.

You can't stand the thought that there are actually people who wake up in the morning and just feel fabulous. So fabulous that every time the sun shines on them; it's like a competition to see who can shine the brightest.

Light gives us energy. I'm a human equivalent of an energy drink.

It's true...people look at me and just feel better. I'm good for the environment.

This is revolutionary affirmation. It's out-of-sight in its vision.

I have no shame in broadcasting my inner most thoughts: thoughts so bodacious in their candor; one is forced to expose themselves by default.

Release the fear. Tell the world how fabulous you are...don't be bashful.

I am you. Just feel my greatness...and transfer it around you.

Today--my movement begins: OccupyYourCoolness.

No shame.

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