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Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston: What Can I Say...

My God!  Just two weeks after the loss of Soul Train Creator/Innovator, Don Cornelius; we've lost another great one.

Sunday morning began as it always does for me; but at around 9:45 a.m.  I learned of the death of Whitney Houston on CBS This Morning.

Her life read like a movie script: Young kid sings in the choir--like many great R&B artists did. Gets discovered at 16 by a music mogul(Clive Davis); gets signed to a major record deal.  Her mother is a gospel singer and sings background for Elvis Presley--The King of Rock-n-Roll.  Her godmother is the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.  Her cousin is the legendary Dionne Warwick.  To top all of this off, her debut album sells over 25 million copies worldwide--and she becomes a legend before her second album.  And then stars in 3 very successful movies. 

This woman was born to sing.  But as with us all, she was human.

I've heard all of Whitney's songs since she came on the scene almost 30 years ago.  Witnessed every moment in her famous life and saw all of her videos.  She leaves behind an incredible body of work--no question.

But what bothers me at this moment is the anger that I feel regarding her death.  This woman should not be in a morgue this morning. 

What happened to Whitney Houston is what could happen to anyone--she allowed someone in her life that became the catalyst to this tragedy.  Yeah, I'm talking about that demon ex-husband of hers, Bobby Brown.  20 years ago, they married.  When I heard the news, I didn't even want to believe it.  And my reaction at that time was most indignant.  I stated to friends that she had made the biggest mistake of her life and would regret it.  Frankly, I didn't think the marriage would last 2 years--it lasted 15.  Of those 15 years, Whitney was addicted to drugs and alcohol for at list more than a 3/4th of the marriage.  It was a disaster to say the least. 

Sometimes in life, walking away from someone or something is a smart move. 

Whitney Houston had a perfect life before she met Bobby, but after they became a married couple; her life spiraled downward. 

Someone once said to me that if you get too close to toxic waste; one can become contaminated.  And I honestly feel that when Bobby Brown entered Whitney's life; a dark cloud hovered over her; intercepting all of her blessings.  Bobby Brown's curses fell onto her. 

How could I have known that my words would prove to be prophetic?  I couldn't, but what is clear is that a woman who had everything has lost a battle.

Sadly, the only time people had talked about Whitney of late is because of all of her struggles.  Perhaps we all should have been praying for her more, but there are times when demons are hard to expel and will claim the life of their host.

Whitney, wherever you are...We will always love you.

RIP, Nippy.

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