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Sunday, February 19, 2012

To God Be The Glory! Thank You Lord For Giving The World Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston 1963-2012

"Father in are my strength, my joy and my help.  Oh-oh, Lord, you are my friend."

These words came through me, as the sun came out. 

I'm re-watching the Homegoing Service of Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston.  The organ is playing and now...the choir is getting ready to sing. 

Yesterday, I was at work, and I took an extended lunch to watch the service.  Barely 20 minutes in, the tears flowed.  My coworkers and I were all wiping our eyes.  It brought me home.

You see, Whitney was like me: a neighborhood girl.  She was a good child, from a good family...and she went to church, like many African Americans did when I was growing up.

My heart was moved--my spirit stirred.

She deserved this type of tribute and I don't blame her mother for insisting that it be no other way. 

You see, the world wants to talk about the negative things about Whitney, but Mama Sissy knew her own child and she's telling the world, via Whitney's true friends, family, and colleagues that knew her...who she was.  The woman in that casket had character and like only a mother can; the media was not going to disrespect her child.  Invitation only.  That's right.  You betta mind your manners today.


God gave us an angel.  He lent us one with a golden voice who loved the Lord.  And what a wonderful thing to know that this Megastar carried a Bible with her everywhere she went.  Who knew.


All of the singing was wonderful.  R. Kelly sang the song he wrote for her, I Look To You on her comeback album in 2009.  He shook up the church.  And my coworkers and I cried again.

I really don't know what else to say...but one thing I know, Whitney Houston was a gift to the world and now she's gone back home.

We'll miss her.

But one day, we'll see her again.


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