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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gay Marriage: Really?

When Obama came out publicly supporting gay marriage.  It literally split the country in half--particularly in the African American community.  The African American community is a conservative community and this does not gel with its values.

Right now...the homosexual/lesbian community is enjoying a level of tolerance that it has never had in American history, but for how long?

As a woman who is weighing out the public debate as well as personal convictions, I will state that I believe that gay/lesbian people should have equal rights as couples; however, the definition of marriage largely is defined as the union of a man and woman for conception as well as companionship.  Basically, gay/lesbian unions can't produce life. It is outside the laws of nature, thus, it is not...and should not be validated by policies that could be misconstrued as normalizing perversion.

My reaction was blunt:  I'm not going to any gay wedding.  And I don't care how anyone takes that.

Frankly, I'm really tired of this issue and all issues pertaining to the gay/lesbian community.  It's a lifestyle choice in my honest opinion--unnatural sex and affection for someone of the same sex.  Whatever people say, it's just uncomfortable for some and they shouldn't have to apologize for how they feel.  I don't even like to see heterosexual couples getting too affectionate in public; so why should I make any exceptions for those who are non-heterosexual?  It's not my values.  Period.

This is a personal decision of gay/lesbians.  My validation of such couplings should not even be an issue.

Do what you do.

But know this: Everyone is not gay and it should be expected, and tolerated, that they too also have a right to object.

The last time I checked, this still was America.

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