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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Better Be On Time!

One of the greatest pet peeves that I have are people who are never on time.

This morning, I pushed back an appointment just so the maintenance crew could come and check my air conditioning unit and also a leaky faucet in the bathroom.  The initial call went through on April 22, 2012.  They were supposed to be at my apartment by 8:00 am.   Earlier attempts were made during the times I was at work; after still not having this matter resolved by April 27, 2012, I was told that management didn't have a copy of my apartment key so they couldn't get in to complete the work order.  OK...I volunteered to wait for them on my day off--agreeing to the time mentioned.  They didn't show.  I called the office and spoke with a gentleman who told me that they were doing their paperwork--I immediately told them someone was supposed to be at my apartment by 8:00 a.m.  "We're still doing our paperwork, ma'am."  I was told.  It's after 8:00 a.m. I exclaimed and I have to leave for an appointment by 9:30 a.m.  "Someone should be there before 8:30 a.m. ma'am."  I became irritated and told the gentleman that I expect people to be on time and I don't want anyone holding me up.  I then hung up.  No one showed--again.  I feel that it was a deliberate, and might I add: a childish response to my scolding of the impropriety of lateness that provoked this response.  Well, every choice has consequences; and I most definitely was not going to allow this matter to go uncountered.

At this point, I was fuming and I decided to call the Realty company which is the owner of my complex and make a complaint.  I was left with no choice.  I also left a message for the complex property manager reporting the incident.

What this boils down to is the attitude that you see in society in general today.  People do not feel accountable for their actions.

It is absolutely disrespectful to keep anyone waiting, especially when an appointment time was given.  When someone tells me they will be at my apartment at 8:00--I expect them to be there at 8:00!  Anyone that does not value other people's time--DO NOT RESPECT YOU.  And I will not tolerate that.

The issues that I needed resolved in my apartment are a simple fix.  Very simple and should have been taken care of by now, but apparently; someone in the maintenance department of my apartment complex must feel that tenant concerns are not their personal nor professional priority, and are treated as such.

I'm no one to mess with.  And as we have seen in the news lately; sooner or later, you're going to mess with the wrong person and have a simple situation turn into a matter of deeper scrutiny.

This is going to get resolved and I'm not going to settle for nothing less than complete satisfaction.

As for the maintenance guy who didn't show up at my apartment; he better hope he still has a job--especially in this economy.  His lack of judgment is going to cost him more than he could have anticipated.  All he had to do was show up. 


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