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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Loss of An Old Friend...

As I get older, I think of my old friends more.  The memories I have of them are pleasant--playing, learning and growing up--trying to figure out what life is about all the while.

Today, I got some bad news about an old friend.  His name was Darrin Hannah.  Darrin and I were kids from the same community.  We went to the same school and I saw him just about every single day.  As we became adults, of course, people that you knew follow their own path as you follow yours.  I'd see Darrin on and off; each time, he was in some type of transition.  I discerned that he was just trying to find his way.  As we all are.

When I moved to Georgia in 2004, the last time I had even remembered seeing Darrin was around 2000 or so. 

Well, today, I learned from some old friends that Darrin was beaten to death by police.

It shocked me to the core. 

For several weeks before this, he had been on my mind. 

All I can say to the family is that I will pray for them.

Darrin marks death number 6 in recent months of persons from my old community passing away from unusual or tragic circumstances.

Each and every day that I wake up, I give thanks to God and pray for my loved ones and friends. 

It was just his time, but I have to admit, that perhaps, when I was thinking about him weeks ago; maybe God was trying to get my attention, for he knows all things...Darrin didn't have much time.

Thanksgiving is next week.  And yet again, we must remember that there will be those who won't be amongst their family any longer.

Say a prayer for someone...each and every day.  It could save a life.

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